John Birch Society

The John Birch Society (JBS) is a CIA and jesuit controlled network of conservatives (the Right Wing Church) and controlled opposition against the United Nations, founded in 1958 by Robert Welch Jr.

The birch was a holy tree to the druids. The Battle of the Birch in a Teutonian forest played a symbolic role in the Thirty Years' War between the jesuits and protestants and WW2 (Castle of Wewelsburg). John Morrison Birch was an OSS agent in China during WW2. JBS and George Wallace, backed by the KKK, served as a conservative antithesis for the Civil Rights Movement of MLK.

Skull and Bones member and Knight of Malta William Buckley (trained at The New School and by the jesuits) and his National Review and Young Americans for Freedom pretended to be critical of the JBS. It served as a breeding ground for the Tea Party Movement, The Heritage Foundation and Alex Jones-Donald Trump clique.

Jesuit John McManus and jesuit John Schmitz promoted Gary Allen's None Dare to Call it Conspiracy (1971) to frame globalist think tanks as the Council on Foreign Relations as a jewish anti-christian, communist New World Order conspiracy of Rothschilds and Rockefellers.

Like the World Anti-Communist League (a continuation of Alfred Rosenberg's Anti-Bolshevik Bloc of Nations, founded in 1966, Roger Pearson, Otto Skorzeny, John McCain, Sun Myung Moon), it has a simple, Christian doctrine, where communism takes the place of the Devil.

Bob Dylan mentioned JBS in his song 'John Birch Paranoid Blues'.



- Adolphe Menjou (Stanley Kubrick's Path of Glory, DW Griffith's Sorrows of Satan)
- Archibald Roosevelt (Philips Academy, son of Theodore Roosevelt, Archibald Jr and Kermit Roosevelt worked for CIA, Franklin Roosevelt played the nemesis of Hitler)
- Arthur Thompson (Christian Coalition, controlled opposition against the CFR)
- Billy James Hargis (radio evangelist)
- Bonner Fellers (director of psychological warfare in US army)
- Carl Karchner (Order of Malta)
- David Noebel (Council for National Policy)
- Edwin Walker (WW2, Korean War, the JFK ritual)
- Gary Allen (author of the Rockefeller Files, None Dare to Call it Conspiracy, foreword of jesuit Carroll Quigley's Tragedy & Hope, speechwriter of George Wallace)
- David Lane (neonazi, the Order)
- Denison Kitchel (advisor to Barry Goldwater)
- Edwin Walker (Korean War, friend of HL Hunt)
- Ezola Foster (catholic, Reform Party of Knight of Malta Pat Buchanan, Ralph Nader, Jesse Ventura and Donald Trump)
- Fred Koch (oil family who funded Tea Party Movement and Cato Institute)
- George Edward Griffin (The Creature from Jeckyll Island, interviewed Philips Academy alumni Norman Dodd before his death about the Rockefeller Foundation, controlled opposition against the Federal Reserve, Anarchopulco of Jeff Berwick, with James Corbett, Mark Passio, Dan Dicks)
- George Schuyler (NAACP, American Committee for Cultural Freedom)
- Guy Banister (FBI actor in the JFK ritual, the Minutemen)
- Haroldson Lafayette Hunt (oil tycoon, daughter Helen died in Air France flight 007 disaster)
- Howard Buffett (father of billionaire Warren Buffett, member of the Good Club with Bill Gates and Patty Stonesifer of Rockefeller Foundation)
- Jamie Kelso (Stormfront of KKK and American Nazi Party with Don Black)
- John G Schmitz (jesuit, son John P Schmitz was jesuit trained, served in the Ronald Reagan administration under George HW Bush, was member of Atlantic Council. His daughter was jesuit trained and condemned for raping a child, his son Joseph E Schmitz was jesuit trained Knight of Malta, worked for Blackwater Worldwide, George W Bush and Donald Trump administration)

- John McManus (jesuit)
- John Rousselot (Christian Science)
- John Stormer (Council for National Policy)
- John Wayne (Hollywood actor)
- John William Finn (Pearl Harbour)
- Kurt Saxon (American Nazi Party, Minutemen, Scientology, Anton LaVey's Church of Satan)
- Larry Abraham (None Dare to Call it Conspiracy, PanAmerica Capital Group)
- Larry McDonald (related to general Georges Patton, WACL, died in a flight 007 plane crash in 1983)
- Laurence Bunker (Korean War under Douglas MacArthur)
- Medford Bryan Evans (National Review of William Buckley)
- Morrie Ryskind (friend of Ronald Reagan and jesuit William Buckley)
- Phyllis Schlafly (AEI, Phi Beta Kappa, collaborated with Jerome Corsi)
- Reed Benson (Bringham Young University, son of Ezra Taft Benson, Eisenhower administration and president of the Mormon Church, Taft S&B family)
- Revilo P Oliver (JFK ritual as communist conspiracy)
- RJ Rushdoony (Christian, associated with televangelists Jerry Falwell of Unification Church and Pat Robertson, who wrote a book on New World Order)
- Robert DePugh (Minutemen, mm=33)
- Robert Jay Matthews (neonazi, The Order, Mormon Church)
- Robert Waring Studdard (Council for National Policy, Raytheon, Wymon Gordon company, YMCA, nemesis of Abbie Hoffman)
- Roy Cohn (actor in the anti-communist hearings of jesuit Joseph McCarthy, fake trial of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, lawyer of Aristotle Onassis, John Gotti, Studio 54 owner Steve Rubell, friend of Ed Koch and Roger Stone, mentor of Donald Trump)
- Stan Monteith (Alex Jones Infowars, Christian Coalition, water fluoridation hoax)

- Taylor Caldwell (novelist, descendant of Scottish MacGregor clan like Samuel MacGregor Mathers of HOGD)
- Thomas Anderson (American Independant Party)
- Tim LaHaye (Council for National Policy, worked with Bo Hi Pak of Sun Myung Moon's Unification Church, promoted the Illuminati hoax)
- Tom Metzger (nazi, KKK)
- Willard Cleon Skousen (FBI, Mormon Church, Council for National Policy of Tim LaHaye with Paul Weyrich of The Heritage Foundation, focus on Rockefellers and CFR)
- William Jasper (New American)
- William Luther Pierce (National Youth Alliance of Willis Carto, based on philosophy of jesuit Francis Parker Yockey)
- William Penn Patrick (Mind Dynamics with Alexander Everett and Werner Erhard)
- William Potter Gale (Christian Identity, Posse Comitatus, Aryan Nations)
- Willis Carto (Liberty Lobby, World Anti-Communist League, antisemitism and Holocaust denial, National Youth Alliance, friend of Francis Parker Yockey, Populist Party with antisemite David Duke, worked with Roger Pearson of the WACL)

Fletcher Prouty of the Liberty Lobby worked with Oliver Stone on his movie JFK.

the Right Wing Church

World Anti-Communist League