Jamaica is a Carribean island and country in Latin America (close to Cuba and Haiti), founded in 1962, by declaring its independance from the British Empire, with a population of 2,7 million people. Its capital and largest city is Kingston. It is a member of the United Nations. It is a dictatorship, ruled by the Jesuits.

It has the 119th largest GDP in the world. The majority of Jamaicans is Christian.

History of Jamaica

800 Taino people

1494 the Spanish reach Jamaica.

1655 the British Empire conquers Jamaica. Jamaican Maroons establish their own communities. Black slaves of the Atlantic slave trade are used in the coffee, cotton and sugar industry.

1728 first Maroon War.

1761 Stephen Morin establishes a Scottish Rite lodge in Kingston.

1831 Baptist War (slave rebellion).

1840s the British import Indian and Chinese slaves.

1850 the jesuits establish St George's College in Kingston.

1914 Marcus Garvey founds the Universal Negro Improvement Association and African Communities League.

1916 Garvey moves to the US, works with the KKK (also pro-racial segregation) in Atlanta.

1930 rise of the Ras Tafari movement, worship of Jah (the God program) and the King of Ethiopia Tafari Makonen (Hailie Selassie I) as Christ figure.

1935 Marcus Garvey moves to London.

1944 the British rule through a political puppetshow with the Jamaican Labour Party and the People's National Party.

1950 Norman Manley as pm.

1952 MI6 agent Ian Fleming starts writing James Bond novels at his Goldeneye resort.

1959 Chris Blackwell founds Island Records.

1960 the jesuits establish Campion College.

1961 opening of the Bank of Jamaica.

1962 independance from UK. First James Bond movie Dr No is filmed in Kingston with music by jesuit Byron Lee. Grace Jones is used in the fashion industry.

1967 Hugh Shearer (Howard University Washington) as pm.

1968 Toots and the Maytals single with the word reggae. Bob Marley is used to spread the reggae trend in the music industry (Ziggy and Stephen Marley trained by jesuits).

A media ritual in wich Hugh Shearer bans Guyanese historian and Black Power activist Walter Rodney leads to the Rodney riots and Black Power magazine Abeng (jesuit Trevor Munroe).

1970s Lee Scratch Perry plays a role in development of dub music. The Harder They Come with Jimmy Cliff, produced by Chris Blackwell (Island Records).

1978 One Love Peace Concert publicity stunt with Bob Marley, Michael Manley (LSE of Fabian Society) and Edward Seaga. Naomi Campbell is used as a 7y old girl in a Bob Marley music video.

1989 Island Records is sold to Polygram of the Bronfmans.

1992 PJ Patterson (LSE) as prime minister.

2007 jesuit Bruce Golding as pm. Shaggy collaborates with Sacha Baron Cohen.

2012 jesuit Ronald Thwaites (Quill and Dagger) as Minister of Education.

2013 the Ras Tafari movement promoted by Snoop Dogg and Vice. Usain Bolt is used in the sport industry.

Prime ministers

Norman Manley, Alexander Bustamente, Hugh Shearer, Michael Manley, Edward Seaga, PJ Patterson, Portia Simpson-Miller, jesuit Bruce Golding, Andrew Holness.



Bob Marley