Incest is the practice of sexual relationships with family members, practiced for thousand of years by elite families of the Saturn cult, obsessed with pedophilia (feeding off the energy of children) and keeping their hybrid reptilian bloodline (Orion group) 'pure' through inbreeding (eugenics of eliminating undesirable traits), leading to degeneration (genetic disorders). The secret tradition was passed on through the kings of Sumeria, pharao's of Egypt, rosicrucianism (rose as metaphor for the anus) and freemasonry.

1400 bc Akhenaten (Moses) illumination (activation of the pineal gland) through sodomy. Tutankhamon married his niece.

The Aten cult becomes the secret  tradition in Judaism (veiled symbolism in the Bible, the Curse of Cain,  Sodom and Gomorrah). The letters of YHVH represent the father, mother, son and daughter.

Babylon worship of Whore of Babylon, sacred prostitution. Persian tradition of Zoroastrianism (reported by Strabo, influence on jews in Babylon).

400 bc Sophocles Dionysian tragedy Oedipus, Antigone, Elektra,.. Spartan king Leonidas was married to his niece.

51 bc Cleopatra ('father loving') as queen of Egypt.  Nordic tradition.

1200s Zohar. In judaism a child born out of incest, like the child of David and Bathsheba,  is called a mamzer (zar: strange, Moses is called a 'stranger in a strange land').

1400s Habsburg dynasty, continuous inbreeding leads to deformations like the Habsburg jaw.

1599 beheading of Beatrice Cenci.

1600s  rosicrucian (rose as metaphor for the anus) manifesto's.

1666 Sabbatean jews, sexual immorality to quicken the Endtimes. Rosicrucianism becomes freemasonry.

1700s extinction of Habsburg bloodline. After the death of Charles II (Order of the Golden Fleece), the Spanish Succession War erupts. After the Spanish War of Succession, Philip V Bourbon becomes the new King of Spain and marries Elizabeth Farnese. Josef Ernst Fürstenberg fights in the Austrian War of Succession.

Frankism of Jacob Frank.

1776 founding of the Illuminati (illumination through sodomy). Marquis de Sade, Frankists of Jacobin Club support Napoléon who marries Marie Habsburg. masonic slaying of the king (father) ritual.

1800s Theosophist research on hypnosis and dissociation.

1820 Percy Shelly's play about Beatrice Cenci. polygamy and incest in the Mormon Church.

1895 founding of sex magic cult Ordo Templi Orientis.

1900s psychoanalysis of Sigmund Freud (Otto Gross, Melanie Klein, Ernest Jones) who 'trains' his daughter Anna Freud, alchemy of Carl Jung, mind control research of secret services, the fake Feminist movement and the fake Sexual Revolution,..

Monte Verità community in Switzerland. Greek pedophilia religion, Wandervogel group of Hans Blüher.

1913 British Society for the Study of Sex Psychology of Havelock Ellis, Margaret Sanger, Magnus Hirschfeld (World League for Sexual Reform with Bertrand Russell), Stella Browne (Abortion Law Reform Association), catholic priest Montague Summers (friend of MI6 agents Aleister Crowley and Dennis Wheatley, books on witchcraft), Edward Carpenter (Socialist League), George Cecil Ives (friend of Oscar Wilde), Laurence Hausman (Humanists UK), neurologist and psychoanalist Ernest Jones (friend and biographer of Sigmund Freud) and Fabian GB Shaw. Ellis gave peyote (mescaline) to WB Yeats of the HOGD.

1924 surrealism with André Breton and Georges Bataille. work of sociologist Edvard Westermarck.

1927 Oedipus Rex opera music by Igor Stravinsky libretto by Jean Cocteau supported by Winoretta Singer (sewing machine company, gay-lesbian agenda, friend of Crowley's muse Isadora Duncan)

1935 Antonin Artaud's play about Beatrice Cenci.

1950 Project Bluebird.

1960s Laurel Canyon scene (Monte Verità as blueprint), pedophilia of Roman Polanski, John Philips, Jim Morrison (incest scene in The End),..fake Sexual Revolution of the Left Wing Church, the Feminist Church. attack on the family, separation of men and women.

1968 Secret Ceremony Mia Farrow as Cenci. Monarch butterfly symbolism in movies.

1970s Natassja Kinski (daughter of pedophile Klaus Kinski) becomes the new girlfriend of Roman Polanski.

1971 The Mephisto Waltz jesuit Alan Alda Curd Jürgens (James Bond) Barbara Parkins 20th Century Fox.

1972 Byleth the Demon of Incest Mark Damon (Roger Corman movies) Leopoldo Savona (assistant of Piero Paolo Pasolini).

1985 Serge Gainsbourg (jewish) and Charlotte Gainsbourg Lemon Incest.

Woody Allen marries his adopted daughter.

1990s Nirvana (Kurt Cobain, Dave Grohl) Incesticide. David Lynch movies with references to incest.

concept of MILF in the porn industry.

2004 Alexander Colin Farrell as Alexander the Great Angelina Jolie Val Kilmer (played Jim Morrison).

Game of Thrones HBO Nikola Coster-Waldau.

2020 gay-transgender agenda, DNA and gender modification to create mutant race. IncestMeToo trend.


Sigmund Freud