Joe Biden

Joe Biden is a jesuit trained mind controlled political puppet of the Left Wing Church, used to push the Luciferian gay-transgender agenda, multiculti agenda and vaccination agenda during the Covid-19 ritual. He plays the role of Jupiter (24=BD, Joe), the benevolent father in a political Left Wing - Right Wing game with jesuit Donald Trump as villain. His son Hunter Biden is also jesuit trained. He was promoted by jesuit Lady Gaga, Scooter Brown and Hailey Baldwin (manager and wife of Disney slave Justin Bieber).

He married his wife Jill Biden at the headquarters of the totalitarian World Government (United Nations).

He is signed to Hollywood actors agency Creative Artists Agency.

He was made vice-president of Barack Obama in a false hope narrative of the Black Church, and the Climate Church, promoted by cultural marxist program Hip Hop and Hearst controlled Oprah Winfrey. He took part in the catch-bad-guy-Osama farce at the White House (Obama=Osama, Biden=Bin Laden) as climax of the 911 Twin Towers ritual. He met the jesuit pope in the Vatican in 2016. He worked with Leslie Gelb of the CFR.

In december 2020, during the Covid19 ritual of the United Nations-WHO, he injected himself with the nanotechnology of Pfizer-BioNTech, as a publicity stunt, symbolising the rebirth as cyborg/God, the promise of Lucifer of becoming gods.

His administration consists of:

- Council on Foreign Relations members John Forbes Kerry (Skull and Bones, Climate Church), Janet Yellen (Federal Reserve, AB), Jose Fernandez, Julissa Reynosos (fellowship of Paul Soros), Lloyd Austin, Anthony Blinken (Trilateral Commision, advisor of Facebook who censored during the Covid19-ritual), Wendy Sherman (CFR, Atlantic Council, International Crisis Group), William Burns, Linda Thomas-Greenfield, Gina Raimondo, Tom Vilsack.
- Pete Buttigieg and transgenders Rachel Levine and Samantha Power (gay-transgender agenda).
- jesuits John Forbes Kerry, Marty Walsh, Avril Haines, Denis McDonaugh, Alejandro Mayorkas (Beverly Hills High School), Shanada Young, Neera Tanden of the Center for American Progress with jesuit Elisa Massimino. Kamala Harris is a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha and worked for jesuit Jerry Brown (Laurel Canyon).

He was accused of sexual abus by jesuit Tara Reade (interviewed by Katie Halper of Fox News).

Astrological chart

born 11/20/1942, date Robert F. Kennedy, Future.

Asc: Sagittarius, mc: Virgo. Dom: Scorpio (Death), Gemini, Sagittarius - Uranus (androgynous), Jupiter, Sun.

Houses 12, 7, 8. 12: Sun, Venus, Mercury in Scorpio, 7: Uranus, Saturn (black), Lilith in Gemini, 8: Jupiter in Cancer, Pluto in Leo.

Barack Obama

the Left Wing Church