Iron Man

Iron Man is a superhero created in 1963 (year of JFK ritual) by Stan Lee, Larry Lieber and Jack Kirby of Marvel Comics. Iron Man represents Mars (iron), the Horus archetype (the Lords of Mars, race of giants with extraordinary strength and technology, Jack Marvel Parsons who created JPL/NASA, Howard Hughes of Hughes Aircraft and RKO, Donald Trump, Elon Musk of Tesla, SpaceX) in the Aeon of Horus. In Iron Man mythology Tony Starks, son of Howard Stark who worked on a Super Soldier Serum, was trained as a boy at MIT and is CEO of Stark Industries and member of the Avengers. His parents died in a car crash like William's mother Diana.

He marries Virginia 'Pepper' Potts (the virgin Athena, devil's pepper in Rosemary's Baby, artificial robot Pepper).  His suit is powered by a core of palladium named after Athena Pallas).  Loki uses the tesseract (4D hypercube) of Erik Selvig (friend of Bruce Banner and Jane Foster=Crowley's scarlett woman Jeanne Robert Foster) to open a dimensional portal above NY (like Crowley's Amalantrah Working). Stark=space-time ark, like Times Square. He raids a Hydra facility of Wolfgang von Strucker (based on nazi Josef Mengele and his research on twins).

Like Bruce Wayne, Iron Man contains references to Robert F Kennedy's son David Kennedy (Robert like Jeanne Robert Foster, Robert Downey Jr). Iron Man is a character in The New Avengers Illuminati.

Ghostface Killah (Wu Tang Clan=WTC) was programmed with Iron Man.

The concept of a  super soldier was introduced by Parsons' friend Robert Heinlein in Starship Troopers (adapted into a film by Jon Davison of Roger Corman's New World Pictures), mythology of the Hulk, The Bourne Identity and in The Horus Heresy and Warhammer 40.000. Jon Ronson (disinfo about Stanford's Stargate Project), Project Camelot and Bases Project (Max Spears, James Casbolt) spread disinfo about secret projects to create super soldiers.

In sex magic, the mixture of female sexual fluids and semen produced in the sexual act with the Scarlet Woman or Babalon is called the Elixir of Life (the mixture of menstrual blood and semen is called the Elixir Rubeus), consumed through Cakes of Light in the Mass of the Phoenix.

AI robots (mutant race, brain-computer interfaces) are also announced in Pacific Rim and Elysium.

1994 Iron Man animation series James Avery (Fresh Prince of Bel Air) Dorian Harewood (Full Metal Jacket) Jim Cummings (Winnie the Pooh) Avi Arad (Holocaust family, Toy Biz with Trump's friend Isaac Perlmutter), announced the fake attack on The Pentagon and Twin Towers (the 911 Twin Towers ritual).

The armor suit is the charioteer of The Chariot (cancer ruled by the moon).

2008 Iron Man Robert Downey Jr (4/4 like Heath Ledger, nr of Mass of the Phoenix, Sherlock Holmes of AC Doyle) as Tony Stark / Iron Man with Gwyneth Paltrow (daughter of Blythe Danner who pushed the AI agenda in Futureworld, in Seven also about Jack Parsons, 4/14 Dodi Fayed) as Pepper Potts Paul Bettany Jeff Bridges (the Tower card) breaking of the heart, Terrence 'Howard'. cameo of Elon Musk, whose wife played in Bloodshot about rebirth with artificial heart. Jon Favreau (friend of Monica in Friends)

2010 Iron Man 2 Tony Stark / Iron Man Mickey Rourke (born in Shenectady, where Jeanne Robert Foster lived) as Vanko, faked death like Blackwood in Sherlock Holmes, Sam Rockwell Scarlett Johansson (Scarlett Woman) as Natasha Romanoff (Black Widow=spider programming)

2011 Captain America First Avenger (super soldier project infiltrated by nazi's) Chris Evans Dominic Cooper as Howard Stark end scene at Times Square Hugo Weaving (Smith in The Matrix) as Johan Schmidt/Red Skull
2012 The Avengers (AV Star of David symbolism, A atom bomb logo, Project Artichoke, revenge of the Fallen Angels) Tony Stark / Iron Man  about tesseract wormhole (Parsons devils gate Arreyo Seco) Mark Ruffalo Scarlett Johansson Samuel L Jackson Paul Bettany Chris Evans Stellan Skarsgard Chris Hemsworth Jeremy Renner (super soldier in The Bourne Identity) Harry Dean Stanton Disney
2013 Iron Man 3 Tony Stark / Iron Man Ben Kingsley as the Mandarin fake terrorist cult like Patty Hearst media ritual Guy Pearce (Weyland Corporation in Prometheus)
2015 Avengers: Age of Ultron Tony Stark / Iron Man Haley Atwell (Mission Impossible) James Spader as Ultron Joss Whedon (grandson of John Wedon who worked on The Donna Reed Show) Kevin Feige
2016 Captain America : Civil War (about mind control project) blue vs red star (Marvel Universe, Jack Marvel Parsons) Disney Russo brothers
2018 Avengers Infinity War Josh Brolin as Thanos
2019 Avengers Endgame Chris Evans Mark Ruffalo Michelle Pfeiffer Chris Hemsworth Don Cheadle Paul Rudd Bradley Cooper Gwyneth Paltrow Josh Brolin Benedict Cumberbatch

The concept of a tesseract was introduced in 1888 by Charles Howard Hinton. His idea's influenced George Gurdjieff's student PD Ouspensky. Hinton appears in Crowley's novel Moonchild.

It is also a plot element in Interstellar (Nathan Crowley, Kip Thorne of Caltech like Parsons), similar to Contact with Jodie Foster. Jodie Foster also played in Elysium (exoskeleton like Iron Man).

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