Ignatius of Loyola

Ignatius of Loyola (Iñigo Lopez de Loyola) was a Roman Catholic priest and soldier who founded the Order of the Jesuits in 1541, in alliance with the Borgia and Farnese family. He was born in Basque Spain (Rhesus- bloodlines that descend from Atlantis). After the Battle of Pamplona (Francis I vs Ferdinand II and Charles V Habsburg), he underwent surgery and was forced to walk with a limp. In 1548 he wrote the Spiritual Exercises. Many schools of the jesuit education system are named after him.

On August 15, 7 men (Diego Laynez, Francis Xavier, Peter Faber, Alfonso Salmeron, Nicholas Bobadilla, Simao Rodrigues) took an oath in the crypt of St Denis church Montmartre, where the last Templar was sentenced, with Loyola as their leader. Lopez=of the wolf. Like the coat of arms of Loyola, the Massimo family has a wolf symbol on their coat of arms, the Orion Nordics worshipped the solar wolf god Apollo.

He was a member of the Alumbrados (the Enlightened/illuminated ones=Illuminati).

The main goal of the jesuits was to combat Martin Luther's Protestantism and to protect the power of the Catholic Church. The war between Catholics and Protestants represented an apocalyptic war between Lucifer and Christ, to eventually establish a Saturnian Draco-Orion world empire, a universal monarchy.

Loyola's 'Spiritual Exercises' (about war between Christ and Lucifer) and 'Constitutions' were used to indoctrinate new jesuits as a cultivation of total obedience, a reversal of good and bad, where murder can be justified because the end justifies the means (by any means), equivocation as lying. The jesuit cult puts an emphasis on Jesus Christ and the virgin Mary figure, while internally they worship Lucifer, the Whore of Babylon.

Astrological chart

born 10/23/1491, date d Brutus, Diana Dors, Emilia Clarke, Michael Crighton, Meghan McCain, Ryan Reynolds, War is Hell, baptising of prince George.

Dom: Scorpio (Death), Cancer, Libra - Pluto, Moon, Venus.

Mercury, Pluto, Saturn in Aquarius, Mars and Neptune in Sagittarius, Uranus in Capricorn, Moon, Jupiter and Lilith in Cancer.

died 7/31/1556, date Michael Biehn, Wesley Snipes, JK Rowling, Lil Uzi Vert.

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