John Dillinger

John Dillinger was a media actor used as bank robber during the 30's (era of Bonnie and Clyde, Barker Gang, Pretty Boy Floyd, archetype of Horus in the Aeon of Horus, Crowley's law of Do What Thou Willt) with Billie Frechette as lover and J Edgar Hoover's FBI as antagonist. He was betrayed by Ana Cumpanas (Women in Red= betrayal of the sun in Scorpio) and shot in 1934 by FBI agent Melvin Purvus at the Biograph Theatre on Lincoln Avenue (Abraham Lincoln was also shot in a theatre) in Chicago after watching Manhattan Melodrama (mm=33) with William Powell, Clark Gable and Myrna Loy.

In 1933 a list of 'public enemies' was spread with Dillinger, Pretty Boy Floyd, Machine Gun Kelly. Samuel Parkinson Cowley (=Crowley), associated with the Mormon Church, also played a role in his assassination ritual.

The JFK ritual with arrest of Harvey Lee Oswald in a movie theatre and the James Holmes Phoenix ritual (Heath Ledger as Joker who robs a bank in The Dark Knight, shooting in a movie theatre during the Dark Knight Rises premiere) contained similarities to the Dillinger assassination ritual.

John Dee played a role in the cult of Mercury (prince of thieves). The Biograph Theatre was used to promote The Rocky Horror Picture Show (transgender agenda) of Lou Adler.

Astrological chart

born 6/22/1903, date Meryl Streep, Dan Brown, Cyndi Lauper, Emmanuelle Seigner, Billy Wilder, Kris Kristofferson, Jo Cox, Lindbergh baby, d Judy Garland.

Asc: Leo, mc: Aries. Dom: Gemini (the Lovers), Leo, Taurus - Saturn, Sun, Mercury.

Houses 10, 11, 7. 10: Moon in Taurus, 11: Sun in Cancer, Mercury and Pluto in Gemini, 7: Saturn in Aquarius. 1: Venus in Leo, 9: Jupiter in Pisces.

died 7/22/1934, date prince George (child of William and Catherine), Alexander the Great, d William Mulholland, Rose Kennedy, Selena Gomez, Willem Dafoe, Albert Brooks, Terence Stamp, Louise Fletcher.

John Dillinger in popular culture

1941 High Sierra Humpfrey Bogart John Huston
1945 Dillinger Lawrence Tierney
1957 Baby Face Nelson Mickey Rooney
1973 Dillinger John Milius (Apocalypse Now) Warren Oates Ben Johnson Cloris Leachman Michelle Philips (Laurel Canyon, wife of John Philips) Harry Dean Stanton Geoffrey Lewis Richard Dreyfuss AIP of Samuel Arkoff
1979 The Lady in Red Louise Fletcher Mary Woronow Christopher Lloyd
1991 Dillinger Will Patton Patricia Arquette Mark Harmon Lawrence Tierney Sherilyn Fenn as Billie Frechette
1995 Dillinger and Capone F Murray Abraham Martin Sheen
2009 Public Enemies Johnny Depp Marion Cotillard Christian Bale (The Dark Knight Rises)

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