Jimmy Page

Jimmy Page is a British mind controlled musician, used in the music industry (program Rock/Metal) to normalise drug abuse, satanism and the Crowleyan religion of sodomy/pedophilia during the 70's and 80's. He founded Led Zeppelin. He bought the Boleskine house of Aleister Crowley (where he recorded a scene of The Song Remained the Same), the Tower House of Richard Harris (Order of Malta), a house formerly owned by Michael Caine and the self portrait of Austin Osman Spare.

He was part of the MI6/CIA controlled music scenes of Swinging London and Laurel Canyon (Mackenzie Philips, Graham Nash and Stephen Stills).

He made the music of Kenneth Anger's Lucifer Rising with Bobby Beausoleil of the Manson Family as Lucifer, Chris Jagger (brother of Mick Jagger) and Marianne Faithfull.In the film he carries the Stele of Revealing of the Book of the Law. Anger was funded by JP Getty.

He was used to promote the use of heroin.

In 1968 he founded Led Zeppelin with Robert Plant, John Bonham, John Paul Jones, signed to Atlantic Records of jesuit Ahmed Ertegun.

He had a relationship with Jackie DeShannon, who also dated Elvis Presley and toured in the US with The Beatles. Led Zeppelin stayed at the Chateau Marmont (castle programming).

Like David Bowie and Mick Jagger had a relationship with Lori Mattix/Lori Lightning, used in the Laurel Canyon scene of Rainbow Barr and Grill and Whiskey a Go Go of Lou Adler. Her friend Pamela Des Barres was a member of The GTO's produced by Frank Zappa, posed for Playboy and played in CBS soap Search For Tomorrow. Her memoir I'm With the Band was used as inspiration for Cameron Crowe's Almost Famous with Kate Hudson.

He also dated Playboy model Bebe Buell, who also dated Iggy Pop, David Bowie and Mick Jagger and who was the mother of Liv Tyler with Steven Tyler of Aerosmith as father.

He produced music of Nico (scene of Andy Warhol).

He owned a bookshop called Equinox Booksellers and Publishing, like the magazine The Equinox of Crowley's A.A.

Led Zeppelin's manager played in A Night to Remember (Rank Organisation), The Saint (ITC Entertainment of The Prisoner), The Guns of Navarone with Gregory Peck and Anthony Quayle, The Benny Hill Show. He also managed Jeff Beck (Chelsea Hotel), Little Richard and Chuck Berry.

His guitar style influenced Eddie Van Halen. Robert Plant was influenced by JRR Tolkien.

Led Zeppelin broke up in 1980 when drummer John Bonham died.

In 1994 he reunited with Robert Plant for MTV Unplugged. John Paul Jones formed Them Crooked Vultures with Dave Grohl and Josh Homme.

He was inducted in the UK Music Hall of Fame (ceremony with Slash, Toni Yommi of Black Sabbath, Steven Tyler, Jack White). He is a member of the Order of the British Empire.

He appeared in It Might Get Loud of Davis Guggenheim (An Inconvenient Truth) with the Edge and Jack White. He performed at 2008 Bejing Summer Olympics (closing ceremony with David Beckham and Leona Lewis) in China.

He met with Barack Obama the Kennedy Center Honors in 2012.

Astrological chart

born 1/9/1944, date Catherine Middleton, Joan Baez, Kim Mathers (wife of Eminem), Simone de Beauvoir, Richard Nixon.

Asc: Scorpio, mc: Virgo. Dom: Capricorn (the Devil), Leo, Gemini - Jupiter (lightning god Zeus), Pluto, Moon.

Houses 2, 9, 8. 2: Mercury conj Sun in Capricorn, 9: Jupiter, Pluto and Lilith in Leo, 8: : Saturn in Gemini. 1: Venus in Sagittarius, 7: Mars conj Uranus in Gemini, 11: Neptune in Libra.

Discography and filmography

1964 The Rolling Stones Heart of Stone
1965 The Who I Can't Explain
1966 Blow-Up Michelangelo Antonioni Jane Birkin Vanessa Redgrave David Hemmings Sarah Miles (related to Elizabeth II) Donyale Luna MGM
1967 The Yardbirds Little Games
1969 Joe Cocker With a Little Help From My Friends
1969 Led Zeppelin 8 days before inauguration Richard Nixon
1969 Led Zeppelin II Whole Lotta Love
1970 Led Zeppelin III
1971 Led Zeppelin IV triquetra sigil of Aryans Stairway to Heaven
1973 House of the Holy
1976 The Song Remains the Same Charlotte Martin (name Catherine's child) Warner Bros shot at Shepperton Studios (A Clockwork Orange)
1982 Death Wish II soundtrack movie with Charles Bronson and Laurence Fishburne
1984 The Honeydrippers Volume 1
1985 Whatever Happened to Jugula?
1985 The Firm Paul Rodgers (collaborated with Freddie Mercury and Queen) Chris Slade (AC/DC)
1986 Mean Business
1988 Outrider
1993 Coverdale-Page
1998 Walking Into Clarksdale
1998 P Diddy Come With Me (Godzilla soundtrack)
2000 Live at the Greek with the Black Crowes
2012 Lucifer Rising and Other Soundtracks

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