John Frankenheimer

John Frankenheimer was a mind controlled actor-director, used in the media and Hollywood film industry, to normalise mind control and to play a role in the JFK ritual (predictive programming, John F like John F Kennedy and John Forbes Kerry) and the Robert Kennedy assassination ritual. David Kennedy nearly drowned at his house in Malibu. He drove Robert Kennedy to the Ambassador Hotel, where he would be assassinated (Neptune, film, in Scorpio era).

Astrological chart

born 2/19/1930, date André Breton, Andrija Puharich (the Nine psyop at Glen Cove where RFK lived), Merle Oberon, Millie Bobby Brown (mind controlled in Stranger Things), Jeff Daniels, Benicio Del Toro, Victoria Justice, Shutter Island.

Asc: Cancer, mc: Pisces. Dom: Pisces (the Moon, like Puharich), Cancer, Aquarius - Saturn, Pluto, Venus.

Houses 9, 8, 7. 9: Sun and Venus in Pisces, 8: Mars and Mercury in Aquarius, 7: Saturn and Lilith in Capricorn. 5: Moon in Scorpio.

died 7/6/2002, date George W Bush, 50 Cent, Eva Green, Sylvester Stallone, Janet Leigh (Manchurian Candidate).


1956 Playhouse 90 CBS show with Franklin Schaeffner (nazi film Boys from Brazil) and Sidney Lumet, written by Aaron Spelling
1957 The Young Stranger
1959 DuPont Show of the Month
1961 The Young Savages Dina Merrill Shelley Winters Telly Savalas
1962 All Fall Down Angela Lansbury Warren Beatty Karl Malden Brandon deWilde (Laurel Canyon) produced by John Houseman (The Blue Dahlia, collaborated with Orson Welles)
1962 Birdman of Alcatraz (one eye of Horus, orange=33=sodomy) Burt Lancaster Thelma Ritter Telly Savalas (Blofeld in James Bond) 7/3 day of birth Tom Cruise, aphelion of Sirius
1962 The Manchurian Candidate Knight of Malta Frank Sinatra Laurence Harvey (announces the JFK ritual with Harvey Lee Oswald) Angela Lansbury (Disney) Janet Leigh (born 7/6, date of Frankenheimer's death, =Jackie Lee Kennedy, Sinatra as lover, mother of Jamie Lee Curtis, born 11/22 date of JFK ritual) Henry Silva James Gregory based on novel of Richard Condon, adapted by George Axelrod (also adapted Truman Capote's Breakfast at Tiffany's for film with Audrey Hepburn), framing mind control as something invented by foreign communists
1964 Seven Days in May Burt Lancaster Kirk Douglas Frederic March Ava Gardner (wife Frank Sinatra)
1964 The Train Replaced Arthur Penn Burt Lancaster Jeanne Moreau

1966 Seconds (Pisces: masks, year 18 the Moon) Rock Hudson (Rat Pack of Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr of Anton LaVey's Church of Satan) as character that fakes his own death and is relocated to Malibu Salome Jens (Star Trek Deep Space 9 of Gene Rodenberry, also involved with Andrija Puharich's psyop the Nine) Will Greer (Group Theatre NY with Elia Kazan ACCF, friend of Woody Guthrie and Harry Hay) Dionysian party released on 11/9 Paramount Pictures (month of Truman Capote's masque ball with Frank Sinatra and Mia Farrow) used in the mind control of Brian Wilson (Laurel Canyon)
1966 Grand Prix (Cancer: the Chariot) Francoise Hardy
1968 The Fixer Ian Holm David Warner (The Omen)
1969 The Extraordinary Seaman (one eye, star Sirius) Faye Dunaway David Niven (Eye of the Devil with Sharon Tate, John Huston's Casino Royale) jesuit Alan Alda Mickey Rooney
1969 The Gypsy Moths Burt Lancaster Gene Hackman
1970 I Walk the Line Gregory Peck (Robert Thorne in The Omen=Robert Kennedy) Tuesday Weld (movie with River Phoenix) as Alma (name tunnel of Diana) soundtrack by Johnny Cash (played by Joaquin Phoenix)
1971 The Horsemen (Neptune: horses) Omar Sharif Jack Palance (movie with Brigitte Bardot) written by Dalton Trumbo who wrote Executive Action about the JFK ritual
1973 The Iceman Cometh based on play of Eugene O'Neill (Greenwich Village, son jesuit and S&B, daughter married Charlie Chaplin) Jeff Bridges last film of Frederic March
1973 Impossible Object Alan Bates
1974 99 and 44/100% Dead Richard Harris
1975 French Connection II Gene Hackman (Pasadena Playhouse) pointing gun like Manchurian Candidate Fernando Rey (surrealist movies of Luis Bunuel) Robin Moore also a friend of RFK
1977 Black Sunday produced by Robert Evans (Rosemary's Baby) Robert Shaw Bruce Dern Martha Keller as Dahlia based on the Munich massacre at Olympics (stadium: cancer, cup of Babalon)
1979 Prophecy Talia Shire
1982 The Challenge
1985 The Holcroft Covenant Michael Caine Lili Palmer
1986 52 Pick-Up Roy Scheider Ann-Margret
1989 Dead Bang Don Johnson Bob Balaban Penelope Ann Miller
1990 The Fourth War Roy Scheider Harry Dean Stanton
1991 Year of the Gun Sharon Stone
1994 Against the Wall Samuel Jackson Kyle MacLachlan
1996 The Island of Dr. Moreau (red eyes like The Omen) replaced Richard Stanley Marlon Brando Val Kilmer Fairuza Balk (Return to Oz, Dr Moreau=Wizard of Oz) based on novel of HG Wells (Fabian Society, Wellington House)
1997 George Wallace Gary Sinise Clarence Williams III (Purple Rain with Prince) Angelina Jolie TNT (Warner)
1998 Ronin Robert de Niro (=Robert Kennedy, Travis Bickle in Taxi Driver based on assassination attempt of George Wallace) Natasha McElhone (The Truman Show with Jim Carrey = Truman ball of Frank Sinatra) Jean Reno Stellan Skarsgard Sean Bean Jonathan Pryce mysterious briefcase like Pulp Fiction and Dumb and Dumber, set in Paris, where Diana died
2000 Reindeer Games Ben Affleck Charlize Theron Clarence Williams III Danny Trejo
2001 Ambush


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