Jodie Foster

Jodie Alicia Christian Foster is an actress mind controlled with Alice in Wonderland and Wizard of Oz programming, used in the Hollywood film industry, to play the archetype of the Scarlett Woman (Jodie=Judy Garland, Jeanne Robert Foster, Marvel Comics character Jane Foster, Dorothy and foster=forest, the woods= Rosemary Woodhouse). She was educated at Yale (Scroll and Key) like Hilary Clinton, John Kerry and George Bush.

She was used in the programming of John Hinckley Jr.

Jeanne/Jane Robert Foster was one of Crowley's muses in the OTO (Jodie Foster movies contain a lot of references to Jayne Mansfield).

Astrological chart

born 11/19/1962, dated Charles Manson, Charlie Kaufman, Adam Driver, Tyga, Larry King, Jack Dorsey, Ted Turner, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, Meg Ryan (also in Death Valley in the Doors), year after death Diana) Scorpio.

Asc: Sagitt, mc: Libra. Dom: Scorpio (Death), Virgo (the hermit) Sagittarius (art, balance between conscious and unconscious)- Jupiter (like John Dee, Contact fallen angels, in pisces), Moon (in scorpio), Pluto (in virgo).

Houses 9, 11, 3. 1: Sagitt, Capricorn, 2: Saturn in Aquarius (like Crowley and Polanski), 3: Jupiter in Pisces, 7: Cancer, 8(shadow): Mars in Leo, 9: Pluto, Uranus and Moon in Virgo, 10: Lilith in Libra, 11: Neptune, Venus, Mercury and Sun in Scorpio. Jupiter in Pisces opp Pluto and Moon in Virgo


1972 Napoleon and Samantha as  Samantha (like Samantha Eggar in The Collector) Michael Douglas Will Geer (partner of Harry Hay)
1972 Kansas City Bomber Rita (Kansas city of Wizard of Oz)
1973 Tom Sawyer Becky Thatcher
1973 One Little Indian Martha McIver, Paper Moon (the moon of the High Priestess)
1974 Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore Audrey (Alice in Wonderland programming) Martin Scorcese Ellen Burstyn Diane Ladd Kris Kristofferson Laura Dern
1976 Taxi Driver Iris 'Easy' Steensma (rainbow Sagittarius) indian like Dakota, Sharon Tate ritual, Manson like murder, with orange pillow, (orange=33=sodomy). Robert de Niro (killing Kennedy) Harvey Keitel Martin Scocese.
1976 Echoes of a Summer Deirdre Striden aka The Last Castle
1976 Bugsy Malone Tallulah (with Jonathan Scott Taylor, Antichrist in The Omen)
1976 The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane Rynn Jacobs
1976 Freaky Friday Annabel Andrews/Ellen Andrews (remake in 2003 with Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsey Lohan)
1977 Moi, fleur bleue Isabelle Tristan (aka Fleur bleue) aka Stop Calling Me Baby!
1977 Casotto Teresina Fedeli aka Beach House
1977 Candleshoe Casey Brown Leo McKern (The Omen)
1980 Foxes (88) Laura Dern Sally Kellerman (Christian Science, Hollywood High School) United Artists
1980 Carny (clown) Donna
1982 O'Hara's Wife Barbara O'Hara
1983 Svengali Zoe Alexander
1984 The Hotel New Hampshire (bear Ursa Major pedophile symbol) Orion Pictures Frannie Berry Natassja Kinski Matthew Modine
1984 The Blood of Others Hélène Bertrand aka Le Sang des autres
1986 Mesmerized Victoria Thompson aka My Letter to George John Lithgow (2010 The Year We Make Contact)
1987 Five Corners Linda John Turturro (also Yale) Tim Robbins
1987 Siesta Nancy
1988 Stealing Home Katie Chandler
1988 The Accused Sarah Tobias
1990 Catchfire Anne Benton aka Backtrack Dennis Hopper Katherine LaNasa (Hopper's 4th wife, played in Jayne Mansfield's Car) John Turturro
1991 The Silence of the Lambs (Lam, 2/14 Valentine's Day, date wedding Frederick V and Elizabeth, =1/24 Sharon Tate) Clarice Starling (Harpo sign of silence, S&B symbol) Anthony Hopkins as Charles Manson like killer (Manson interviewed by Diane, would die 11/19 like date Jodie Foster), red eye Monarch butterfly (Pluto, the Shadow in Virgo) Ted Levine Diane Baker Jonathan Demme student of Roger Corman
1991 Little Man Tate Dede Tate (=Sharon Tate, uranus genius in virgo)
1991 Shadows and Fog Prostitute Mia Farrow Madonna John Cusack (date Rosemary's Baby) John Malkovich Donald Pleasence
1993 Sommersby Laurel Sommersby James Earl Jones Richard Gere Bill Pullman
1993 It Was a Wonderful Life Narrator Documentary (Harpo, Aiwass)
1994 Maverick Mrs. Annabelle Bransford (blue velvet) Mel Gibson Corey Feldman Alfred Molina Richard Donner
1994 Nell Nell Kelly (Nellie Connally in car JFK) scorpio Death

1997 Contact Dr. Eleanor Arroway, scene of death father with mirror (Alice in Wonderland programming, trauma based mind control to create mirror alter) David Morse Tom Skerritt John Hurt Matthew McConaughey Angela Bassett (also Yale) James Woods William Fichtner Jena Malone Robert Zemeckis Pensocola Beach like Jayne Mansfield
1999 Anna and the King Anna Leonowens
2002 The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys Sister Assumpta Vincent D'Onofrio Kieran Culkin Jena Malone Emile Hirsch
2002 Panic Room Meg (like Meg Ryan, Meghan Markle) Altman 3/29 date death John Spencer, poster Rosemary's Baby, night of Pan Jared Leto Forest Withaker Kristen Stewart
2003 Abby Singer Herself
2004 A Very Long Engagement Elodie Gordes aka Un long dimanche de fiançailles Marion Cotillard Audrey Tautou
2005 Flightplan Kyle Pratt (reliving the 911 trauma) 9/22 before plane crash lost (virgo ruled by merc-air travel) jupiter long distance travel, pluto abduction Persephone. Peter Sarsgaard son of Judy, also played RFK. Sean Bean Erica Christensen (Scientology of Ron Hubbard) John Hickey (like John Hinckley).
2006 Inside Man Madeline White (nazi bank) Christopher Plummer, Denzel Washington Willem Dafoe before birth barron Trump Clive Owen=omen Spike Lee
2007 The Brave One Erica Bain Naveen Andrews (who played Diana's boyfriend) Zoe Kravitz
2008 Nim's Island Alexandra Rover
2011 The Beaver Meredith Black Also director Mel Gibson Jennifer Lawrence Anton Yelchin
2011 Carnage Penelope Longstreet (director Roman Polanski) Christoph WaltzKate Winslet John C Reilly
2013 Elysium (exoskeleton like Iron Man) Secretary of Defense Jessica Delacourt (Eleusinian Mysteries, 9th symphony, Revelation 911) Matt Damon
2018 Hotel Artemis (=diana the huntress, HA=71) day of biracial wedding Harry and Meghan Markle, octagon ha, Dakota hotel of Rosemary's Baby, poster imitates Jim Morrison's Morrison Hotel cover.
2021 The Mauritanian Tahir Rahim Benedict Cumberbatch


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