Joe Pantoliano

Joe Pantoliano is a mind controlled actor, used in the Hollywood film industry. He was trained at Herbert Berghof Studio in Greenwich Village like Sarah Jessica Parker, Robert De Niro, Harvey Keitel, Sam Robards, Sigourney Weaver, Candice Bergen, Lee Grant, Faye Dunaway, Liza Minelli.


Astrological chart

born 9/12/1951, date Mylene Farmer, Paul Walker, Barry White.

Asc: Cancer, mc: Aries. Dom: Virgo (the Hermit), Cancer, Aries - Jupiter, Moon, Saturn.

Houses 2, 3, 7. 2: Mars and Pluto in Leo, Mercury and Venus in Virgo, 3: Sun in Virgo, Saturn in Libra, 7: Moon in Aquarius. 10: Jupiter in Aries, 12: Uranus in Cancer.


1974 Road Movie Mugger
1974 For Pete's Sake Undercover Cop
1980 The Idolmaker Gino Pilato
1982 Monsignor Private Joe Musso
1983 The Final Terror Eggar Buelton Rachel Ward (girlfriend of David Kennedy) Daryl Hannah
1983 Risky Business Guido Tom Cruise Rebecca de Mornay
1983 Eddie and the Cruisers "Doc" Robbins
1985 The Mean Season Andy Porter
1985 The Goonies Francis Fratelli Sean Astin
1986 Running Scared "Snake"
1987 Scenes from the Goldmine Manny Ricci
1987 La Bamba Bob Keane
1987 The Squeeze Norman Michael Keaton
1987 Amazon Women on the Moon Sy Swerdlow Segment: "Hairlooming" Joe Dante Peter Horton Michelle Pfeiffer Russ Meyer (Beyond the Valley of the Dolls) Rosanna Arquette Kelly Preston (John Travolta) Lana Clarkson (also in Scarface, killed in house of Phil Spector, played by Al Pacino) Carrie Fisher Joey Travolta
1987 Empire of the Sun Frank Demarest Christian Bale Ben Stiller John Malkovich Steven Spielberg
1988 The in Crowd Perry Parker
1988 Midnight Run Eddie Moscone
1990 Ardouous Moon Unknown Short film
1990 Downtown White
1990 Blue Heat Wayne Gross
1990 Short Time Scalese
1990 Backstreet Dreams Brooke Shields Sherilyn Fenn
1991 Zandalee Gerri Nicolas Cage Steve Buscemi
1992 Used People Frank Shirley MacLaine
1993 Three of Hearts Mickey William Baldwin Sherilyn Fenn
1993 The Fugitive Deputy U.S. Marshal Cosmo Renfro Harrison Ford Tommy Lee Jones
1993 Calendar Girl Harvey Darpinian Jason Priestley
1993 Me and the Kid Roy
1994 Robot in the Family The Father
1994 Teresa's Tattoo Bruno Melissa Etheridge Julie Cypher
1994 Baby's Day Out Norbert "Norby" LeBlaw
1995 Bad Boys Captain Conrad Howard Will Smith Martin Lawrence
1995 Congo Eddie Ventro Laura Linney Tim Curry
1995 The Last Word Doc
1995 Steal Big Steal Little Eddie Agopian, Ruben's Lawyer Andy Garcia
1995 The Immortals Pete Tunnell Eric Roberts Chris Rock Tony Curtis
1996 The Flight of the Dove Attorney Brezner
1996 Bound Caesar
1997 Top of the World Vince Castor Peter Weller Dennis Hopper
1997 Aliens Attack Captain Nevins
1997 Tinseltown Arnie
1997 Natural Enemy Stuart
1998 U.S. Marshals Deputy U.S. Marshal Cosmo Renfro
1998 Hoods Charlie Flynn
1998 Taxman Al Benjamin
1999 Forces of Nature Cab Driver
1999 The Matrix Cypher / Mr. Reagan Keanu Reeves Hugo Weaving Laurence Fishburne Carrie-Anne Moss

1999 Black and White Bill King Robert Downey Jr Brooke Shields Wu Tang Clan  Jared Leto Elijah Wood Ben Stiller Claudia Schiffer Marla Maples (wife of Donald Trump) Bijou Philips Mike Tyson James Tobback (accused of rape, worked with Natassja Kinski)
1999 The Life Before This Jake MacLean
1999 New Blood Hellman
2000 Ready to Rumble Titus Sinclair Rose McGowan David Arquette Brian Robbins (Paramount)
2000 Memento James Edward "Teddy" Gammell Carrie-Anne Moss Guy Pearce Christopher Nolan
2000 A Better Way to Die "Flash"
2001 Cats & Dogs Peek (voice)
2002 A Call for Help Charlie
2002 The Adventures of Pluto Nash Mogan Eddie Murphy (twin alters) Pam Grier James Rebhorn Peter Boyle John Cleese Rosario Dawson Randy Quaid Luis Guzman Warner Bros
2003 Daredevil Ben Urich Ben Affleck Jennifer Garner as Elektra Jon Favreau Michael Clarke Duncan Arnon Milchan
2003 Bad Boys II Captain Conrad Howard Will Smith Martin Lawrence
2003 Silver Man Norbert
2004 Second Best Elliot
2004 Perfect Opposites Louis Carbonelli
2004 The Easter Egg Adventure Terrible Timothy Takit (voice)
2005 Racing Stripes Goose (voice) Snoop Dogg Whoopi Goldberg Dustin Hoffman
2005 The Check Up The Inspector Short film
2005 The Amateurs Some Idiot
2006 Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector Mayor Maurice T. Gunn
2006 Wedding Daze Smitty
2006 Canvas John Marino
2006 Unknown Bound Man / Brockman
2007 Spring Break '83 Sergeant Coltrane Unreleased
2009 The Job Perriman
2009 Deadly Impact David Kaplow
2009 Falling Up George
2010 The Legend of Secret Pass Chucksta (voice)
2010 Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief Gabe Ugliano
2010 Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore Peek (voice) Nick Nolte Christina Applegate Bette Middler jesuit Chris O'Donnell Michael Clarke Duncan Neil Patrick Harris Roger Moore
2010 New York Street Games Himself Documentary
2011 Loosies Carl
2011 Jeremy Fink and the Meaning of Life Oswald Oswald III
2014 The Identical Avi Hirshberg Seth Green Ray Liotta Ashley Judd
2016 The Perfect Match Marty
2017 Just Getting Started Joey
2018 Happy Anniversary Aldo
2018 Feast of the Seven Fishes Uncle Frankie
2018 The Brawler Al Braverman
2019 From the Vine Marco Gentile
2020 Bad Boys for Life Captain Conrad Howard
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