Jimmy Carter

James Earl Carter is a mind controlled political puppet of the Left Wing Church, who played the role of Governor of Georgia from 1971 to 1975, and US president from 1977 to 1981. He is a Shriner (33d degree mason) member of the Trilateral Commission. He was married to Eleanor Rosalynn Smith. He is a descendant of Thomas Cornell, like Richard Nixon and Bill Gates and related to Berry Gordy of Motown Records.

He replaced Shriner and Knight of Malta Gerald Ford.

The Carter administration consisted of:

- Cyrus Vance (CFR, TC, Scroll and Key, later chairman of Rockefeller Foundation, married to Grace Elsie Sloane)
- Walter Mondale (CFR, TC, RAND)
- Michael Blumenthal (CFR, TC, Le Cercle, Goldman Sachs)
- Edmund Muskie (Cornell)
- Harold Brown (CFR, TC, Le Cercle, RAND, CSIS)
- Joseph Califano (jesuit, CFR, Ditchley, CBS)
- Ray Marshall (League for Industrial Democracy of Sidney Hook CCF)
- James Schlesinger (RAND, CIA, CPD, MITRE Corporation)
- Neil Goldschmidt (TC, lawyer of Bechtel Corporation)
- Zbigniew Brzezinski (jesuit, TC)
- Charles Duncan (Coca Cola)
- Philip Klutznick (jesuit, B'nai B'rith, World Jewish Congress)
- Robert Strauss (CFR, TC)
- Reubin Askew (Order of DeMolay)
- Andrew Young (Civil Rights Movement with MLK, UN)
- Maurice 'Moon' Landrieu (jesuit), Charles Schultze (jesuit, Great Society agenda of Lyndon Johnson, Brookings), William Miller (Club of Rome, Federal Reserve), Griffin Bell, Cecil Andrus, Robert Bergland, Juanita Kreps, Benjamin Civiletti. jesuit Donald McHenry (CFR, Brookings, UN ambassador), jesuit Tim Kraft, Henry D Owen (CFR, TC, Brookings).

He played the role of JFK reborn (fake assassination attempt with Raymond Lee Harvey=Harvey Lee Oswald, Carter was born 10/1 like Laurence Harvey who played mind controlled assassin Raymond in John Frankenheimer's The Manchurian Candidate).

He signed a diplomatic agreement with Deng Xiaoping (China).

His sister was a friend of Larry Flynt (porn industry with mind controlled sex slaves). She was played by Donna Hanover in People vs Larry Flynt of Milos Forman (OFOCN).

Rosalyn Carter (8/18 like Roman Polanski) promoted cult leader Jim Jones.

He played a role in the Patty Hearst media ritual with Jolyon West (MK Ultra) and the 1979 Iranian hostage crisis.

He was replaced in 1981 by Knight of Malta Ronald Reagan. He was given the Nobel Peace Prize.

He gave a TED talk.

Astrological chart

born 10/1/1924, date Laurence Harvey, Annie Besant, Zach Galifianakis, Theresa May, Bonnie Parker, Julie Andrews, Playboy, Walter Matthau, Stephen Paddock shooting in Las Vegas.

Asc: Libra, mc: Cancer. Dom: Libra (Adjustment), Scorpio, Leo - Venus, Saturn, Neptune.

Houses 1, 10, 11. 1: Saturn and Moon in Scorpio, 10: Neptune and Venus in Leo, 11: Mercury in Virgo. 12: Sun in Libra.

Richard Nixon

Ronald Reagan