Joan Baez

Joan Chandos Boaz is a jewish mind controlled folk singer, used in the music industry as part of the CIA controlled Civil Rights Movement and 60's counterculture of Greenwich Village New York. She was signed to Vanguard of Solomon brothers (Maynard Solomon Phi Beta Kappa, Columbia University) with Phil Ochs, the Weavers, Jan Peerce, Linda Ronstadt (Laurel Canyon), Judy Collins and her sister Mimi Baez (married to Richard Farina of Greenwich Village folk scene).

Her father Albert Baez was connected to the CIA and worked at Stanford, Cornell and MIT (all involved in MK Ultra).

She started performing at the Club 47 in Cambridge (close to MIT, opened in 1958), where Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, Suzanne Vega also performed. Albert DeSalvo (the Boston Strangler, hypnosis with William Joseph Bryan of MK Ultra) murdered his victims close to Club 47.

She worked with Bob Gibson (Alcoholics Anonymous).

The Cambridge folk scene was a forerunner of the Greenwich Village and Laurel Canyon project. She covered a song of Phil Ochs (Laurel Canyon).

She participated in the March on Washington with Bob Dylan, Marlon Brando, Harry Belafonte and Sidney Poitiers to promote the fake Civil Rights Movement. She led the crowd to sing the song We Shall Overcome, recorded by Pete Seeger (Greenwich Village), who worked for organisation People's Songs with OTO member and pedophilia supporter Harry Hay. She also participated in the publicity stunt at Selma Alabama with MLK, after wich jesuit Lyndon Johnson used the phrase We Shall Overcome.

Richard Farina died in an accident on 4/30/1966, the day Anton LaVey started the Church of Satan.

She performed at the Woodstock festival in 1969.

She was used to push the gay-transgender agenda with the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force. She performed at the Live Aid concert of Harvey Goldsmith and Bob Geldof in Philadelphia with Bob Dylan, Black Sabbath, Crosby Stills and Nash, The Beach Boys, Madonna, Mick Jagger, simultaneously with the Live Aid concert in Wembley Stadium with Queen (Freddie Mercury), Spandau Ballet, Sade, Sting, U2, Elton John, Paul McCartney, David Bowie, The Who, Elvis Costello, Jack Nicholson

In 1989 she visited Vaclav Havel in the Czech Republic before the Velvet Revolution. In 1993 she visited Yugoslavia, sponsored by Open Society Foundations.

She performed at the funeral of Lou Rawls with Jesse Jackson.

She was used as controlled opposition during the war in Iraq (1st dom: Mars) with Michael Moore.

She promoted Occupy Wall Street and political puppet Barack Obama and played the antagonist of Donald Trump.

She had relationships with Bob Dylan, David Harris (Civil Rights Movement, anti-Vietnam War movement, Rolling Stone) and Steve Jobs. She is a friend of Judy Collins.

Astrological chart

born 1/9/1941, date Catherine Middleton, Richard Nixon, Kim Mathers (wife of Eminem), Matthew Knowles (father of Beyoncé), Jimmy Page, Simone de Beauvoir (JP Sartre born 6/21 like William).

Asc: Aries, mc: Capricorn. Dom: Capricorn (the Devil), Sagittarius, Taurus - Mars, Venus, Saturn.

Houses 10, 1, 8. 10: Sun conj Mercury in Capricorn, 1: Lilith in Aries, Jupiter and Saturn in Taurus, 8: Mars in Sagittarius.

Discography and filmography

1959 Folksingers 'Round Harvard Square
1960 Joan Baez
1961 Joan Baez, Vol. 2
1962 Joan Baez in Concert ()
1963 Joan Baez in Concert, Part 2
1964 Joan Baez/5, cover of song Phil Ochs (Laurel Canyon)
1965 Farewell, Angelina
1966 Noël
1967 Joan (Anabel Lee, poem of Edgar Allan Poe)
1967 Don't Look Back Bob Dylan Marianne Faithfull Donn Alan Pennebaker (Yale)
1968 Baptism: A Journey Through Our Time
1968 Any Day Now
1969 David's Album
1970 One Day at a Time
1971 Sacco & Vanzetti
1971 Carry It On
1971 Blessed Are... songs of Kris Kristofferson and The Beatles
1972 Come from the Shadows
1973 Where Are You Now, My Son?
1974 Gracias a la Vida
1975 Diamonds & Rust
1976 Gulf Winds
1977 Blowin' Away
1979 Honest Lullaby
1987 Recently
1988 Diamonds & Rust in the Bullring
1989 Speaking of Dreams
1992 Play Me Backwards
1993 Kris Kristofferson His Life and Work
1993 Life and Times of Allen Ginsberg
1997 Gone from Danger
2003 Dark Chords on a Big Guitar
2008 Day After Tomorrow
2010 Phil Ochs There but for Fortune Abbie Hoffman
2015 Taylor Swift: the 1989 World Tour Live
2018 Whistle Down the Wind


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