Jehova's Witnesses

Jehova's Witnesses is a cult under influence of the God-YHVH program, founded in the 1870's by Christian Zionist Charles Taze Russell, who founded a group with Nelson Barbour in Pennsylvania. The Russell family is a British elite family (S&B, Earls of Tavistock). Like the Catholic Church, Mormon Church, freemasonry they are a branch of the Saturn cult (practice of pedophilia). John Dee developed the Enochian system with 4 watchtowers. Its belief in the Endtimes, Armageddon and 2nd coming of Jesus Christ is based on the Book of Revelation of the bible.  

Bertrand Russell worked with the Fabian Society.
Fritz Springmeier (book The Watchtower and the Masons) and Eugene Anderson are used as controlled opposition against the cult.

Celebrity members

- Coco Rocha (fashion industry)
- Damon Wayans
- Dave Mustaine (Megadeath, program Metal)
- Donald Glover (Edwards Air Force Base)
- Dwight Eisenhower (founded ARPA and NASA)
- Geri Halliwell (Spice Girls)
- George Benson
- Ja Rule (program Hip Hop)
- Janet Jackson
- Jill Scott
- Keenan Wayans
- Larry Graham (Sly and the Family Stone)
- Lou Whitaker
- Marlon Wayans
- Michael Jackson
- Michelle Rodriguez (gay-lesbian agenda, Lost)
- Naomi Campbell
- Patti Smith (program Punk Rock)
- Prince
- Selena
- Serena Williams (sport industry)
- Shawn Wayans
- Sherri Shepherd
- Terence Howard
- The Notorious BIG
- Venus Williams
- Xzibit


Michael Jackson