History of Freemasonry

- The first mystery religions
- Operative masonry
- Speculative masonry
- Modern freemasonry

The first mystery religions

The Aryan druids of Atlantis perform solar rituals during summer solstice. Teachings about spiritual liberation out of this multidimensional control system are passed on but corrupted by the one eye-cult of Saturn (the cult of Saturn). The teachings are based on the exploring of the inner world, the inward path, going to the underworld like the cycle of the sun and the planets. The North star on top of the celestial pole or Sirius as the divine feminine is considered as a guide to inner world (as above so below).

After the flood, the remnants of a global culture with knowledge of sacred geometry and leylines evolve into Sumerian (Sum-Aryan) and Egyptian civilisation.
The Egyptian mystery religion of Isis/Osiris are taught in Un or On (later called Heliopolis, city of the sun).

They have knowledge about DMT and the pineal gland (the Eye of Horus). They build the 3 pyramids, aligned with the 3 stars of Orion's belt, the divine masculine with the pyramid as a phallic symbol, standing for the great work, death and spiritual rebirth. They have rituals of slaying the Apis bull to ensure fertility. The mythical Emerald tablets of Toth is alchemical knowlege of the 3 principles: sulphur, salt and mercury (male, female and androgynous).
The cane of Osiris, held by pharao's, later becomes the question mark symbol.
The spiritual knowledge of building a spiritual temple, to reach union with 'God', develops into a system of morality, veiled in allegory and illustrated by symbols, keeping the knowledge from the undeserving, the vulgar.

The cycle of time, of death and rebirth is exemplified by the death of Osiris and Isis giving new life. Osiris stands for the sun, the masculine, Orion, isis stands for the moon, the feminine, Sirius. The god Typhon stands for a third force, destruction, death, the sign of scorpio. In rituals these 3 forces are evoked as L-isis mourning, V-Typhon destruction and X-Osiris risen.
A temple is built in Lebanon, near mount Hermon, the 33d parallel where Lucifer fell on earth.

1400 bc in Amarna, Pharaoh Akhenaten, the biblical Moses, turns the Egyptian mystery religion into monotheïsm. The 13th sign of the zodiac, the snakeholder is pictured as Imhotep, by the Greeks as Aesclepius, Toth or Hermes Thrice-great.
In Babylon the mystery religion evolves into worship Isis as a dark goddess, the whore of Babylon.
The sacred pharao bloodline=Tribe of Dan (DAN being an anagram of DNA). If the Paris Zero Meridian is used, having a 2.5 difference from Greenwich, Dan is found to lie at the 33rd degree longitude and latitude (highest sepirah Kether, pan the All, Mount Sion). Like the Nile was central to Egyptian religion as river of life, mirroring the milkyway, in Israel the Jor-dan river is considered the river of life, the kundalini energy flowing through the body (the birth of christ in Nazareth as a symbolic process in the body).

The temple of Solomon is a metaphor for the body, the temples of the head with human mind that has to finish a spiritual work. When the Danites spread (or return) to North Europe, the Donau has a similar meaning. In prophecies, the tribe of Dan (bee honey symbol) is considered the bloodline that will produce the biblical Christ/Antichrist.

In the Greek Orpheic, Eleusinian and Dionysian mysteries, the cycle of going through the underworld is explained through the myth of Persephone, abducted to the underworld. In the Pythagoras mystery school 10 is a holy number, the tree of life with 9 spheres is inverted in kabbalism into the tree of death with 10 sepiroth. The greeks call God the architecton, the master craftsman.
In Rome, cults gather for the Mithraic mysteries, with meetings in crypts. The first jewish freemasons of Rome bring next to their building skills, their secret religions and rites that would be incorporated into the Roman Empire from the time of Julius and Augustus Caesar. They are called freemen or are given special tax free status under many of the Roman emperors, the reason why the Latin term phrygian which means freemen, later morph into freemasons. They are protected under Julius Caesar who had commission these Jewish operative freemasons to build Roman temples and establish synagogues. They are admitted into the colleges of constructors, and these first Roman-Jews instruct the Romans with their knowledge of the secret mystery religions of the East.
70bc Vitruvius Pollio, a freeman writes De architectura, dedicated to Caesar. Augustus as marriage of east and west (child of Julius and last pharao Cleopatra), first emperor of Rome. The Chi-Ro cross (union of male and female) of the Christians, the key of Solomon of the jews becomes the Px symbol of Pax Romana, the Roman Empire as synonymous with the sacred celestial pole of inner peace and order.

