Hoover Institution

The Hoover Institution is a think tank of the Right Wing Church, founded in 1919 by Herbert Hoover.

It is connected to Stanford University. In the 80's Margaret Thatcher (Le Cercle) and Ronald Reagan were members.


- Ayaan Hirsi Ali (American Enterprise Institute, Mont Pelerin Society, Islamic scare, guest on Joe Rogan Experience)
- Bill Gertz (Washington Times of Unification Church, worked with Jerome Corsi)
- Condoleeza Rice (CFR, 911 ritual, war Iraq, Independant Women's Forum)
- Daniel Pipes (Harvard, Gatestone Institute, CFR, CPD, Commentary, advisor of Rudy Gulliani, Collapse of Europe Conference with David Horowitz, Foreign Policy Research Institute with jesuit Adrian Basora CFR and jesuit John Lehman of 911 Commission and Heritage Foundation, son of Richard Pipes CPD CFW)
- Donald Rumsfeld (jesuit, Le Cercle, CFW, 911 ritual, war Iraq, friend of Midge Decter)
- Edwin Feulner
- George Osborne (BlackRock, Conservative Party UK)
- George Schultz (Reagan administration)
- Herbert Raymond McMaster (CFR, Atlantic Council, National Security advisor of Trump)
- Jack Goldsmith (Harvard, American Enterprise Institute)
- Jacob Grygiel (Foreign Affairs of CFR)
- James Matthis (Atlantic Council, Trump administration)
- Jim Hoagland (Washington Post, CFR)
- John B Dunlop (LSE)
- John Brian Taylor (Mont Pelerin Society)
- John Deutch (director CIA, CFR, TC)
- Joseph Nye (Atlantic Council, Ditchley Foundation)
- Kevin Warsh (Harvard, Morgan Stanley, Federal Reserve, worked with Donald Trump, married Jane Lauder, of Estée Lauder, related to Rosenthal)
- Larry Diamond (CFR, National Endowment for Democracy)
- Michael Spence (CFR, Berggruen Institute)
- Milton Friedman (Chicago school of economics, Mont Pelerin Society, AEI)
- Nadia Schadlow (CFR, National Endowment for Democracy, Trump administration)
- Newt Gingrich (US House of Representatives, American Enterprise Institute, Bohemian Club, AEI, European Foundation for Democracy with Jeane Kirkpatrick, promoter of Donald Trump)
- Niall Ferguson (LSE, married to Hirsi Ali, documentary Empire, book on Rothschilds)
- Paul Craig Roberts (CSIS, Human Events with Sean Hannity of Fox News and Jack Posobiec)
- Peter Schweizer (Breitbart News)
- Richard Allen (CFR, CPD)
- Robert Conquest (Information Research Department with George Orwell)
- Sam Nunn (Atlantic Council, CSIS, CFR)
- Scot Atlas (advisor of Donald Trump during the Covid19-ritual)
- Sidney Hook
- Timothy Garton Ash (Ditchley Foundation, ECFR, German CFR)
- Toomas Hendrik Ilves (ECFR, Facebook Oversight Board)
- Victor Davis Hanson (The NY Times, Commentary, Bradley Foundation)
- William Perry (CFR, TC, Atlantic Council)
- William Simon (Ford administration, The Heritage Foundation, Citibank, Halliburton, friend of Irving Kristol)

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