Ishtar (Inanna) was a goddess in Sumer (later Babylon) during the Uruk period, Akkadia and Assyria, based on Egyptian goddess Isis, identified with dog star Sirius, a star that represents the feminine energy of the Milkyway galaxy, while her husband Osiris represents the masculine energy of Orion.  In Ugarit (Syria) she was Ashtart and in Phoenicia Astarte/Ashera, consort of Baal, worshiped with 8 pointed star of Venus and its 8 year cycle through  sacrifice (sacred Ra -fire and ice). She appears in the Epic of Gilgamesh as unleashing the Bull of Heaven (Taurus). Like Isis, she was a goddess who traveled through the underworld (tradition of priestess accessing the subconscious through meditation).

As part of a 3 part takeover, the divine feminine energy of Sirius and mother Earth was inverted by the Saturn cult into worship and sacrifice to Saturn (rings of ice) and the moon with sacred geometry symbolism and witchcraft. As a creator goddess who created everything, Isis is associated with phi (1,618=ISIS) and golden ratio.

In Babylon Ishtar was worshiped in a fertility cult (easter eggs, rabbits) through sacred prostitution (archetype of Whore of Babylon).

Nebuchadnezzar II built the Ishtar Gate with Marduk's dragon Mushussu, bull and lions to celebrate New Year during Nisan.

In Christianity Isis (Virgo)/ Arya became Maria (Virgin Mary). Jesus Christ represented the Fisher King, while the sun was in Pisces (Isis, Vesica Pisces fish symbol). The crescest moon is worshipped in is(is)lam with the lunar calendar. In Christianity and Islam women were veiled to mimic Isis the Black Widow and treated like dogs. The Kabba in Islam has golden ratio proportions.

The Catholic Church built the St Peter's basilica in Rome with the dome as the cup of Isis and obelisk as phallus of Osiris-Baal (male and feminine in union).

The Babylonian bloodlines conquered Britain (winged lioness on tapestry of Bayeux, Inanna with lion=>goddess Britannia) with the 8 pointed star in its flag, the Union Jack..

In freemasonry the death-rebirth mystery of Osiris and Dionysus became the murder mystery of Hiram Abiff (Hiram was Phoenician King of Tyre on the 33d parallel). The masonic pillars represent Osiris and Isis. Sirius the Blazing or Eastern Star is the end goal of the masonic journey. The jesuit logo IHS means Isis Horus Set. Leonardo Da Vinci's Mona Lisa represents Amon El Isa (Isis).

The Dollar sign $ = the doll Osiris resurrected by Isis, the foundation of the mo(o)ney system. The Statue of Liberty is Isis released from the underworld. The House of Chigi has the 8 pointed star on its coat of arms.

Helena Blavatsky of the Theosophical Society wrote Isis Unveiled. The Ordo Templi Orientis worships the Eastern Star with vesica pisces logo. Moina Mathers (wife of Samuel McGregor Mathers of HOGD) performed the Rites of Isis. Kenneth Grant founded the New Isis Lodge. Arisophist Jörg Lanz von Liebenfels founded Ostara magazine. In Thelema Ishtar became Babalon.

Theosophist Frank Baum wrote the Wizard of Oz (Osiris) with the Good Witch and Wicked Witch as White and Black Isis. Alice in Wonderland of Lewis Carroll represents (Al/El) Isis going to the underworld. The white and red queen represent ice and fire, winter (Capricorn - Queen of Disks) and summer (Cancer - Queen of Hearts), the Good Witch and the Wicked Witch.

The United Nations (UN: Egyptian name of the sun) has the 8 pointed star in its logo.

Playboy and its white rabbit logo is a modern fertility cult of Isis/Ishtar.

Apple created the Lisa (Isis) computer to replace the organic feminine with the digital. Taiwanese technology company Asus represents Isis.

The Diana ritual (Isis=moon goddess Diana) represented Isis going to the underworld (torch symbol as her memorial).

Rihanna has a tattoo of Isis under her breasts.

The war in Syria (=Sirius, the Isis ritual) with jesuit John Allen was modern day worship of Isis.