Jacques Vallée

Jacques Fabrice Vallée  is a computer scientist, science fiction writer and CIA agent, used in Stargate Project of SRI, to work on DARPA project internet and to create an extraterrestrials-UFO religion (Greys worshiped as Lam). Jaques= Jack (Jack Parsons, known for his Babalon Workings). He was educated at the University of Paris. In 1963 he moved to Chicago in the US.

At Northwestern University astronomer Josef Allen Hynek (5/1/1910 - 4/27/1986, educated at University of Chicago, US Navy at Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory, the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory) was his mentor.

Hynek was a member of the Robertson Panel of CIA agent Howard Percy Robertson (Caltech, Princeton, APS, Vannevar Bush's National Defense Research Committee) with Marshall Chadwell (Project Artichoke), Luis Walter Alvarez (Nobel Prize in physics, Manhattan Project), Samuel Abraham Goudsmit, Thornton Page (Johns Hopkins Operations Research Office), supposedly to investigate the findings of Project Blue Book

He did research on AI and computer science. He worked for Royal Dutch Shell (House of Orange). He worked on the mapping of Mars for NASA

He worked for Peter Sturrock's Institute for Plasma Research.

From 1971 he worked under Douglas Englebert at Augmentation Research Center (ARC), which collaborated with Werner Erhard-Rosenberg (EST training). Engelbart was a member of the board of jesuit university St Clara and worked with Paul Baran of RAND Corporation. Bertram Raphael, a student of Marvin Minsky (Philips Academy) at MIT, also worked for ARC and sold ARC to Tymshare. Many ARC employees later worked for Xerox PARC.

From 1972 he succeeded Paul Baran on National Science Foundation and DARPA computer networking project ARPANET (early internet).

He was friend of Anton LaVey (Vallée=LaVey=Leviathan) of Church of Satan, Aimé Michel, Edgar Mitchell, Charles Musès (shamanism), Jack Sarfatti (FFG, Esalen Institute), Arthur Young and Ruth Forbes (Roundtable Foundation seances with Andrija Puharich, friends with Lee Harvey Oswald). He worked with geneticist Garry Nolan, who appeared in Steven Greer's Sirius Disclosure, supposedly investigating an alien fetus corpse with Emery Smith (Kirtland Air Force Base, Gaia, interviewed Randy Cramer) .

He worked on SRI's Stargate Project with Scientologist Harold Puthoff, Russell Targ, Ingo Swann, Uri Geller and Joseph McMoneagle.

He played a role in the transhumanist agenda of Silicon Valley (funding nanotechnology).

In 1977 he and Hynek were consultants of Steven Spielberg's Close Encounters of the Third Kind (Greys as benevolent beings) with Richard Dreyfus, François Truffaut (character based on Vallée), Bob Balaban, Lance Henriksen (guides the Antichrist in The Omen), Carl Weathers, of Columbia Pictures.

In 1978 he and Hynek were invited for a UFO speech at the UN General Assembly.

Hynek's The UFO Experience was published by Henry Regnery (American Security Council, America First Committee, books of Ezra Pound, William Buckley).

Hynek worked with  MUFON and Paul Bennewitz (APRO, Dulce base hoax) and appeared in Esotérisme Expérimentale Andrija Puharich (MK Ultra) Claude Vorillhon (Rael sex cult with swastika symbol), J Allen Hynek, Serge Monast (Project Blue Beam), Zecharia Sitchin, Paul Helleyer, Linda Moulton Howe (Stanford) Richard Dolan.

He was an associate of Robert Bigelow who bought Skinwalker Ranch. He was a guest on Coast to Coast AM and The Joe Rogan Show.

Astrological chart

born 9/24/1939, date F Scott Fitzgerald, Linda McCartney, Jim Henson.

Dom: Libra (Adjustment) - Venus, Neptune, Moon.

Venus, Sun, Mercury in Libra.

Bibliography and filmography

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Project Blue Book