Ireland is a European country founded in 1919. It has a population of 6,6 million people. It is governed by the Jesuits. Its most populous city and capital is Dublin. It is divided into the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland (UK). It is a member of the European Union and the United Nations.

History of Ireland

4000 bc The first settlers (druid culture), the Aryan descendants of Atlantis, the Milesians and the Tuatha de Danan (the Danites, Tribe of Dan with serpent symbol), migrate from west to east, become the Irish.

They worship the mother goddess Tara/Arya and build monolithic monuments like Newgrange (shape of womb/breast, the Boyne as earthly representation of the Milkyway), dolmen grave monuments and phallic pillar stones (Dromberg, stones with the Ogham script and the Stone of Destiny).

In Greece, the Aryan mother goddess becomes Hera, the wife of Zeus.

134 Roman Emperor Hadrian conquers Britain and builds a wall that divides Britain from Scotland. The Normans conquer Britain in the Battle of Hastings.

The Aryan mother goddess Arya, becomes mother M-ary/Maria in Christianity.

800 Book of Kells (4 Gospels=4 cardinal signs, 4 elements).

After the War of the Roses, the House of Plantagenet (Lancaster and York) is succeeded by the House of Tudor (Henry VII, member of the Order of the Golden Fleece).

Elizabeth I is controlled by William Cecil (brother-in-law of Francis Bacon, secret service of Francis Walsingham with occultist John Dee).

1592 Elizabeth I founds Trinity College in Dublin.

John Dee orchestrates the Frederick and Elizabeth wedding (mixing of the Brunswick-Luneburg bloodline with the Stuart bloodline), rise of the German House of Hanover.

1690 Battle of the Boyne ritual with protestant William III (dutch House of Orange) who deposes catholic James II after the Glorious Revolution. William's protestant reforms lead to the creation of the Bank of England.

From Britain the Industrial Revolution spreads. The Templar banks of the City of London becomes the Bank of England with the Rothschilds as Vatican bankers.

The green man of the Aryans (Osiris) becomes St Patrick. The Irish-Scottish clans Kennedy and McMahon migrate to the US.

George Sackville, son of the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, is a member of the Lodge of Ireland.

George I is succeeded by George II, George III, George IV and William IV.

1798 United Irish Uprising.

1801 Act of Union, Ireland becomes part of the UK. Edmund Rice founds the Christian Brothers.

1803 Irish Rebellion.

1814 the jesuits found Clongowes Wood College.

1842 jesuit Robert d'Alton Williams publishes in The Nation.

1845 John Russell, George Villiers, jesuit Thomas Meager and Patrick James Smyth play a role in the Great Famine, forcing Irish to emigrate to the US (Irish communities in NY) and to fight in the Irish Brigade during  the American Civil War.

1887 Irish writers/occultists WB Yeats, Maud Gonne, Sara Allgood, John Todhunter and Bram Stoker join the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, with Aleister Crowley as prophet of the Aeon of Horus. Yeats is also a member of the Ghost Club, SPR and Theosophical Society, and friend of Stephen Spender (CCF). Oscar Wilde is used in the gay-pedophilia agenda.

1901 Yeats helps founding the Abbey Theatre in Dublin.

1905 Arthur Griffith founds political party Sinn Féin.

1916 Easter Rising with Cathal Brugha, jesuits Thomas Plunkett, Michael O'Rahily.

George Bernard Shaw is used in the Fabian Society. James Connolly helps spreading socialism in Ireland.

1920 Bloody Sunday in Dublin, the IRA of Michael Collins assassinates British agents of the Cairo Gang.

1922 Jesuit trained James Joyce publishes Ulysses (based on the Odyssey of Homer).

1918 election ritual with Sinn Féin.

1922 Irish Free State.

After the WW1 and WW2 ritual, the Left Wing Church and Multiculturalism becomes the official doctrine of the UN world state. The British Empire presents itself as the moral victor, as the Light that defeated the Dark powers.

Samuel Beckett (nihilism in art) works with the Tavistock Institute.

1972 Ireland becomes a member of the European Union.

Jesuit trained manager Paul McGuiness manages pop group U2 (Bono). Jesuit Terry Wogan works for the BBC and launches the career of David Icke.

Jesuit Michael O'Leary founds Ryanair. Jesuits Patrick Costello, Ciaran Cuffe, Eamon Ryan and Ossian Smyth play the role of political puppets in the Green Party.

Colin Farrell and Cillian Murphy are used in the Hollywood film industry. Jesuit Jack Reynor plays Jack Parsons in CBS series Strange Angel.

1993 Jesuit Peter Sutherland becomes Director-General of the WTO.

1995 Sutherland as chairman of Goldman Sachs

2007 Sutherland is used to push the multiculti agenda of the UN under Kofi Annan.

2020 the Corona ritual, in anticipation of coronation of king William V.


British monarchs Henry VIII (Order of the Golden Fleece), Elizabeth I, Charles I, II, James II, William III, Anne, George I, II, III, IV, Cathal Brugha, Eamon de Valera, Arthur Griffith (The United Irishman with William Rooney), Michael Collins (IRA), Douglas Hyde, Sean O'Kelly, Eamon de Valera, Patrick Hillery, Mary Robinson (UN, connected to Grand Lodge of Ireland), Mary McAleese (jesuit), Michael Higgins.

Controlled opposition

- Michael Tsarion

- Bases Project (Miles Johnson)


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