Iran is an Islamic country established as a republic in 1979. It has a population of 85 million people. It is governed by the Jesuits. Its most populous city and capital is Teheran. It was ruled by the Ottoman Empire. It is a dictatorship with no free press, based on violence, imprisonment, censorship and dogmatic religious indoctrination (the God program). It is a member of the United Nations and OPEC.

History of Iran

1600 bc Aryans (Cimmerians, Scythians) reach Iran.

1000 bc Assyrian Empire.

670 bc Medean Empire. Rise of Zoroastrianism.

600 bc Cyrus the Great founds the Achaemenid Empire.

300 bc Parthian Empire.

224 Sasanian Empire.

663 Muslims conquer Persia, decline of Zoroastrianism.

934 Buyid dynasty.

1736 Afsharid dynasty.

1851 founding of Dar al-Funun, first modern university.

1870 Great Persian Famine.

1907 Sublime State of Iran Qajar Empire. Mozzafar ad-Din Qajar approves Iranian constitution.

1908 discovery of a large oil field in Iran, founding of the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company with William Knox d'Arcy as first director.

1917 Persian famine.

1925 Pahlavi dynasty (Italian Pallavicini family with double headed eagle symbol), process of Persianisation (creating a unified state with one culture).

1943 Teheran Conference with Joseph Stalin, Franklin Roosevelt and Winston Churchill.

1951 Mohammed Mossadegh as pm and national hero who nationalised the petroleum industry. Minister of Foreign Affairs Ardeshir Zamedi attends Le Cercle.

1953 CIA coup (Kermit Roosevelt and Miles Copeland), overthrow of Mohammed Mossadegh, the imperialist US as Devil figure in Iranian propaganda. CIA helps founding secret police SAVAK. The Anglo-Iranian Oil Company becomes British Petroleum.

1961 Fahra Pahlavi (related to Mercedes Bass, shareholder of Disney). industrialisation with Mahmoud Khayami (papal Order of St Sylvester, Iranian car industry in allliance with UK).

1966 Sadruddin Aga Khan (Harvard, Phi Beta Kappa, papal Order of St Sylvester) as UN High Commissioner for Refugees. Aly Kahn married Rita Hayworth.

1979 Iranian Revolution. jesuit Sadegh Ghotbzadeh as assistent of Ayatollah Khomeini. global media ritual with hostages at the US embassey (Scroll and Key member Cyrus Vance, topic of Hollywood movie Argo). Marc Rich (Glencore) can buy oil despite the US embargo through Asadollah Asgaroladi (Islamic Coalition Party).

1980 President of Iraq Saddam Hussein (Baath party of Fabian Michel Aflaq) invades Iran.

1983 Saddam Hussein meets with jesuit Donald Rumsfeld during the Iran-Iraq war.

1985 Iran-contra affair (arm dealer Adnan Khashoggi).

Prince Rahim Aga Khan was trained at Philips Academy and married Kendra Spears (friend of Diane von F├╝rstenberg). Jesuit Noor Pahlavi appeared in HarperBazaar of Hearst.

2019 self-immolation of Sahar Khodayari.

2021 Ebrahim Raisi as new president, more censorship.

Prime ministers

Najaf-Qoli Samsam al-Saltaneh, mason Mohammad-Ali Ala al-Saltaneh, Mostowfi ol-Mamalek (2nd cousin of Mossadegh), Hassan Pirnia (Order of St Michael and St George), Ahmad Qavam, Reza Shah Pahlavi, Mohammad Ali Foroughi, Haji Ali Razmara, Mohammed Mossadegh, Faziollah Zahedi (Zand dynasty, related to Mossadegh, Reza Pahlavi as Superior), Hossein Ala, Manouchehr Eghbal, Ali Amini, Asadollah Alam, Amir-Abbas Hoveyda, Jamshmid Amouzegar, Mir-Hossein Mousavi.(Foreign Minister Firouz Nosrat-ed-Dowleh trained at Le Rosey).


Abolhassan Banisadr, Ali Khamenei, Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, Mohammad Kathami, Mahmoud Ahmadinedjad, Hassan Rouhani, Ebrahim Raisi.