Islam ('submission') is a Saturn-Moon cult founded in Saoudi Arabia as a worship of God/Allah/YHVH (phallic worship, jealous, dominant masculine energy), aimed at activating the pineal gland through intense fasting, praying and sleep deprivation. While Christianity is a solar religion, Islam is a lunar religion (Lunar calendar).

Like Christianity it is aimed at enslaving and suppressing the feminine (veiling). It is used for indoctrination in Turkey, Iraq, Iran, Saoudi Arabia, Morocco, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Egypt, Syria, United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, Nigeria, ..

Hermeticism (the cult of Mercury, teachings of 7 chakra's) was taught at the House of Wisdom in Baghdad (Al-Khwarizmi). The Ismali shared gnostic knowledge with the Knights Templar (cult of sodomy, worship of Baphomet).

The Kabaa, the black cube of Saturn, is worshipped in Judaism as Kabbalism.

The Quran, like the Torah and Bible, tells the story of a holy bloodline and holy prophet (figure of Adam=Sumerian Adamu, Muhammed as descendant of Abraham-Ibrahim), that is to be taken literal by its followers. The cave of Hira near Mecca is worshipped as the place where Muhammed received his revelations. The site of Mecca and islamic art is based on sacred geometry.

The Quran tells how Muhammed had relationships with young girls (religion designed by an elite of pedophiles). The taboo in Sumer of depicting the 'Gods' persisted in Islam where nobody is allowed to depict the prophet.

The Quran acknowledges the existence of evil spirits as Jinn and names Satan as a Jinn.

Islam became the dominant religion of the Rashidun Caliphate. The Ummayad Caliphate conquered North Africa and Spain. In Islam there is internal division between Sufi's and the 90% majority of Sunni's.

The House of Saud was advised by British agent St John Philby.

The Iranian Pahlavi dynasty=the Italian Pallavicini dynasty with two headed eagle symbol as coat of arms. Sadruddin Aga Khan and Nasser David Kahlili (papal Order of St Sylvester) are puppets of the Catholic Church.

Mufti Al Husseini was an ally of Adolf Hitler.

Wallace Fard Muhammed founded the Nation of Islam in Detroit, aimed at black communities, used in program Hip Hop. In NY Elijah Muhammed and Malcolm X used islam to indoctrinate members of the Black Church.

From the 60's muslims were allowed to emigrate to Europe to be used as pawns in a replacement policy (Multiculti Agenda of the Left Wing Church). They were put in Saturnian boxes in the suburbs to create a divided society (Saturn: duality of black/white).

In the Netherlands Theo Van Gogh, Pim Fortuyn and Geert Wilders (Gatestone Institute, Pegida) were used to create tension between muslims and Europeans.

The media industry orchestrated the Isis ritual (fake attack on Charlie Hebdo) to create more chaos, division and diversion of the Right Wing Church.