The Jordan ('descender', Yar= moon) is a river in Israel that represents the well, the River of Life, the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, leading to Mount Hermon where Lucifer supposedly landed. Canaan was inhabited by cannabilistic Nephilim giants. In Exodus Moses and the Israelites cross the Jordan through whore Rahab (broad, mother of Boaz). John the Baptist baptized Jesus Christ with water of the Jordan. Antichrist William and his children are baptized with water of the Jordan.

Mary of Magdalene was named after Magdala, a town near Sea of Galilei. JeSuS=2 serpents, the DNA Kundalini serpent (through sexuality Adam and Eve were expelled out of Garden of Eden, sex magic letting the Kundalini serpent rise as the keys to Heaven).

The gnostic Mandaeans (manda=knowledge=gnosis) had contact with Knights Hospitalier, tried to achieve contact with the higher realms of light through rituals involving water. Mandaean temples had a pool, called a Jordan after the Jordan River in Palestine. Baptism in this pool connected a person with the realm of light. John the Baptist plays an important role in Mandaean mythology and rituals as a teacher and priest. Because the Mandaeans came into conflict with Christians, Jesus played a negative role in their mythology.

Jordanus Maximus is a term for the Saviour in Isis Unveiled of  HP Blavatsky (British Intelligence-Theosophical Society).

Jordan Maxwell was the mentor of Michael Tsarion.  Like Zeitgeist, Santos Bonacci (Flat Earth psyop) he used basic astrotheology, exposing Christianity as a solar cult only to switch to the New Age UFO religion

He wrote Matrix of Power, Occult Theocracy,  That Old-Time Religion, Amanita Muscaria: Secret of the Holy Grail (=Lucifer's apple, similar to Andrija Puharich's Sacred Mushroom and John Allegro's The Sacred Mushroom and the Cross), History of Physics,..

Pia Zadora had a child Jordan Maxwell Kaufer. Superman's father is El-Jor.

Vernon Jordan worked for the NAACP. David Starr (Star of David) Jordan was 1st president of Stanford.

1992 Under Siege Erika Eleniak as Jordan Tate Steven Seagal.

1993 James Jordan, father of Chicago Bull Michael Jordan (=JM, sodomy cult Omega Psi Phi, nr 23) sacrificed on 7/23 (rise of dog star Sirius). Michael Jackson pedophilia scandal with Jordan Chandler (jesuit Gloria Allred as lawyer). sacrifice of River Phoenix (river Jordan).

1996 Space Jam (opening dimensional portal to parallel universes through sodomy) Michael Jordan Bugs Bunny.

Montell Jordan (sodomy cult Kappa Alpha Psi) This Is (Isis) How We Do It. Deal or No Deal with Claudia Jordan and Meghan Markle.

1999 The Story of Us Michelle Pfeiffer (born on St Catherine's day) as Katie Jordan. Jordan Peterson promoted by Sirius XM. neo-nazi Colin Jordan.

2000 Batman Beyond Mark Hamill as the Joker/Jordan Pryce.

2003 Ned Kelly Gregor Jordan Heath Ledger. Scientologist Jordan Masterson.

2005 The Island Scarlett Johansson as Sara Jordan Ewan McGregor 7/22 day of Mary Magdalene. Christina (Christ) Aguilera marries Jordan Bratman.

2011 Jordan River starts Spirit Science.

2012 Jordan Sparkle (American Idol)

2013 The Wolf of Wall Street Leonardo di Caprio as Jordan Belfort Margot Robbie Jonah Hill (brother of Jordan Feldstein, married to daughter of Clint Eastwood) Matthew McConaughey Martin Scorcese.

2015 Isis ritual in Jordan with jesuit trained King Abdullah.

23 Mike Will Made It Miley Cyrus (Sirius) Jordan shirt.

2019 The Rise of Jordan Peterson. Just Mercy Michael B Jordan.

2021 A Journal for Jordan Denzel Washington.


Michael Jordan