John Dee

John Dee was a British alchemist and rosicrucian, hired by the Cecils. He played the role of Mercury the Magician in the rosicrucian wedding of Frederick V and Elizabeth Stuart, which resulted in the birth of Moonchild George I. The character Prospero in Shakespeare's The Tempest, performed at the wedding, was based upon him.

His parents were Rowland Dee (Du Welsch for black) and Johanna, daughter of William Wyld. He was educated at Trinity College Cambridge and Christ's College Manchester, and worked in London under William Cecil, spymaster Francis Walsingham and Queen Elizabeth I.

He was a friend of cartographer Gerardus Mercator. He tutored Philip Sydney, who was to become Elizabeth's husband.

In 1564 he wrote Monas Hieroglyphica (cult of Mercury/Hermes), in 1568 On The Mystical Rule of the Seven Planets.

He was married to Katherine Constable. He developed a cryptographic communication system with Edward Kelley, the Enochian system, an alphabet of 88 letters (nr of Mercury, orbit of 88 days). He visited Rudolf II and the Rosenbergs in Bohemia.

He saw himself as the new Merlin, Elizabeth as Arthur, rebuilding Atlantis in the New World as the British Empire.

A few years after his death, William Shakespeare's The Tempest was performed at the wedding of Frederick V and Elizabeth Stuart, witch character Prospero, based on Dee.

His son Arthur Dee was physician of Michael I Romanov of Russia. Elias Ashmole translated his Fasciculus Chemicus, a work based on  writings of Petrus Bonus, Ramon Lull and Michael Maier.

Mason Charles Taze Russell founded the Jehova's Witnesses cult with the Watchtower Society, practicing Enochian magic.

Aleister Crowley was trained by the Cecils to join the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn (cult of Hermes/Mercury) become the new John Dee.

The British Museum holds his black Aztec mirror, crystal ball and wax seals.

Freddie Mercury played the role of Bohemian king Frederick V/Mercury, the endgoal of the alchemical marriage. Androgynous character Prince (program Pop culture) used his Monas Hieroglyphica Mercury symbol.

The character of secret agent James Bond (007 Tubalcain) is based on Dee and Crowley. The Hip Hop character Dr Dre is based on Dr Dee.

The magician character in Lord of the Rings, played Christopher Lee (connected to LaVey's Church of Satan) is based on Dee, performing the alchemical marriage.

The movies of actor Johnny Depp, are also based on Dee. Shakespeare-actor Kenneth Branagh played the role of John Dee in the 2012 Summer Olympics opening ceremony (the James Holmes Phoenix ritual). William and Catherine's wedding resulted in birth Moonchild George.

Quantum computer company Dwave=Dee.

Astrological chart

born 7/13/1527, date Sydney Blackmer (Roman in Rosemary's Baby), Harrison Ford, Patrick Stewart (played Merlin, Star Trek, Stuart bloodline of Elizabeth Stuart), Papus, Cameron Crowe.

Asc: Sagittarius, mc: Libra. Dom: Cancer (birth, the Chariot), Sagittarius, Aquarius - Jupiter (ceremonial magic, expansion), Mars, Moon.

Houses 8, 2, 12. 8: Sun conj Lilith, Jupiter and Mercury in Cancer, 2: Pluto in Capricorn, Moon in Aquarius, 12: Mars in Scorpio. 7: Uranus in Virgo, 9: Venus in Virgo.

died in 1609 in Mortlake, age 81.

James Bond

Frederick V and Elizabeth Stuart