Joaquin Phoenix

Joaquin Phoenix (Rafael Bottom) is a mind controlled actor, used as a PR-actor in the Climate Church and in the Hollywood film industry to play a role in the the 2012 James Holmes -London Olympics ritual which represented the death-rebirth of the Joker as phoenix. His brother River Phoenix (brothers Jacob and Esau) died on Halloween (orange=33=sodomy) in Johnny Depp's the Viper Room the year of death Brandon Lee (the Heath Ledger-Joker archetype). He called 911, a message broadcast on tv and radioshows (Mercury, the messenger, rules Gemini, 1993 was the year of the 1st Twin Towers attack, the 2 masonic pillars Boaz and Joachin).

In 2012 he was symbolicly reborn as orange hair James Holmes in the Dark Knight Rises Aurora (=Golden Dawn) theater (movie becoming real theme of 'Joker').

Joaquin Phoenix was born in Puerto Rico as child of John Bottom and Sharon Phoenix, grew up in a hippie cult Children of God, like the Manson Family of Charles Manson who killed Sharon Tate in the 911 Sharon Tate ritual. His brothers and sisters are actors and actresses River Phoenix, Rain Phoenix, Summer Phoenix (married to Casey Affleck, in The Believer with Ryan Gosling) and Liberty Phoenix. He is of Hungarian descent.

Other Children of God cult members are Rose McGowan and Jeremy Spencer (Fleetwood Mac).

Like Leonardo di Caprio and Marion Cotillard he plays the role of a fake environmentalist (all born in era of Uranus in Libra, Uranus: environmentalism, rebellion), promotes PETA (white rabbit Alice in Wonderland programming) and apocalyptic cult Extinction Rebellion.

He dated Liv Tyler (7/1 like Diana) and Rooney Mara (related to Kennedys). He lives in the Hollywood Hills (Laurel Canyon mind control project of Charles Manson).

In 2009 he appeared on David Letterman Show (NBC) as a confused character, which turned out to be part of an act for his documentary I'm Still Here by Casey Affleck (Mercury: talking, trickster=act of Andy Kaufman on the David Letterman Show, talkshow scene in Joker).

Astrological chart

born 10/28/1974, date of Francis Bacon (1/22 date death Heath Ledger), Mathilde Ledger (child of Heath Ledger), Bill Gates, Julia Roberts, Frank Ocean, Bruce-Caitlyn Jenner-Kardashian, Scorpio like death River Phoenix 3 days later, 14 days before birth Leonardo di Caprio.

Dom: Scorpio (Death), Libra, Aries - Mars (Horus, fear, known for his anxiety attacks), Uranus (environmentalism), Mercury.

Moon in Aries opp Pluto in Libra (moon opp Pluto like John Lennon), Saturn in Cancer, Jupiter in Pisces, Lilith in Aquarius, Neptune in Sagittarius, Sun, Venus and Mars in Scorpio, Uranus conj Mercury and Pluto in Libra (Mercury conj Uranus like Leonardo di Caprio and Keanu Reeves).


