John F Kennedy Jr

John Fitzgerald Kennedy Jr was a media actor of the Kennedy family, the son of John F Kennedy, who played the role of US president from 1961 to his death in 1963 (the JFK ritual) and Jackie Kennedy. He played the role of Horus in the Aeon of Horus. He was born in the hospital of jesuit school Georgetown University. From 1995 he published the magazine George. He died in a plane crash on 7/16/1999 (day of release Eyes Wide Shut).

JFK died 3 days before JFK Jr's 3d birthday on the 33d parallel (the JFK ritual).

At JFK's funeral he represented the rebirth of Osiris as Horus (Aeon card, Damian in The Omen, William at the funeral of Diana).

He was educated at Philips Academy, Brown University and NYU. He had a small role in CBS sitcom Murphy Brown (with Candice Bergen).

According to the media he had a relationship with Daryl Hannah, Brooke Shields and Diana Spencer (died in car crash 2 years earlier). Carolyn Bessett was a publicist for Calvin Klein worked with Anette Benning and Diane Sawyer (Diana).

George contained contributions of Naomi Wolf (Feminist Church, advisor of Bill Clinton), Jackie Stallone (Big Brother, mother of Sylvester Stallone), George Clooney, Rush Limbaugh, jesuit Chris Matthews, Ann Coulter, Kellyanne Conway (Trump campaign).

He died on 7/16/1999 in a plane crash with Carolyn Besset (age 33) in 1999 like Aristotle Onassis's son Alexander in 1973 (name William's child George Alexander). He was on his way to the island Martha's Vineyard. 7/16/1999 was the release of Eyes Wide Shut with Tom Cruise (relationship with Katie Holmes, who played Jackie Kennedy).

Bruce Wayne in the Batman trilogy of Christopher Nolan (filmed at Rothschild mansion Mentmore Towers) was based on JFK Jr.

Liz Crokin used JFK Jr as a story element in the Qanon psyop.

Astrological chart

born 11/25/1960, date Christina Applegate, Ghislaine Maxwell, d Laurence Harvey (announced the JFK ritual in The Manchurian Candidate), Jenna Bush, Joe Dimaggio, Augusto Pinochet, 8 days before Julianne Moore.

Asc: Virgo, mc: Gemini. Dom: Virgo (the Hermit), Capricorn, Scorpio - Pluto (crashes, dark secrets, the Jungian Shadow, like prince George), Mercury, Saturn.

Houses 3, 4, 12. 3: Sun in Sagittarius, Neptune and Mercury in Scorpio, 4: Jupiter and Venus in Capricorn, 12: Uranus in Leo, Pluto in Virgo. 5: Saturn in Capricorn, 6: Moon (Diana) in Aquarius, 10: Lilith in Gemini.

died 7/16/1999, day of release Eyes Wide Shut (filmed at mansion of Rothschilds), date of birth Set (Egyptian mythology), d Mary Todd Lincoln, d Charles Sweeney, Corey Feldman, The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises, d Stephen Spender.

the JFK ritual

Controlled opposition