Humanism is an euphemism for anti-human (transhumanist) eugenicist agenda's of the Luciferian New Age religion and totalitarian UN world state. The so-called Renaissance (rebirth of the Greek pedophilia religion, Erasmus) is seen as early Humanism. Medici agent Pico de Mirandola  fused Christianity with Kabbalism. The biggest humanist organizations Humanists UK (Fabian Society front), American Humanist Association push Darwinism and atheism and works with agents of the Science Church and the 'skeptic' movement. In 1952 at the World Humanist Congress Julian Huxley (Eugenics Education Society) founded Humanists International.

Humanists UK was founded by Stanton Coit, Jaap Van Praag (University of Leiden, Humanistisch Verbond in Netherlands), Elizabeth Duncan, Leslie Stephen (Order of the Bath, father of Virginia Woolf) and feminist Zona Vallence in 1896. He was a friend of Felix Adler (ACLU).

Laurence Hausman (Humanists UK) pushed the gay-transgender agenda through the British Society for the Study of Sex Psychology with eugenicist Havelock Ellis (The Psychology of Sex, Fabian front The Fellowship of the New Life), Magnus Hirschfeld (World League for Sexual Reform with Bertrand Russell), Margaret Sanger (Planned Parenthood), Stella Browne (Abortion Law Reform Association), catholic priest Montague Summers (friend of MI6 agents Aleister Crowley and Dennis Wheatley, books on witchcraft), Edward Carpenter (Socialist League), George Cecil Ives (friend of Oscar Wilde), neurologist and psychoanalist Ernest Jones (friend and biographer of Sigmund Freud) and Fabian GB Shaw.

In 1933 the first Humanist Manifesto was introduced at the University of Chicago, signed by John Dewey.

In 1941 the American Humanist Association was founded, which published The Humanist.

Honorary president Kurt Vonnegut excavated bodies after the bombing of Dresden.

In 1949 Corliss Lamont (Cornell, Columbia and The New SchoolAmerican Civil Liberties Union) published The Philosophy of Humanism. Lamont was a friend of Julian Huxley (United Nations) and the the son of Thomas Lamont (JP Morgan, CFR, Federal Reserve, Paris Peace Conference).

Carl Rogers (University of Chicago, CIA project MK Ultra) developed the concept of 'humanist psychology' with Abraham Maslow (CIA front Esalen) as a member of the Association for Humanistic Psychology with Maslow, James Bugenthal, Gordon Allport (Committee on National Morale with Erik Erikson), Rollo May, sponsored by Zionist Brandeis University.

In 1973 Paul Kurtz (Prometheus Books, president of Center for Inquiry) wrote the 2nd Humanist Manifesto signed by Harold Blackham, Francis Crick, Corliss Lamont, Julian Huxley, Sidney Hook, Betty Friedan, BF Skinner, Isaac Asimov, Hans Eysenck (Maudsley), Lionel Abel (NY Intellectuals), Alan Guttmacher (American Eugenicist Society), Bertram Wolfe (Socialist Party of America, Communist Party of America), rabbi Mordecai Kaplan (Reconstructing Judaism), Andrei Sakharov,...

The American Humanist Association awarded the title Humanist of the Year to Brock Chisholm (WHO), Margaret Sanger, Julian Huxley, Abraham Maslow, Benjamin Spock, Carl Rogers, BF Skinner, Erich Fromm, Gloria Steinem, Asa Philip Randolph (Civil Rights Movement), Raymond Firth (LSE, University of Sidney), Andrei Sakharov, JK Galbraith, Joan Andrew, Jonas Salk, Ashley Montagu, Bill Nye, Alice Walker, Carl Sagan, Alice Walker, Ted Turner, Steven Pinker, Daniel Dannett, Lawrence Krauss, Jared Diamond, Salman Rushdie, Kurt Vonnegut, Barbara Ehrenreich (Democratic Socialists of America), Murray Gell-Man, Steven Weinberg, Anthony Fauci, Michael Man (Climate Church, CfI),..

Graham Wallas was leader of the Fabian Society and co-founded the London School of Economics.

Gilbert Murray (Murray=Oddfellows) was a friend of Fabians HG Wells and GB Shaw and promoted the League of Nations/UN in Britain. He translated Oedipus Rex for WB Yeats (HOGD with Crowley, incest as 'holy'). He became president of the Society for Psychical Research in 1915 and 1952. His daughter married Arnold Toynbee (Tavistock).

Alice Rutherford is affiliated with the University of Birmingham. She did research on bipolar disorder and was president of the British Science Association. She was used in Darwinist propaganda of the BBC Origin of Us and Channel 4 show Fortress Britain. She received honorary doctorate of University of Sussex (Tavistock) and an award of the Royal Society.

Adam Rutherford (Humanists UK) works for Nature of Springer Nature, The Guardian, BBC Radio 4,.. He wrote books about race and eugenics and and is affiliated with the 'skeptic' movement. He contributed to the Atheist Guide to Christmas with Richard Dawkins and Brian Cox.

Andrew Copson worked for the UN, Oxford Pride and Gay and Lesbian Humanist Association. He is a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts (prince Philip as president).

Vice-president of Humanists UK Polly Toynbee is the granddaughter of Arnold Toynbee (Tavistock). She made propaganda for The Guardian and also received an honorary degree of University of Sussex.

In 2003 the American Humanist Association launched the National Day of Reason.

Richard Dawkins, Francis Crick, Michael Shermer (Skeptic magazine), Arun Ghandi (grandson of Mahatma Ghandi), Anthony Flew (Western Goals Foundation of WACL, friend of CS Lewis), Kurt Vonnegut, Mario Molina (MacArthur Foundation, hole in ozone layer), Oliver Stone signed the 3d Humanist Manifesto.

In 2008 it launched the Atheist Bus Campaign with Ariane Sherline (The Guardian) and Richard Dawkins.

Dutch political puppet Roger van Boxtel (D66, Humanistisch Verbond, Order of Orange-Nassau) pushed the multiculti agenda with the Immigration and Naturalization Service in the Netherlands.

Paul Cliteur (Humanistisch Verbond, Leiden University) is an agent of the Right Wing Church (Forum voor Democratie with Thierry Baudet).

In 2012 it funded the Reason Rally with Richard Dawkins and James Randi.

 the Science Church

Julian Huxley