Jim Jones

James Warren Jones was a mind controlled media actor and cult leader, used in the media industry to play the role of an Antichrist figure similar to Charles Manson, to announce the Antichrist William. His father was a member of the KKK of Indiana. He was influenced by Adolf Hitler, Karl Marx and Joseph Stalin and was a member of the Communist Party USA. He was connected to the Pentecostal, Latter Rain and Independant Assemblies of God movements. He worked with William Branham, friend of Roy Davis of the KKK.

Branham's student Paul Schäfer founded Colonia Dignidad in Chile.

In 1954 he founded the People's Temple in Indiana as a Christian multiculturalist organisation. He named his cult the Rainbow Family (Wizard of Oz programming), similar to the Manson Family.

In 1962 he moved to Brazil (where Andrija Puharich and Josef Mengele were also staying at the time). His friend Dan Mitrione (CIA) was also in Brazil, who trained Latin American police in the use of torture and drugs.

He worked with Jimmy Carter's wife Rosalyn Carter (8/18 like Roman Polanski), Harvey Milk (gay agenda in San Francisco), George Moscone, jesuit Jerry Brown, the Nation of Islam of Wallace Muhammed and the Disciples of Christ (jesuit Lyndon Johnson, Knight of Malta J Edgar Hoover). Like Charles Manson, he predicted an apocalyptic race war, based on the Book of Revelation.

He used cult methods as intimidation and sexual abuse.

In 1970 Dan Mitrione was executed by the Tupamaros in Uruguay.

From 1972 Lester Kinsolving (role of anti-gay activist) started to use Jones as a villain in the San Francisco Examiner of Hearst.

From 1975 he was supported by Willie Brown (Alpha Phi Alpha, NAACP), who compared him to Mao Zedong, MLK, Angela Davis and Albert Einstein. Brown later became mayor of San Francisco to push the gay agenda, played in The Godfather III of Francis Ford Coppola and had a relationship with Kamala Harris (vice-president of jesuit Joe Biden). He worked with Carlton Goodlett (president of the NAACP) and was also supported by Jane Fonda, Angela Davis, Black Panthers and the San Francisco Chronicle of Hearst (specialized in mind control).

Cecil Willliams (Methodist Church, Black Panthers, gay agenda with Mattachine Society of Harry Hay, Patty Hearst media ritual) gave him a humanitarian award named after MLK.

In 1977 he participated in protests at the International Hotel in San Francisco and moved with 1200 members of the People's Temple to Guyana.

At Jonestown cult methods of slave labor, constant surveillance, sleep deprivation, sensory deprivation, control of sexuality, drugs like Thorazine, Demerol, Valium.

Larry Layton had worked with Andrija Puharich.

Jesuit Leo Ryan played a role in media campaign against Jones for abducting people (Pluto: Hades, cults, abduction, era of Manson trial and Patty Hearst trial). Jonestown was visited by Donald Freed (=Patty Hearst's cult leader Donald DeFreeze), who spread disinfo to frame the Jonestown massacre as a conspiracy of the CIA against Jones instead of a cult created by the CIA.

On 11/18/1978 900 members of his cult committed mass suicide by drinking Flavor Aid (in media reported as Koolaid, invented by Perkins S&B Heinz Kraft, kool aid kd= 411) with cyanide. Leo Ryan, Greg Robinson (San Francisco Examiner of Hearst) and Don Harris (NBC) were supposedly murdered.

The Jonestown massacre was a media ritual of Time, Newsweek,..

9 days later Harvey Milk was shot to cause the White Night riots.

1978 was the year Roman Polanski fled the US for raping a 13y old girl and the release of the Boys of Brazil with Gregory Peck.

Marlon Brando played a cult leader in Francis Ford Coppola's Apocalypse Now (1979).

William Sloane Coffin launched the phrase 'drink the Kool Aid'.

In 1998 Deborah Layton published Seductive Poison: A Jonestown Survivor's Story of Life and Death in the Peoples Temple.

A rap character of Hip Hop group the Diplomats (Roc-a-fella Records of Jay-z) was named after him, with purple=dissociation symbolism.

Astrological chart

born 5/13/1931, date Harvey Keitel, Stevie Wonder, Robert Pattinson, Dennis Rodman, Lena Dunham, d Doris Day.

Asc: Capricorn, mc: Libra. Dom: Aries (the Emperor), Capricorn, Taurus - Saturn, Venus, Mercury.

Houses 3, 7, 1. 3: Moon, Uranus, Venus in Aries, 7: Pluto and Jupiter in Cancer, 1: Saturn in Capricorn.

died 11/18/1978, date Henry Wallace, d Adam Weishaupt, Alan Moore, Kim Wilde, Owen Wilson.

the 911 Sharon Tate ritual

Charles Manson