Nimrod is considered a mason, with the plan to rebuild the tower of Babel, in rebellion against God.

70 The jews rebell against Rome, Roman armies under General Titus smash Jerusalem and destroy the Jewish temple, the heart of Jewish worship, in fulfillment of Christ's prophecy in Matthew 24:2. The Catholic Church makes the PX symbol a Christian symbol.

Operative freemasonry

The medieval craft consisted of guilds of stonemasons, builders with secrets of sacred geometry, building arches working the stone, the keystone, the capstone at the apex of a masonry arch or vault, the final piece that allows the other pieces of the arch to bear weight, symbolic of the pineal, the activated third eye. Although a masonry arch or vault cannot be self-supporting until the keystone is placed, the keystone experiences the least stress of any of the voussoirs, due to its position at the apex, pharaos elite bloodline at the top. our soul the heart= sun in middle of zodiac, keystone in arch or dome.
Gnosticism spreads in Europe.
Etruscian and mayan culture used the skull and bones as a reminder of mortality of physical body, immortality of our soul.
926 development of the York rite. During the time of islam, in the Arab world knowledge of sacred geometry was common. Judaism, filtered through islam reaches Spain with occultists like Ramon Lull.

Operative masonry consists of architectural knowledge based on sacred geometry, with the temple building as a metaphor for man and universe.
Freemasons were part of the dawn of the middle class.
1099 founding of the military Order of St John, Knights of Malta.
1126 Knights Templar. A small group of crusaders learn from the armies of Salahadin the worship of Baphomet - the star and crescent moon, the morning star Venus (still used in islam) and building secrets through sacred geometry and mathematics. They practice sodomy. Walter Fitz Alan, ancestor of the house of Stewart, worked for David I King of Scotland.
1244 Cathars, also Luciferian sodomites who worship John the Baptist, are besieged in Montsegur (gnostics who use a corrupted eucharist ritual).
1304 Order of the Garter, St George defeating the dragon of Draco.
1300s grimoire Key of Solomon, renaissance magic influenced by jewish kabbalists and Arabic alchemists, with drawings to prepare magical operations. Book I contains conjurations, invocations and curses to summon and constrain spirits of the dead and demons in order to compel them to do the operator's will. It also describes how to find stolen items, become invisible, gain favour and love, and so on. Book II describes various purifications which the operator (termed "exorcist") should undergo, how they should clothe themselves, how the magical implements used in their operations should be constructed, and what animal sacrifices should be made to the spirits. It contains the magic square of Saturn with 25 letters (SATOR, AREPO, TENET, OPERA, ROTAS added to the unity=26, the numerological value of yhvh).
1314 Jacques de Molay 23d grand master of the Templars (nr 23 is the path of the Hanged Man), mixed with the legend of Hiram Abiff.
1325 first use of word 'freemason'. In England the craft of operative masons is described in a collection of documents, known as Old Charges, entailing code of conduct, regulations, history.
1429 Order of the Golden Fleece, connected to the Greek myth of the Argonauts who traveled north. First modern Tarot decks and the Zohar.
1453 Constantinople falls, influx of refugees and hermetic knowledge to Italy (ruled by figures like Cosimo de Medici). 

