Jonathan King

Jonathan King was a British mind controlled media actor, who like Jimmy Saville, was used to make BBC propaganda to promote the MI6 controlled Swinging London scene and to normalise satanism and the masonic sodomy and pedophilia religion. He presented Top of the Pops with Jimmy Savile. He produced the soundtrack of The Rocky Horror Picture Show (gay-transgender agenda, Lou Adler, Tim Curry, Charles Gray).

Other BBC assets accused of pedophilia are Jimmy Savile, Chris Denning, Alan Freeman, Joe Meek, John Peel,..

In 2002 Channel 4 broadcasted The Double Life of Jonathan King with Jon Ronson.

In 2008 he played in Vile Pervert the Musical (2008), dressed as Oscar Wilde, singing a song to normalise pedophilia.

In the aftermath of the Jimmy Savile ritual he was convicted for child rape and bailed out by Simon Cowell.

born 12/6/1944.