Jacob Frank

Jacob Frank (Jacub Lejbowicz) was a Polish jewish kabbalist who saw himself as a reincarnation of Sabbatai Zevi, declared who declared himself the Antichrist/Jewish Messiah of the Book of Revelation in 1666 (Saturn the 666 is worshipped on the Sabbath) and gave rise to the Sabbatean movement, which spread across jews in Europe. In Constantinople, Zevi and his followers were forced to convert to Islam, were known as Dönmeh (converts, crypto-jews).

He was born in Podola (now Ukraine). Frank is an Ottoman nickname for Europeans.

For the jews, the apocalyptic prophecies of a Messiah were associated with the return to the land of Israel. Sabbataeans inverted all teachings of ascetism and preached a philosophy of redemption through sin (Satanism, orgies, incest, pedophilia, sacrifice) to hasten the biblical prophecy that claimed the Messiah would only come when all people would become good or all people would become bad. They rejected the Talmud and only accepted the Kabbalistic Zohar.

Mordekhai of Eisenstadt from Prague spread the movement in Poland. Jacob Querido, brother of Sabbatai's wife, became the leader of the Dönmeh in Thessaloniki Greece, led them on a pilgrimage to Mecca. Sabbataeism survived in Holland with Jacob Judah Templo, Petrus Serrarius, Solomon Ayllon, Nehemiah Hayyun, ..

He was active in Frankfurt, also the home of the Rothschild dynasty. He was in contact with the Donmeh in Turkey. Like Zevi was forced to convert to Islam, Frank pretended to conver to Christianity, while maintaining his religious belief of redemption through sin.

He arrived in Poland in 1755. His followers spread Frankism  and developed a cult of the Black Madonna, an inversion of the the Holy Mother, the Virgin Mary, The Virgin of Częstochwa, which Frankists associated with the Shekhinah. The cult of the Black Madonna is a form of a worship of the Divine Feminine, and in reference to the Qabalistic theory on the partzufim or 'countenances'. It thus blended well with the Sabbatian-Frankist movement with its sexual mysticism.

Kabbala Denudata of Christian Knorr von Rosenroth (1636-1689) was as source text for Sabbathaian kabbala (through Kenneth Mckenzie, the concept of the Red Dragon after the fall). The goal of the Adept is to ride upon the back of the Dragon, harness the forces of 'evil' and gain strength therefrom. This concept also has its equivalent in the Zoharic concept of 'The Rider of the Serpent' (Kundalini energy).

Frankists joined the Jacobin Club of jesuit trained mason Maximilien Robespierre in anticipation of the French Revolution, because they saw Napoleon as the new Messiah.

Jonathan Eybeschutz was accused by rabbi Ya'akov Emden of being a Sabbatean. According to rumors, his grandson was Moses Dobruska, a cousin of Jacob Frank, who founded the Asiatic Brethren in Vienna, a rosicrucian lodge with Ephraim Hirschfeld.
Napoleon had an illegitimate son with Marie Walewska, Alexandre Colonna-Walewski so the Bonaparte bloodline developed in a Polish branch.

He was supported by Maria Theresa Habsburg-Lorraine wife of Francis I (Order of the Garter, Grand Lodge of England). Maria Theresa worked with Illuminati-members Joseph von Sonnenfels and Ignaz von Born.

From 1765 he gained influence at the court of her son Josef II Habsburg (patron of Wolfgang Mozart). He was also in contact with Paul I of Russia (who revived the Order of Malta).

His daughter Eva Rachel Frank (with, according to Frank, Catherine the Great as mother), had an affair with Francis I (descendant of Frederick V and Elizabeth Stuart).

Bonnie Prince Charlie (Stuart) was related to Frank through the Sobieski family.

In 1772 mason Frederick the Great and Catherine the Great designed the 1st Partition of Poland (divided into parts of Russia, Austria and Prussia), which eventually resulted in the Pale of Settlement (restriction of movement for jews).

He lived in Brno (Bohemia, Czech Republic).

Scottish Rite freemasonry protected the Stuart bloodline of King James (Jacob in Latin, biblical patriarch Jacob).

Aleister Crowley declared himself Antichrist in the 20th century and expanded the knowledge of sex magic/sexual mysticism of the HOGD (Cecil agents).

Gershom Sholem, friend of Walter Benjamin (Frankfurt School) and Leo Strauss (German Zionism), wrote From Frankism to Jacobinism.

Louis Brandeis (Harvard, Supreme Court under Woodrow Wilson) was a Bohemian Frankist jew, who helped spreading the doctrine of the Luciferian Left Wing Church (Herbert Marcuse taught at Brandeis University).

Frankfurt was also the home of the Goldsmid banking family. Diana Spencer, related to the Stuarts and Goldsmids, represented the modern Virgin Mary. Meghan Rachel Markle married her son, Antichrist figure Harry Mountbatten. William V represents the king that ushers in the 5th kingdom of the Book of Revelation.

Beyoncé is used to play the role of Black Madonna in the music industry

The Sabbataeans are sometimes used by controlled opposition (Sacha Stone) to link them to the Illuminati distraction. Clifford Shack wrote The Sabbatean-Frankist Conspiracy Partially Exposed (Frank as influence on the Illuminati, culprits behind JFK murder,..).

Leelee Sobieski played in Eyes Wide Shut.

born in 1726.

died 12/10/1792, date d Otis Redding, Summer Phoenix.

Sabbatai Zevi