1985 Kids Don't Tell CBS
1986 SpaceCamp Kennedy Space Center of NASA Tom Skerritt Lea Thompson Terry O'Quinn
1987 Russkies
1989 Parenthood Steve Martin (the Hanged Man pose) Keanu Reeves Martha Plimpton (in The Mosquito Coast with brother River Phoenix, niece of David Carradine who died in Hanged Man position) Ron Howard produced by Michael Rosenberg who also produced Eminem's 8 Mile.
1995 To Die For (=24 Jupiter in Pisces) Nicole Kidman Matt Dillon Casey Affleck Gus Van Sant Columbia Pictures
1997 Inventing the Abbots Jennifer Connelly Liv Tyler 7/1 like Diana Billy Crudup
1997 U Turn Sean Penn Jennifer Lopez as Grace McKenna (3 days before car crash Diana, 15 years after car crash Grace Kelly) Liv Tyler Nick Nolte Oliver Stone
1998 Return to Paradise Vince Vaugn Jada Pinkett
1998 Clay Pigeons
1999 8mm (one eye) Joel Schumacher Nicolas Cage James Gandolfini Peter Stormare
2000 The Yards Mark Wahlberg Charlize Theron Ellen Burstyn James Caan Faye Dunaway
2000 Gladiator as Commodus (8/31 like death Diana and Dodi, role also played by Christopher Plummer Dr Parnassus) Russell Crowe Djimon Hounsou Ridley Scott Universal Pictures
2000 Quills (nickname William Wills Quill and Dagger Yale) as Abbé de Coulmier Kate Winslet Geoffrey Rush as Marquis de Sade (French Revolution, role also played by Klaus Kinski) Michael Caine (The Dark Knight with Ledger)
2001 Buffalo Soldiers (Lilith in Aquarius) Idris Elba Ed Harris
2001 Signs (year 9 the Hermit, house of Dorothy) Mel Gibson (father of Heath Ledger in The Patriot) Abigail Breslin (Mars the child) M Night Shyamalan produced by Kathleen Kennedy
2003 It's All About Love Claire Catherine Danes (=William and Catherine) Mark Strong Climate Church propaganda
2003 Brother Bear Ursa Minor Ursa Major Disney
2004 The Village as Lucius Hunt M Night Shyamalan Adrien Brody Bryce Dallas Howard William Hurt Sigourney Weaver Brendan Gleeson Jesse Eisenberg
2004 Hotel Rwanda as Jack Daglish
2004 Ladder 49 as Jack Morrison (=Jim Morrison) John Travolta (Scientology of Ron Hubbard)
2005 Earthlings
2005 Walk The Line (follow the Yellow Brick Road of the handler) as Johnny Cash (death of twin brother, man in black like Keanu Reeves as Neo in The Matrix) Reese Witherspoon born 3/22 (S&B) like Joker Matthew Modine Robert Patrick; also movie of Gregory Peck  (Robert Thorne in The Omen). Johnny Cash=John Cassavetes. band with Luther Perkins (S&B of Schwarzenbergs).
2007 We Own the Night (Aeon nuit) as Bobby Green Mark Wahlberg James Gray Eva Mendes Robert Duvall Ed Koch
2007 Reservation Road Jennifer Connelly Mark Ruffalo Elle Fanning
2008 Two Lovers (Mercury ruling Gemini the Lovers) Gwyneth Paltrow Vinessa Shaw (prostitute in Eyes Wide Shut) 5/19 date Harry and Meghan Markle
2010 I'm Still Here (Heath Ledger in I'm not There) Casey Affleck (played young Robert Kennedy) P Diddy Jamie Foxx Mos Def Danny De Vito
2012 The Master as Freddie Quell Philip Seymour Hoffman character based on Scientology founder Ron Hubbard (partner of Jack Parsons, Manson mind controlled with Scientology) Amy Adams Paul Thomas Anderson
2013 The Immigrant Marion Cotillard (The Dark Knight Rises) Jeremy Renner
2013 Her Scarlett Johansson (mercury: writer, lens of reality, AI transhumanism agenda, auditing of Scientology based on cybernetics theory of message and communication) Olivia Roots Amy Adams Rooney Mara Spike Jonze
2014 Inherent Vice (=her, Christian Bale in Vice) Josh Brolin Owen Wilson Eric Roberts (The Dark Knight) Jena Malone Reese Witherspoon institute based on CIA front Esalen Institute
2015 Irrational Man (the Fool) Woody Allen Emma Stone (Birdman with Batman Michael Keaton)
2015 Unity (year 1 the Magician) Kevin Spacey Marion Cotillard Joker Matthew Modine Dr Dre Selena Gomez Carrie-Anne Moss Jessica Chastain Ben Kingsley Ellen Burstyn Ellen DeGeneris Casey Affleck
2017 You Were Never Really Here (=Heath Ledger I'm Not There)
2018 Don't Worry He Won't Get Far on Foot Rooney Mara
2018 Mary Magdalene as Jesus (=the Fool, the Joker) Rooney Mara as Mary Magdalene
2018 Dominion
2018 The Sister Brothers John C Reilly (in Holmes and Watson) Jake Gyllenhaal
2019 Joker (events leading up to Batman Begins, laughter after releasing engrams in Scientology) as Arthur (Hubbard wrote Excalibur, linked to king Arthur myths) Robert de Niro killed in talkshow, real-staged like Andy Kaufman, similar to de Niro's King of Comedy (kc 311, 33 Christ) 1982 year of birth William.

4 veils of the cardinal signs in the York rite, cover of Eminem's Encore and Man on the Moon.

2020 Guardians of Life with Joker Matthew Modine, Mobilize Earth, donor of Extinction Rebellion
2021 C'mon C'mon
2023 Beau is Afraid Ari Aster 
2023 Napoleon as Napoleon (the Emperor) Ridley Scott Vanessa Kirby Catherine Walker 11/22
2024 Joker Folie à Deux


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