James Franco

James Franco is a mind controlled actor (Wizard of Oz programming), used in the Hollywod film industry to push the gay agenda, and play a role in the James Holmes phoenix ritual. He was educated at Columbia (Colonna). His brother is Dave Franco (Gemini, born 6/12, date Rosemary's Baby), actor in Now You See Me, married to actice Alison Bree. He is a friend of Crowley-fan Kenneth Anger (Lucifer Rising) and Marina Abramovic. His name Franco refers to jesuit pope Jorge Francis, the Emperor of the Roman Empire.

He went to Palo Alto School like Grace Slick of CIA band Jefferson Airplane, Ron McKernan and Bill Kreutzmann of The Grateful Dead, Kirk Wise (Disney), Ollie Johnston (Disney).

He was present at the funeral of Chris Cornell in 2017.

Astrological chart

born 4/19/1978 date Loyola became first jesuit leader in 1541, date Jayne Mansfield, d Charles Darwin, Ashley Judd, Kate Hudson, Tim Curry, Hayden Christensen, end of Golden Gate bridge, first day of sacrifice to Baal, Aries the emperor, year 8 Adjustment.

Asc: Scorpio (death, prince of cups), mc: Leo (lust). dom: Aries (the Emperor), Leo (lust), Scorpio (death) - Mars, Sun (christ horus=parsons), Pluto.

Houses 6, 9, 7. 1: Uranus (eccentric) in Scorpio, 2: Neptune (escapism) in Sagittarius, 6: Mercury and Sun in Aries, 7: Venus in Taurus, 8 (shadow): Lilith in Gemini, Jupiter in Cancer, 9: Mars in Leo, 11 (ambition): Moon in Virgo, 12: Pluto in Libra.


1999 Never Been Kissed (one eye) Drew Barrymore Jessica Alba David Arquette Leelee Sobieski John C Reilly
2001 James Dean (car crash, bisexual gay agenda)
2002 Spiderman as Harry=Harry (Horus) Osborne =Osiris, Willem Dafoe=William, the tower, dna mutation Tobey Maguire Kirsten Dunst Rosemary Harris
2002 Sonny Nicolas Cage Mena Suvari as prostitute Carol (Lewis Carroll Alice in Wonderland) Harry Dean Stanton (9/15 like Harry)
2002 Deuces Wild Balthazar Getty Stephen Dorff Debbie Harry (in Spun with Mena Suvari) Matt Dillon Fairuza Balk (Disney movie Return to Oz) music by Stewart Copeland (the Police, CIA agent Miles Copeland) MGM/UA
2003 The Company Malcolm McDowell
2005 The Ape (Harry Walker), looking up Virgo
2005 The Great Raid Sam Worthington
2006 Tristan and Isolde (zayin sword) Sophia Miles alim formula Rufus Sewell Mark Strong
2006 Flyboys (pilot like Chitty Chitty Bang Bang movie)
2007 Spiderman 3 (Peter Parker, Mary Jane Watson, about particle accelerator sandman silicon=sand)
2007 An American Crime Catherine Keener Elliot Page (transgender agenda)
2007 In the Valley of Elah Tommy Lee Jones Susan Sarandon Frances Fisher Charlize Theron Josh Brolin Zoe Kazan
2008 Camille (Silas Parker like Camilla Parker), red wig rubedo David Carradine
2008 Pineapple Express kundalini Neptune (addiction, escapism) in Sagittarius Seth Rogen
2008 Milk (Moloch Baal, gay agenda of San Francisco) Sean Penn written by Dustin Lance Black (Mormon Church)
2010 Howl (wolf, Allen Ginsberg, also Columbia and gay- pedophilia agenda, circle of Timothy Leary)
2010 Shadows and Lies (William)
2010 Love & Distrust Miles Segment: "Blue Poles" empire state building Robert Pattinson Amy Adams Robert Downey Jr Sam Worthington
2010 Date Night Steve Carrell Tina Fey Common Mark Ruffalo Mark Wahlberg Mila Kunis Kristen Wiig Wiliam Fichtner Gal Gadot jesuit Nick Kroll Leighton Meester as Katy
2010 127 hours (Scorpio:Death) Danny Boyle (directed the James Holmes London Olympic ritual), jupiter in cancer (the rock, chariot) Kate Mara vagina crevice, night of Pan, hand yod
2010 Eat Pray Love Elizabeth Gilbert Julia Roberts Billy Crudup Javier Bardem
2011 Your Highness, Neptune: escapism, addiction, Natalie Portman Danny McBride Justin Theroux
2011 Rise of Planet of the Apes (Will Rodman, Enki Toth monkey god, Genesis CERN alz 1112), Neptune (evolutionary destiny) in Sagitarius (Golden Gate) san Francis-co, announces the BLM protests and DNA manipulation during the Covid19 ritual. Andy Serkis John Lithgow jesuit Freida Pinto.
2011 Sal (gay agenda)
2011 Turn it Up EP with Kalup Linzy (gay agenda, worked with Diane von Furstenberg)
2012 My Own Private River Gus Van Sant Grace Zabriskie tribute to River Phoenix
2012 About Cherry (Francis) Heather Graham
2012 Maladies
2012 The Iceman Michael Shannon Winona Ryder
2012 Spring Breakers (pink sky poster) as Alien, based on Riff Raff (pluto: underworld) Harmony Korine Gucci Mane as Archie (name child Harry), Disney pop stars Vanessa Hudgens, Selena Gomez Rachel Korine Ashley Benton.

