Jonathan Miller

Jonathan Miller was a British mind controlled neurologist, actor and theatre director, used in the media industry (BBC) to make state propaganda, disguised as anti-establishment satire. He was the son of Tavistock psychiatrist Emmanuel Miller and Betty Spiro, who wrote for Horizon magazine of MI6 agent Stephen Spender.

He was educated at St Paul's School and St John's College Cambridge. He was a member of the Cambridge Apostles (like Bertrand Russell, Ludwig Wittgenstein, Guy Burgess) and friend of Oliver Sacks. He played theatre with the Cambridge Footlights.

He created Beyond the Fringe with Peter Cook, Alan Bennett, Dudley Moore for the Edinburgh Festival in 1960.

He worked with Barry Humphries (transgender agenda, married to the daughter of Stephen Spender).

Beyond the Fringe toured in NY (promoted by JFK). The Cambridge Footlights (Eric Idle, Hugh Laurie, David Mitchell) followed in its footsteps and were promoted in Time and on The Ed Sullivan Show (CBS).

In 1964 he directed The Old Glory of Robert Lowell (RESIST with Allen Ginsberg) with Frank Langella and Roscoe Lee Brown (Omega Psi Phi).

In 1966 he directed tv play Alice in Wonderland for the BBC, based on the novel of Lewis Carroll, with Michael Redgrave (gay agenda), Anne-Marie Mallik, Angelo Muscot (The Prisoner), Peter Cook, Leo McKern, Peter Sellers, Eric Idle (Monthy Python) and music of Ravi Shankar (CIA front Esalen), filmed at Psychiatric Unit at Netley, where Tavistock psychologist RD Laing worked.

He directed Whistle and I'll Come to You with references to Knights Templar.

He pushed the gay agenda as vice-president Campaign for Homosexual Equality of Allan Horsfall (Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament of Bertrand Russell) and Ian Dunn (pro-pedophilia campaign) and pushed the multiculti agenda on The Dick Cavett Show.

He directed Shakespeare's Taming of the Shrew with John Cleese (Monty Python, Esalen).

In 2004 he pushed the atheist agenda with BBC propaganda Atheism A Brief History of Disbelief with Richard Dawkins.

He worked for the National Theatre and the Old Vic Theatre (replaced as artistic director by Peter Hall and Kevin Spacey).

He was a member of the Order of the British Empire.

Dudley Moore married Tuesday Weld and Nicole Rothschild (Rothschilds also linked to the Cambridge Apostles). Moore and Peter Cooke appeared in Bedazzled with Barry Humphries and Raquel Welch.

born 7/21/1934, date Marshall McLuhan, Beppe Grillo, Robin Williams, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Josh Hartnett, d Jerry Goldsmith, d Paul Krassner.

died 11/27/2019 date Jimi Hendrix, Steve Bannon, Bill Nye, Caroline Kennedy, d John Carradine.