Iran-Contra affair

The Iran-Contra affair was a media ritual of the news industry (Time magazine), during the presidency of Ronald Reagan, that lasted from 1985 to 1987.

1985 was year 15 the Devil, 22 years after the JFK ritual. Pluto (dark secrets, communism, crashes) was in Scorpio (lies, betrayal). The US supplied arms to Khomeini government of Iran (Pahlavi-Pallavicini dynasty), despite a weapon embargo, to fund the Contra's in Nicaragua. The embargo started after Iranian students took 52 Americans hostage (Pluto: abduction, Cyrus Vance Scroll and Key, married to Grace Elsie Sloane, subject of movie Argo =Neptune cinema in Capricorn) and Ronald Reagan claimed to continue the same policy (Scorpio: lies and betrayal).

Main actors

- Oliver North (World Anti-Communist League, on the cover of Time magazine, defended by the ACLU)

- Knight of Malta and Hollywood actor Ronald Reagan

- Michael Ledeen (National Security Council, CSIS, Le Cercle, Committee for the Free World, American Enterprise Institute)

- the communist Sandanistas (in the 20's negotiations with Henry Stimson S&B). Sandino's half-brother lived in NY, backed by Communist Party of USA. Nicaragua was under control of jesuits like Fernando Cardenal (the Sandinista Liberation Front saw the imperialistic US as devil). He was Minister of Education from 1984. Jesuit Paul Kantner of Haight-Ashbury group Jefferson Airplane visited Nicaragua in the 80's.

The Contra's were compared to Founding Fathers of America (Reagan's anti-communist doctrine), advised by Richard Allen (CFR, Le Cercle), Richard Armitage (Le Cercle, Iran Contra's) James Theberge (US ambassador to Chile and Nicaragua, Atlantic Council, Narcotics Control Commission under Reagan) supported by PRODEMCA and the American Conservative Union of William F Buckley Jr. They were funded through the cocain trade. Lebanese newspaper Al-Shiraa started the Iran Contra affair, after a supposed plane crash (Pluto: plane crashes).

- jesuit Daniel Sheehan and his Christic Institute filing a law suit after the La Penca bombing.

- Robert McFarlane (Committee on the Present Danger), the National Security advisor of Reagan, who worked with jesuit Henry Kissinger. McFarlane was replaced by John Poindexter (DARPA Information Awareness Office). McFarlane later became advisor of John McCain (WACL) and wrote for The Washington Times (Unification Church).

- Elliott Abrams (LSE, Harvard, Reagan administration, Bush administration, war Iraq, Trump administration, jesuit school Georgetown, CFR, Gatestone Institute, married to the daughter of Midge Rosenthal Decter)

- Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger (CFR, TC, Bechtel Corporation, Forbes magazine, Ford administration) with Knight of Malta Frank Carlucci as deputy.

- The Tower Commission of John Tower (trained at LSE), Edmund Muskie, Brent Scowcroft (Mormon Church, Atlantic Council, CSIS, CFR, TC, Inter-American Dialogue, friend of Bush family), it was established in 1986, year 16 the Tower. It focused on arm dealer Adnan Kashoggi (yaght to Donald Trump, related to Dodi Fayed).

- jesuit John Forbes Kerry (S&B) 1988 US Senate Committee on Foreign Relations.

- jesuit Robert Gates

- journalist Robert Parry (Newsweek and Associated Press), brought the story of CIA's involvement in cocain trade into public consciousness. Terry Reed published Compromised: Clinton, Bush and the CIA in 1994 and made film Mena Connection in 1995. In 1996 jesuit Jerome Ceppos (Mercury News) published Gary Webb's 'Dark Alliance' CIA smuggled cocain and caused the crack cocain epidemic, Ricky Ross, Oscar Danilo Blandon. It was given extra press by Robert Parry, Dianne Feinstein (CFR, TC), Maxine Waters and The NY Times.

The book was used to cause outrage in African-American communities in South Central (used by Jay-z, mythology of American Dream rags-to-riches story of succesfull black drug dealers as hero/police as hypocritical, Ricky Ross sued Rick Ross and Jay-z as president of Def Jam). In the late 80's the media focused on Gangster Rap (N.W.A., Dr Dre, Ice-T,..). Webb wrote an autobiography with Cathy Scott (LA Times, The NY Times). The story of Gary Webb was made into Hollywood movie Kill the Messenger (Mercury the messenger) with Jeremy Renner and Andy Garcia.

The media ritual was closed when actor Ronald Reagan adressed the nation in a tv speech on 3/4/1987. At the end of the docosade the Berlin wall was demolished, west and east united (Aeon).

Misleading books on Iran Contra affair

Celerino Castillo Powder Burns Cocain Contras and the Drug War.
Peter Dale Scott The Iran Contra Connections: Secret Teams and Covert Operations in the Reagan Era 1987.

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