2012 The Letter Winona Ryder
2012 The Color of Time (orange) about CK Williams Mila Kunis Jessica Chastain
2013 Lovelace aug 9, Anthony Romano babalon as Hugh Hefner Playboy rabbit 42 Alice in Wonderland programming Amanda Seyfried as Linda Lovelace (Deep Throat) Sharon Stone Adam Brody (name husband Mansfield) Juno Temple Peter Sarsgaard Wes Bentley Eric Roberts
2013 Comedy Central Roast of James Franco Jonah Hill
2013 This is the End (year 21 the World) Jonah Hill Seth Rogen (Knocked Up with Katherine Heigl, in Suits with Meghan Markle) Emma Watson Danny McBride (in Apocalypse Now parody Tropic Thunder) Kevin Hart Jim Morrison Book of Revelation, end scene in heaven with Backstreet Boys, Luciferian illumination through sodomy
2013 Homefront (the Star, morgan) Winona Ryder Jason Statham
2013 Oz the Great (Wizard of Oz programming) st Peter square pope Francis, monkeys like Rise of Planet of the Apes Rachel Weisz Abigail Spencer (name Harry Spencer, born 8/4/1981 like Meghan Rachel Markle) Mila Kunis Michelle Williams (wife Heath Ledger)

2013 Third Person Liam Neeson Mila Kunis Olivia Wilde Adrien Brody Kim Basinger
2013 Homefront Jason Statham Winona Ryder Kate Bosworth Clancy Brown
2014 Veronica Mars Kristen Bell
2014 Dawn of Panet of the Apes (Hermetic Order Golden Dawn) broken bridge=DNA ladder
2014 Good People (007, with Kate Hudson)
2014 The Sound and the Fury Joey King
2014 The Interview Seth Rogen (rocket, Kim Jong Un, Pluto communism) Lizzy Caplan
2015 I Am Michael (gay agenda)
2015 11-22-63 (the JFK ritual) Daryl Hannah Zachary Quinto Emma Roberts novel of Stephen King
2015 Wild Horses the Hierophant Robert Duvall Josh Hartnett
2015 The Heyday of the Insensitive Bastards Natalie Portman Abigail Spencer Matthew Modine Kate Mara
2015 The Little Prince (fox), night before (looking up) Paul Rudd Rachel McAdams Marion Cotillard Jeff Bridges Benicio Del Toro Albert Brooks Paul Giamatti Ricky Gervais Mackenzie Foy
2015 Queen of the Desert, abyss queen of swords Nicole Kidman
2015 The Adderall Diaries Christian Slater Amber Heard Ed Harris Cynthia Nixon
2016 Goat, king cobra (gay agenda),
2016 Why Him the Lovers mother Megan Jonah Hill
2016 Sausage Party Seth Rogen Jonah Hill Kristen Wiig Paul Rudd jesuit Nick Kroll Edward Norton Salma Hayek
2016 King Cobra (gay agenda) Molly Ringwald Christian Slater Alicia Silverstone
2016 In Dubious Battle Lisa Vincent D'Onofrio Robert Duvall Ed Harris Selena Gomez Bryan Cranston Josh Hutcherson
2016 Angie Tribeca TBS Rashida Jones
2017 The Institute Tim Blake Nelson Eric Roberts Pamela Anderson about mind control experiments
2017 The Disaster Artist Dave Franco Sharon Stone Zac Efron Kristen Bell
2017 Alien Covenant (Alien name Franco's character in Spring Breakers) jesus at last supper
2017 The Vault
2017 The Deuce HBO series of David Simon Maggie Gyllenhaal
2017 The Mad Whale Summer Phoenix
2018 Future World (Baphomet) Snoop Dogg Lucy Liu Milla Jovovich
2018 The Ballad of Buster Scruggs Liam Neeson Tom Waits
2018 Kin Jack Reynor (Jack Parsons in Strange Angel) Zoe Kravitz
2019 Zeroville Seth Rogen Danny McBride Megan Fox Will Ferrell
2019 Arctic Dogs Jeremy Renner John Cleese Heidi Klum Anjelica Huston
2021 The Long Home Courtney Love


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