IBM (International Business Machine Corporation) is a computer and technology corporation founded in 1911 by Charles Ranlett Flint, with headquarter in NY. It plays a role in the Luciferian transhumanist agenda and imposing the totalitarian World State (United Nations-WHO) .

It is owned by Vanguard, BlackRock, Charles Schwab Invest Management, Morgan Stanley, ..

History of IBM

Flint was educated at NYU and worked with WR Grace & Co (Order of Malta). IBM incorporated the time recording company of William Legrand Bundy (S&B family, cult of Saturn, father time) and the punched cards tabulating machines company of German-American Herman Hollerith (CCNY, lived in Georgetown).

1914 Thomas J Watson (Psi Upsilon) as CEO. He uses the slogan 'Think'.

1937 Watson is a friend of president Franklin Roosevelt, who plays the rival of Antichrist figure Adolf Hitler. He becomes the president of the International Chamber of Commerce (in alliance with world goverment United Nations) and meets with Hitler in Germany, who awards him with the medal of Order of the German Eagle (Benito Mussolini, Heinrich Himmler, Francisco Franco, Henry Ford, Jozef Tiso, Charles Lindbergh). Robert Watson played Hitler in The Hitler Gang.

The punched cards system of German IBM subsidary Dehomag is used for the Holocaust administration. Watson's son, Thomas Watson Jr, works for the Lend-Lease program to assist Russia in WW2.

1945 Watson Scientific Computing Laboratory at Columbia University.

1952 Thomas Watson Jr as 2nd president of IBM.

1956 demonstration of AI, IBM 704 learning from checkers game.

1957 development of an electronic date processing machine, used by the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics of Jerome Hunsaker (Order of the British Empire).

1961 Thomas J Watson Research Center with Harry Markovitz (student of Milton Friedman at University of Chicago, RAND Corporation), Benoit Mandelbrot (fractal geometry, IAS with John von Neumann). Development of floppy disk, hard drive,..

1962 Langley.

1987 IBM Tower in Atlanta (33d parallel).

1968 Stanley Kubrick's A Space Odyssey (MGM) Keir Dullea, Gary Lockwood and Douglas Rain as AI computer HAL= previous letters of IBM (All Seeing Eye symbolism).

The Red Eye became a motive in The Omen, The Terminator,..

Jesuit trained Jack Kuehler (St Clara University) as president of Research Triangle Park. Rise of the Personal Computer (investment in Intel).

1978 IBM Rome Software Lab.

1981 IBM's personal computer.

1990 Jesuit Ellen Hancock (Apple, CFR) as Senior Vice President.

1995 Lou Gerstner (Dartmouth, The Carlyle Group) as CEO. Richard Thoman (Xerox, CFR) as Senior Vice President.

chess computer Deep Blue.

1996 On 2/6/(date of death 2010 actor Roy Scheider) Deep Blue defeats Gary Kasparov in a chess game. Kasparov worked with the Hoover Institution of Stanford.

2000 Samuel Palmisano (Beta Theta Pi, Exxon) as CFO.

2001 Edwin Black publishes his book IBM and the Holocaust. Black's parents were Holocaust survivors. He also wrote The Transfer Agreement: The Dramatic Story of the Pact Between the Third Reich and Jewish Palestine and Nazi Nexus: America's Corporate Connections to Hitler's Holocaust and appeared in BBC documentary Racism a History.

2003 movie Game Over: Kasparov and the Machine.

2005 sale of the PC division to Levono. IBM India.

2007 BlueGene (Luciferian bloodline).

2008 Smarter Planet initiative with world government CFR/Chatham House and The NY Times (smart cities, Big Data, digital slavery).

Roadrunner supercomputer at Los Alamos National Laboratory (Trinity Test).

2012 Ginni Rometty (CFR, Kappa Kappa Gamma like Mariska Hargitay, Kate Jackson, Ashley Judd, Gena Rowlands, Meghan Markle, Whitney Wolfe of Tinder) as CEO.

Acquisition of Kenexa, Texas Memory Systems and SoftLayer Technologies (cloud computing).

2016 IBM Quantum Experience.

2017 AI computer Watson (black monolith like 2001 ASO with 666 logo) promoted on game show Jeopardy! with Ken Jennings (Mormon Church).

Ginni Rometty co-chairs the World Economic Forum in Davos.

2018 David Ferrucci (Watson) in Do You Trust This Computer? with Ray Kurzweil, Elon Musk and Jonathan Nolan (brother of Christopher Nolan).

2019 quantum computer Q Systems One. acquisition of Red Hat.

2020 Rometty starts working for JP Morgan Chase (bank that funded Hitler), Arvind Krishna as new CEO, Jim Whitehurst (LSE, Boston Consulting Group) as president.

2021 Gary Cohn (Goldman Sachs, NYU, National Economic Council, advisor of Donald Trump) as vice-president.

the Transhumanist Church

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