Joe Rogan

Joe Rogan is an actor-comedian used in the media industry, comedy scene and by Sirius XM (of Greg Maffei CFR) to play the role of controlled opposition (providing the illusion of independent media).

Like other comedians Bill Hicks, George Carlin he represents the Fool/Joker archetype, associated with Orion and dog star Sirius. His main disinfo outlet is the Joe Rogan Experience.

He signed a deal with Disney. He appeared in NBC show NewsRadio with Andy Dick and The Union: The Business Behind Getting High with Tommy Chong (managed by Lou Adler). His comedy career was launched in The Comedy Store on the Sunset Strip of Hollywood (Roseanne Barr, Robin Williams, Jim Carrey, Cheech and Chong, Bill Hicks).

He was a boxer in the Ultimate Fighting Championship, owned by Endeavor of Ari Emanuel, which bought the Miss Universe Organization from Donald Trump. Endeavor is the biggest Hollywood and fashion agency, next to CAA.

He hosted NBC show Fear Factor (Donny Osmond as contestant). He was the narrator of DMT the Spirit Molecule, based on the work of Rick Strassman to popularize the concept of activating the pineal gland. He appeared on Russia Today (interview on DMT), on Coast to Coast and on Infowars of Alex Jones with Eddie Bravo.

He played in Here Comes the Boom (Columbia) with Kevin James and Salma Hayek and Zookeeper with Rosario Dawson, Sylvester Stallone, Adam Sandler, Donnie Wahlberg (married to Playboy model Jenny McCarthy, used as archetypal antivaxxer).

He appeared in American Drug War the Great Last White Hope of Kevin Booth (collaborator with Bill Hicks/Alex Jones) with Robert David Steele, Ron Paul, Freeway Ricky Ross, Jello Biafra (program Punk Rock), Tommy Chong (Lou Adler as manager). Kevin Booth was signed to Chrysalis Records with Monarch butterfly logo.

He hosted Joe Rogan Questions Everything on Syfy (NBC Universal) with Duncan Trussell (show with Timothy Leary's associates Rick Doblin and Richard Alpert) and interviewed Ray Kurzweil (Google). Its 4th episode questioned the possibility of a virus causing a worldwide apocalypse.

He promoted political puppet Ron Paul and Donald Trump in the Right Wing Church. He promoted the isolation tank, invented by John Lilly.

He was used as controlled opposition during the Covid19-ritual (criticized by jesuit Anthony Faucci).

His cousin Gerard Way is signed to Warner Bros Records like Rogan.

Astrological chart

born 8/11/1967, date Hulk Hogan, d Robin Williams.

Dom: Leo (Lust/Strength), Scorpio, Virgo - Sun, Mars, Pluto.

Guests on the Joe Rogan Experience:

- Abby Martin (Russia Today)
- Action Bronson (Hearst)
- Adam Curry
- Alex Jones (promoter of Donald Trump as outsider)
- Annie Jacobsen
- Aubrey Marcus
- Avi Loeb
- Ayaan Hirsi Ali (Hoover Institution)
- B-Real (Cypress Hill)
- Ben Goertzel (Hanson Robotics)
- Ben Shapiro (Breitbart News of Steve Bannon)
- Bernie Sanders
- Bill Maher
- Bob Lazar (Area51 hoax)
- Bob Saget
- Brian Cox (University of Manchester)
- Brian Greene (Columbia University)
- Christopher Mellon
- Chuck Palahniuk (Fight Club)
- Cornel West (Harvard)
- Dave Chapelle
- Dave Ruben (Blaze Media of Glenn Beck, gay agenda)
- Demi Lovato (Disney slave)
- Dennis McKenna (brother of Terence McKenna)
- Derren Brown (hypnosis)
- Diamond Dallas Page (WWE of McMahons)
- Dr Phil
- Eddie Bravo (Flat Earth psyop)
- Edward Norton
- Elon Musk
- Garrett Reisman (NASA, SpaceX)
- Gavin McIness (Vice of Hearst, Proud Boys, Capitol attack)
- Glenn Greenwald
- Graham Hancock
- Guy Ritchie (Hollywood director, husband of Madonna)
- Henry Rollins
- Jack Dorsey (Twitter owned by Vanguard)
- Jacques Vallée (SRI)
- James Prince (Rap-A-Lot Records, Hip Hop programming)
- Jesse Ventura (WWE of McMahons)
- John Mackey (Whole Foods Company)
- Jon Stewart
- Jonathan Zimmerman (University of Pennsylvania)
- Jordan Peterson
- Josh Homme (Bataclan ritual)
- Kanye West
- Kevin Hart
- Lawrence Kraus (physicist)
- Lex Fridman (AI researcher at MIT)
- Macaulay Culkin
- Matthew McConaughey
- Michael Shermer (Skeptic magazine, Scientific American)
- Mike Tyson
- Miley Cyrus (Disney slave)
- Moxie Marlinspike (Signal Messenger)
- Neill Blomkamp (Hollywood director)
- Neil deGrasse Tyson
- Nick Bostrom (Future of Humanity Institute)
- Nick Kroll (jesuit)
- Oliver Stone
- Peter Schiff (Euro Pacific Capital)
- Post Malone
- Quentin Tarantino
- Richard Dawkins
- Rob Zombie (The New School)
- Robert Downey Jr
- Roger Penrose (Oxford)
- Roseanne Barr (promoted Trump)
- Rupert Sheldrake
- Russell Brand
- RZA (Wu Tang Clan)
- Sam Harris
- Sean Carroll (Caltech)
- Shirley Manson
- Steven Pinker (Harvard)
- Steven Tyler (father of Liv Tyler)
- Tim Dillon (comedian)
- Tom DeLonge (To the Stars Academy)
- Tom Green
- Tom O'Neil (about Operation Chaos and Charles Manson)
- Tommy Chong (Lou Adler as manager)
- Tony Hawk
- Travis Barker
- Travis Walton
- Vinnie Paz
- Wiz Khalifa
- Zach Leary (son of CIA agent Timothy Leary)

Controlled opposition

Donald Trump