IG Farben

IG Farben was a German chemical and pharmaceutical company that played a role in the Holocaust, the staged Nuremberg trial and Operation Paperclip during the WW1 and WW2 ritual. From 1927 its headquarter was the modernist IG Farben building in Frankfurt am Main (home of the Frankfurt School), designed by Hans Poelzig.

Hans Poelzig was the mentor of Edgar Ulmer who directed The Black Cat of Universal Pictures with Boris Karloff as satanist Hjalmar Poelzig, Bela Lugosi and John Carradine (Ordo Templi Orientis).

In 1898 Bayer was one of the first companies to sell heroin.

Fritz Haber played a role in the chemical warfare of WW1.

In 1925 Bayer merged with Hoechst, BASF, Casella, Kalle and AGFA to form IG Farben. Adolf von Bayer (like Haber, awarded with the Nobel Prize) was a member of the jewish Itzig family (court jews like Daniel Itzig). Carl Kellner, founder of the OTO, worked for Bayer. AGFA was co-founded by the grandson of Moses Mendelssohn. It also employed Franz Oppenheim.

IG Farben was the biggest company of Europe and one of the biggest companies of the world after Ford Motor Company and Standard Oil. It had ties to the Federal Reserve NY (Walter Teagle, Paul Warburg), Bank of Manhattan (Paul Warburg), Ford Motor Company (Edsel Ford, Carl Bosch), Standard Oil New Jersey (Walter Teagle).

It bought the Frankfurter Zeitung, employer of Walter Benjamin (Frankfurt School) and Thomas Mann.

Prince Bernhard (Order of Malta, SS, Bilderberg) worked for NW-7, the espionage unit of IG Farben.

In 1933 it donated 400.000 Reichsmarks to the National Socialist Party, the year Adolf Hitler appeared on the world stage as Antichrist figure.

It sponsored Europäische Revue of Karl Anton Rohan and Lily Schnitzler (aimed at European unification) with Hans Blüher (Wandervogel), Aldous Huxley, Thomas Mann, Winston Churchill, Julius Evola and Carl Jung.

Walter Teagle of Standard Oil was a member of Quill and Dagger (Cornell University branch of Skull and Bones) and Alpha Delta Phi (like Franklin Roosevelt) and collaborated with IG Farben. John McCloy also collaborated with IG Farben.

Prisoners of Auschwitz III Monowitz (mostly jewish) had to work for Siemens, IG Farben (production of synthetic rubber) and SS companies.

In 1944 the RAF bombed a Hoechst factory in Frankfurt.

Carl Krauch hosted Heinrich Himmler's visit to Auschwitz.

The 33 page document of Rudolf Vrba Rosenberg, promoted by Franklin Roosevelt became the official story of the Holocaust gas chambers. The use of cyanide based Zyklon B with skull and bones symbol by Auschwitz commandant Rudolf Höss originated in the research of Fritz Haber.

In april 1945 British and American forces reached the concentration camps. Dwight Eisenhower visited Buchenwald and became military governor of the occupied zone Germany, with the IG Farben building as headquarter, where he met with jesuit Charles de Gaulle to implement the Marshall Plan. The Soviets took control of the IG Farben facilities in the Soviet occupied zone.

Eisenhower introduced the term 'military-industrial complex' in 1961 and founded the National Captive Nations Committee with Yaroslav Stetsko and jesuit Lev Dobriansky (Victims of Communism).

Board member Herman Jozef Abs was a Knight of Malta and worked for Deutsche Bank.

Herman Schmitz, Otto Ambros, Fritz Gajewski and other IG Farben directors were used in the fake Nuremberg trial with focus on Zyklon B, to give the population false hope the perpetrators of the Holocaust were punished. One of the architects of the trial was Henry Stimson (S&B).

Otto Ambros discovered Sarin gas.

After release by John McCloy (Ford Foundation, CFR), Otto Ambros was transferred through Operation Paperclip and became an advisor of WR Grace, Dow Chemical, the Chemical Corps and Knight of Malta Konrad Adenauer (Le Cercle, chancellor of West Germany).

Jesuit Wilhelm von Meister of the Hoechst family started America Online (AOL with one eye pyramid logo) wich later merged with Time and Warner. Hoechst eventually became Aventis and Sanofi and was sold to Sandoz.

Fritz ter Meer became chairman of Bayer AG.

From 1995 the IG Farben was bought by the University of Frankfurt (Frankfurt School).

Bayer is the parent company of Monsanto.

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