James Cameron

James Cameron is a mind controlled movie director of elite family Cameron (in alliance with Parsons), used in the Hollywood film industry, to announce the death of Diana, the 911 ritual and to push the AI transhumanist agenda, in worship of the Whore of Babylon (archetype Marjorie Cameron and Catherine). He was trained by Roger Corman. He married Katheryn Bigelow, director of The Hurt Locker and Dark Zero Thirty (propaganda about the catch-bad-guy-Osama farce in the 911 Twin Towers ritual). He spoke at a TED conference. He is a board member of Peter Diamandis' X Prize Foundation.

He was also married to Linda Carrol Hamilton, mother of a Christ child in T2.

Astrological chart

born 8/16/1954, date Madonna, death Elvis, Young Thug (Leo lust, year 6 the lovers).

Dominants: Leo, Libra, Pisces - Sun, Venus, Neptune.


1982 Piranha 2 the Spawning
1984 The Terminator (saturn black sun) Arnold Schwarzenegger robot programming, year birth prince Harry, Linda Hamilton Michael Biehn.
1986 Aliens
1989 The Abyss (the Abyss of Rev 911) Michael Biehn (Hiram) Ed Harris Mary Mastrantonio.
1991 Terminator 2 Arnold Schwarzenegger Edward Furlong (tunnel with Caution 911) Robert Patrick
1994 True Lies project Omega (reference to Aristotle Onassis, Alpha and Omega of Book of Revelation) Arnold Schwarzenegger Jamie Lee Curtis, references to Eyes Wide Shut, announces the 911 Twin Towers ritual.
1997 Titanic Leonardo di Caprio and Kate Winslet, as Jack and Rose (Jack Parsons and Marjorie Cameron, Dodi and Diana, later reborn as William and Catherine) Billy Zane David Warner Bill Pullman
2003 Ghosts of the Abyss, ref to 911
2005 Aliens of the Deep
2009 Avatar Zoe Saldana (in remake of Rosemary's Baby) Sam Worthington Sigourney Weaver Giovanni Ribisi Stephen Lang Michelle Rodriguez Dileep Rao
2022 Avatar 2
2023 Avatar 3


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