1459 Rosslyn chapel in Scotland, built by Walter Sinclair of Scotland (descendant of Merovingians, Robert the Bruce) with masonic pillars, depiction of green man (Orion in Aryan culture, Egyptian Osiris), cubes symbol of Saturn.
1460 king James III Stewart of Scotland, freemason Robert Cochrane (Scotichronicon: the Scottish claim descent of the Scythians and queen Scota, daughter of pharao Akhenaten). They build a hexagon shaped chapel, similar to the chapel in Jerusalem.
A diagram of 4 directions, a quadrant like old city of Jerusalem, is drawn on floor in chalk, later mopped by youngest apprentice.
1492 Ferdinand 2 expells jews from Spain, another influx eastward, bringing Kabbalistic knowledge to the rest of Europe.
1530 Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa 3 books of occult philosophy: Elemental, Celestial and Intellectual magic. Transitus fluvii occult alphabet.
Mason William Schaw, page of Mary de Guise, works as builder, Mason of Work under Scottish king James I Stuart.

1536 The Farnese and Borgia families create the order of the Jesuits. The Borgia's cooperate with the anti-protestant De Guise family.
1540 military Order of Malta and pope Pius III backs the Society of Jesus, an Osirian priesthood, a legion of soldiers and warriors to get back what Rome had lost, and as ultimate goal to institute a World Government for the Pope, from Solomon's rebuilt Temple in Jerusalem (the goal of pharao Akhenaten/Moses and his monotheism).
Ignatius of Loyola goes to Jerusalem as pilgrim. His spiritual exercises are an instrument for total obedience, where black is white when the church says so, the inversion of Luciferianism.
1546 rosicrucians Venice (rosicrucians John Dee, Francis Bacon)
1549 The Corpus Hermeticum is dedicated to Charles de Guise-Lorraine, whose sister was the wife of James V of Scotland. De Guise-Lorraine have their eyes on the throne of the pope. To the public, occult knowledge is associated with fervent catholicism of the De Guise family and their Scottish allies.

1600s the lesser key of Solomon, Lemegeton.

Speculative freemasonry

1603 Elizabeth 1 dies age 69, succeeded by king James, the first of catholic Stuart dynasty (Guise Lorraine blood), guild of operative stonemasons. When England and Scotland are united, the Montgomerys and Hamiltons seep into England. Northern Scottish knowledge combined with Dee's work, German rosicrucian enlightenment (Valentin Andrea of Wurtemberg) and Guise-Lorraine's knowledge becomes speculative masonry.
1613 wedding Frederick V and Elizabeth Stuart, the start of the Thirty Years' War and modern era, the Roman Empire in disguise of 'enlightened' rulers, in preparation of biblical endtimes, the 1000 year reign of Christ (in their interpretation Lucifer).
1618 the Alchemical Marriage of Christian Rosencreutz, written by the German rosicrucians of the Tubingen circle.
1627 esoteric knowledge in Britain spreads through Bacon and Marlowe. Secret societies are formed, anti pope and anti Guise-lorraine. Francis Bacon's 'New Atlantis' describes the building a House of Solomon with scientists as priests, not bound by natural law. The rosicrucian manifestoes of the Tubingen circle (Johann Valentin Andreae) are printed in Kassel.
1636 founding of Harvard. The Sinclair -Stuarts exiled from Britain to France joined by Scottish nobility, organise restauration of their power under Charles II, under the cover of masonic lodges. The killing of Hiram Abiff symbolism was used by the friends of Charles I to avenge his death and set his son upon the throne. wife in the Hague court in exile. The Scottish rite is closely linked to the Catholic Stuarts.
1641 Robert Moray (spy of cardinal Richelieu) is a member of lodge of Edinburgh, married to Sophia Lindsay.
Sabbataeism of jewish Messiah Sabbatai Zvi survives in Holland with Jacob Judah Templo, Petrus Serrarius, Solomon Ayllon, Nehemiah Hayyun, ..

