House of Hanover

The House of Hanover is a German dynasty and elite family of protestants, founded by George of Brunswick-Lünenburg (married to Anne Hesse-Darmstadt) in 1635 in Hanover Lower Saxony. Like the Saxe-Coburgs, it orginated in the Welf (Guelph, House of Este) faction. They played a role in the history of freemasonry as successors of the Stuarts and ruled the UK and Denmark. They built the Herrenhausen Gardens, based on the Palace of Versailles of Louis XIV.

Sophie of Brunswick-Lünenburg married Frederick III Oldenburg, king of Denmark from 1648.

John Frederick employed Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, pioneer in computation theory.

Wilhelmina Brunswick-Lünenburg, his daughter, married Joseph I Habsburg Holy Roman Emperor.

Charlotte, his 2nd daughter married Rinaldo (House of Este=House of Welf).

Ernest Augustus married Sophia of the Palatinate, the daughter of Frederick V and Elizabeth Stuart, the alchemical marriage orchestrated by John Dee. Frederick V was a grandchild of Charlotte Bourbon. The aim of the marriage was a symbolic union of bloodlines to create a protestant rosicrucian Messiah, leader of Protestants (Lucifer) against Catholics (Christ), ending the Roman Empire, reforming the whole world, similar to the start of 1000y rule of Christ (millenialism), the fifth (V) kingdom, the eternal kingdom of Christ, as described in the Book of Revelation. In Holland the Stuarts are in contact with the Sabattaean jews of Amsterdam.

George I, their son, became King of Britain in 1714, after the death of Anne Stuart. The Scottish Catholics who conspire to reclaim the throne meet in lodges of the Scottish Rite (founding of the Grand Lodge of London in 1717).

Sophia Charlotte married Frederick I of Prussia, grandfather of Frederick the Great.

Sophia Dorothea of Hanover, related to the wife of Holy Roman Emperor Charles VI Habsburg, was the mother of Frederick the Great Hohenzollern. He was a member of Mother Lodge in Germany the 3 globes (with Ferdinand Brunswick) and protected the jesuits during their suppression in the rest of Europe. He had Daniel Itzig as court jew, who financed the Heskala, the jewish Enlightenment.

George II, married to Caroline Brandenburg-Anspach, played a role in the Austrian War of Succession. The Jacobite Rising (Stuart faction) of 1745 tried to depose George II and replace him with James Stuart and Bonnie Prince Charlie (related to Jacob Frank, tutored by mason Chevalier Michael Ramsay). He founded the University of Göttingen.

Louise, George II's daughter, married Frederick V of Denmark.

Frederick Prince of Wales married Augusta Saxe-Gotha-Altenburg.

George III, in alliance with the jesuits, defeated France in the Seven Years' War. The fortune of the war and the opium trade was governed by the Rothschilds, bankers of the House of Hesse. He played a role in the American Revolution ritual and the Battle of Waterloo, defeating Napoleon Bonaparte.  Frederick North (Lord North) was pm of the UK from 1770 to 1782 under king George III and associated with Catholic John Stuart and Lord Dartmouth (founder of Dartmouth College). His wife Charlotte posed with a rose (rosicrucian symbolism, descendants of Lucifer).

William IV had actress Dorothea Jordan as mistress. He was succeeded by his niece Victoria, married to Albert Saxe-Coburg. She founded the Order of St John in 1888.

Ernest Augustus had a rivalry with the Brothers Grimm (kabbalistic jews). He established the Order of St George.

George V was a member of the Order of the Garter and Order of the Golden Fleece.

Frederica married Paul Glucksburg of Greece.

Sophia of Hanover married Knight of Malta and King of Spain Juan Carlos I Bourbon in 1962.

Elite families

William V