History or historiography ('writing of history') is the study and chronicles of events, a branch of the Science Church in the hands of elite families who rewrite history as form of propaganda.  Graham Hancock is used as controlled opposition against modern Egyptologists like Zahi Awass and historians who deny the unified civilization Atlantis.

Biggest lies and misconception in the official narrative of human history are: the Big Bang, Darwinist concept of evolution, Christopher Columbus, the bible as authentic document written in the era of Jesus Christ, Renaissance, Enlightenment as progress towards more freedom and democracy.

History of Earth can be seen as a gradual takeover in 3 steps.

Time periods

...-500.000 bc

- 500.000 bc - 50.000 bc

- 50.000 bc - 12.500 bc

- 13.500 bc - 6000 bc

- 6000 bc - 0

- 0 - 2023 (Age of Pisces -transition to Aquarius)

Historiography through the ages

Egypt: Manetho

Greece: Hesiod (Theogeny), Thucydides (war between Sparta and Athens), Herodotus (Histories), Homer (mixed with mythology).

Roman Empire: Cato the Elder Origines, Plutarch, Polybius (The Histories), Cicero, Julius Caesar, Strabo, unreliable author Diogenes Laertius, Zosimus..

Germany: Einhard (biographer of Charlemagne), Albert of Aix (crusades), Nuremberg Chronicle, Friedrich Schiller (friend of Johann Goethe), Leopold von Ranke (APS, University of Göttingen, coined the term counter-reformation), Theodor Momsen,  Karl Marx, philologist Friedrich Nietzsche, Nietzsche's teacher Hermann Usener, Norbert Elias (Zionist associated with Frankfurt School), Max Weber, marxist Gyorgy Lukacs, Oswald Spengler,..

Friedrich August Wolf, an agent of mason Frederick the Great (who wrote a book on the Seven Years' War) and Wilhelm von Humboldt (APS, Enlightenment trend), created modern philology. His pupil Immanuel Bekker edited the work of Aristotle. Rudolf Otto (University of Marburg) helped creating the Eranos conferences.

Italy: Leonardo Bruni first modern historian, wrote History of the Florentine People, plotted against the Medici's. Niccolo Machiavelli (Florentine Histories), marxist Antonio Gramsci,..

France: Michel Foucault, Marc Bloch (Annales School)

England: jesuit David Hume (History of England), jesuit Edward Gibbon History of the Decline and Fall of Roman Empire, Thomas Carlyle (The French Revolution), JFC Fuller (fascist, follower of Crowley), Wickham Steed (The Times, published The Protocols), Isaiah Berlin, Asa Briggs, Niall Ferguson (Hoover Institution), Arnold Toynbee (Tavistock), Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke,..

Russia: anarchist Peter Kropotkin

US: Arthur Schlesinger (Harvard), jesuit Carroll Quigley, Norman Cantor, Aviva Chomsky (daughter of Noam Chomsky), Henry Adams, Howard Zinn, Thomas Kuhn (The Structure of Scientific Revolutions),..

Israel: Yuval Harari

In 1799 the Rosetta stone, discovered during the Napoleon war in Egypt, was the birth of modern Egyptology (mason Jean-François Champollion, curator at the Louvre).

Jacob Burkhardt introduced the concept of an Italian renaissance.

After the WW1 and WW2 ritual British and American propaganda presented Britain and US as moral victors of evil. Ian Kershaw wrote the biography of Adolf Hitler.

Francis Yates (Warburg Institute) wrote books like Giordano Bruno and the Hermetic Tradition.

History of Gnosticism

the Science Church