I Dream of Jeannie

I Dream of Jeannie was a tv show broadcast from 1977 to 1986 on ABC (Disney), created by Sidney Sheldon (jewish, The Patty Duke Show) for Screen Gems Productions (gem alters, Bewitched, Gidget, The Monkees, The Donna Reed Show, distributor of Hanna-Barbera), used to program children (mentioned in Fritz Springmeier's The Illuminati Formula) with sodomy symbolism and trigger delta alters. Jean like Jeanne Robert Foster (A.A.), Norma Jean (Marilyn), Jean Shrimpton, Jeanne Moreau, .. Sidney Sheldon wrote The Other Side of Midnight in 1977 (film with Howard Hesseman, Susan Sarandon and Curd Lowens). The same year Crowley's successor Kenneth Grant wrote 'Nightside of Eden' (Typhonian trilogy), with formula's to explore the dark subconscious with the Qlippoth, the 'shells', the inversions of the spheres of the kabbalistic Tree of Life.

Producer Harry Ackerman was a Phi Delta Theta like Van Heflin, Dirk Benedict (The A-Team), Burt Reynolds, Bob James (Taxi theme), Mark Hurd (Oracle Corporation).


Barbara Eden (descendant of Benjamin Franklin, The Brass Bottle with Tony Randall, Flaming Star with Elvis Presley, Ride the Wild Surf with Shelley Fabares, The Wonderful World of the Brothers Grimm with Laurence Harvey of TMC) married to Michael Ansara (Pasadena Playhouse, Star Trek). Michael Aquino performed the St Barbara Workings. She played Jeannie, a genie (ghost) from a bottle.

Larry Hagman (took LSD with David Crosby of The Byrds, JR Ewing in Dallas) as Tony (code word) Nelson who crashes on an island in the South Pacific. Hagman died 11/23/2012 in Dallas Texas (day after JFK date).

Emmaline Henry (Bonanza, The Love Boat, Elise in Rosemary's Baby) as Amanda, wife of Alfred Bellows

Bill Daily (Korean War, Bewitched, The Love Boat)

Hayden Rorke (trained by jesuits at Brooklyn Preparatory School like William Peter Blatty of The Exorcist, This Is the Army with Ronald Reagan who lived in Santa Barbara, Bonanza, The Lone Ranger, The Love Boat)

Hal Cooper (Maude of Norman Lear)

Nancy Kovack (Christian Science, Star Trek, Bewitched, Medea in Jason and the Argonauts)

Bernard Fox (Bewitched)

Groucho Marx

Bing Russell (Bonanza)

From season 3 Barbara Eden played Jeanie's evil twin sister Jeannie II (MPD)

1985 I Dream of Jeannie 15 Years Later William Asher (jewish, Bewitched), brother of Judy Garland's publicist.

1991 I Still Dream of Jeannie NBC.