Jack Kerouac

Jack Kerouac  was a French-Canadian mind controlled  CIA occultist and propaganda writer, used in the Beatnik movement of the 50's (Greenwich Village, the Left Wing Church) to normalize alcohol addiction and to push the gay and pedophilia agenda, the Luciferian sodomy religion of Aleister Crowley.

He was educated at Horace Mann School (Roy Cohn, Rupert Murdoch's son James Murdoch, Rosemary's Baby writer Ira Levin, Charles Evans, James Schlesinger, Donald Newhouse, Paul Rapoport, OJ Simpson's lawyer Barry Scheck), Columbia University and at The New School in Greenwich Village.

He was a member of Phi Gamma Delta with owl and rose symbol (like Calvin Coolidge, Philip Knight of Nike, Donald Trump Jr, Mike Pence, jesuit Jim Gaffigan, Dermot Mulroney, Morgan Spurlock, John Ritter, Seth Meyers, William Jan Berry, Ralph Morgan, Dan Ownby of BSA, Norman Peale), also associated with sexual abuse.

He played the archetype of Horus like Jack Parsons.

He worked with other CIA agents William Burroughs, Allen Ginsberg, Lucien Carr (Philips Academy, United Press International), Neil Cassady (Merry Pranksters with Stewart Brand), Gregory Corso (ColonnaGreenwich Village), Lee Quarnstrom (Merry Prankster, Larry Flynt's Hustler),...

They produced art, used to orchestrate the moral crisis of nihilism, announced by Nietzsche, when brought back to an infantile state (Dada and surrealism, the Freudian Pleasure Principle). The Greenwich Village scene was similar to the OTO center Monte Verità in Switzerland (creation of art trend Dadaism).

His wife Edie Parker was a student of Dadaist George Grosz.

In 1950 Beatnik and alcoholic Bill Cannastra was decapitated a on Crowley's birthday 10/12. Kerouac started writing On the Road in Cannastra's loft.

He was a resident of Chelsea Hotel.

In 1957 he and Gregory Corso and Peter Ustinov visited William Burroughs in Tangiers Morocco. His novel On the Road (1957) describes the meeting between Ginsberg and Neil Cassidy.

In 1958 he wrote The Dharma Burns (concept of buddhism).

In 1959 he released Poetry for the Beat Generation, accompanied by Steve Allen (The Tonight Show of NBC) with a poem about Charlie Parker.

In 1962 he wrote Big Sur.

He lived with Gary Snyder who was affiliated with CIA front Esalen Institute and in 1967 participated in the Human Be-In in CIA controlled Haight-Ashbury with Timothy Leary, Lenore Kandel (The New School, Kenneth Anger movie with Anton LaVey), Jerry Rubin (YIP with Paul Krassner), Richard Alpert, Michael McClure, Dick Gregory (Civil Rights MovementPlayboy Club), Allen Ginsberg,..

His daughter Janet Kerouac was mind controlled with heroin from age 13 and formed a Beatles tribute band with Charlotte Rosenthal and Bibbe Hansen, whose father was associated with Andy Warhol, Yoko Ono, John Cage and the Fluxus movement. Hansen appeared in a Roger Corman and Brian De Palma movie, pushed the gay-transgender agenda with Vaginal Davis and was the mother of Beck, mind controlled with Scientology. Beck married Marissa Ribisi, twin sister of Giovanni Ribisi, both also Scientologist.

His biographer Gerald Nicosia worked for San Francisco Chronicle of Hearst. His biographer Barry Miles wrote the biography of John Lennon, Frank Zappa, William S Burroughs and had a gallery with the ex-husband of Marianne Faithfull.

Hank in Naked Lunch of David Cronenberg is based on Kerouac.

In American Road (2011) Sean Stone played Kerouoac.

Amy Adams played Joan Vollmer in On the Road (2012) with Garrett Hedlund, Scientologist Elizabeth Moss, Kristen Stewart, Kirsten Dunst and Viggo Mortensen.


Astrological chart

born 3/12/1922, date Mitt Romney, Aaron Eckhart, Gianni Agnelli, Pete Doherty, Liza Minelli, novel Rosemary's Baby, d Owsley Stanley, debut album Velvet Underground.

Asc: Virgo, mc: Gemini. Dom: Virgo (the Hermit), Pisces, Sagittarius - Moon, Mars, Mercury.

Houses 1, 6, 7. 1: Moon in Virgo, Saturn in Libra, 6: Uranus in Pisces, Mercury in Aquarius, 7: Sun, Lilith, Venus in Pisces. 10: Pluto in Cancer.

died 10/21/1969, (age 47, Crowley was born 10/12, died in '47) date Carrie Fisher, Ken Watanabe, Kim Kardashian, Amber Rose, year of he 911 Sharon Tate ritual, Abbey Road album, arrest of Charles Manson on 10/12.

the Gay and Transgender Church