Henrietta Maria (Medici), wife of Charles I, visits rabbi Jacob Judah Leon, who shows her a drawing of Solomon's Temple, wich becomes the emblem of the Antient Grand Lodge.
1646 Elias Ashmole, conferral of masonic word Boaz and Joachin (mahabone marrow in the bone), speculative masonry. John Wilkins 'Mercury' first book on cryptography.
1660 the Invisible College (City of London bankers, Gresham College, Rosicrucians) becomes the Royal Society, consisting of alchemist John Wilkins, Elias Ashmole (influenced by George Wharton), Robert Moray (also the first masons - dedicated to restoration of the Stuarts), ‘Rosicrucian’ refugees from Germany, Samuel Hartlib, Theodore Haak and later Isaac Newton.
1666 the satanism of self declared Messiah/Antichrist Sabbatai Zevi, Sabbatian Qabalah, as developed by Nathan of Gaza, is a continuation of the teachings of Isaac Luria.

After the Great fire of London, 80% buildings of old city were levelled, so the need for operative masons was high. Building of st Paul, Picadilly, Royal Exchange,..

1685 architect Christopher Wren (Royal Society) as grandmaster.
1687 Isaac Newton (Fellow of the Royal Society) publishes Principia Mathematica (start of materialistic view of the universe as mechanical device).
  Michael Ramsay becomes an intimate of the French regent, Philippe d’Orléans, who inducts him into the neo-chivalric Order of St Lazarus. From then on, Ramsay is known as ‘Chevalier’, tutor of young Charles Stuart.
1715 George I (House of Hanover) as king of Britain. James III attempts to reclaim the throne from Scotland but fails, lodges are the perfect secret meeting places for Jacobites, the followers of James II. Chevalier Michael Ramsay, tutor of Bonnie Charlie Stuart, links the chivalric orders of the crusades like the Order of St John to freemasonry, wich leads to a revival in France as the Scottish rite. Ramsay is a member of the Gentleman's Club of Spalding like Desaguliers. Jacobism of the Stuarts and freemasonry becomes synonymous.

1717 four lodges are joined together to form the Grand Lodge of London, on june 24, St John's day (John the Baptist= summer solstice when sun is decapitated, the day of Battle at Bannockburn, where Robert the Bruce was helped by Templars) at Charles street near st Paul. Their system consists of 2 degrees, Craft and Fellow Craft.

They trace their origins to the guilds of medieval builders and masons and even Adam-Cain-Noah-Nimrod-Nebuchadnezzar-Moses as their precessors but the system of speculative freemasonry, altough it uses the same symbolism, has no real connection to operative masonry. The lodge is a scheme of jesuits to reclaim power after the Glorious Revolution, to rebuild the temple of Solomon. They have a custom to mark the lodge out in chalk, which would later be erased by an apprentice with a mop and bucket. The Apron is a square+triangle=7 (matter+divine).

The first grandmaster of the lodge is Anthony Sayer, grand warden James Anderson.
2nd grandmaster John Montagu (Royal Society, Order of the Garter, Order of the Bath, married to Mary Churchill).
3d grandmaster John T. Desaguliers, also part of Royal Society of sciences with Isaac Newton as president, the rosicrucian circle of Dee and Bacon. 4th grandmaster Francis Scott, duke of Dalkeith, fifth Charles Lennox, duke of Richmond. In the beginning there are only 3 degrees like medieval guilds, the cycle of growth- death- rebirth.
The death of Osiris= the death of Hiram abiff, legend king of Tyre, a city on the 33d parallel, patriarch Noah died with valuable secret (antediluvian atlantean), 3 sons. The ark is the Royal arch of the sun, 6 months of spring and summer, with the sign of Cancer as keystone.

Anderson's 1723 Book of Constitutions. English Freemasons adopt the grade of master. First Hellfire Clubs.
1725 fellow craft degree.
1726 St Thomas lodge, stuart partisan lord Derwentwater.
The first lodge in Ireland with John Montagu (pro house of hanover) as grandmaster .
1728 Scottish Catholics and Stuarts regain influency in masonry in France. With Philip Wharton (pro Stuart Jacobites, followers of James II) as grandmaster, French freemasonry evolves independant from British. The British system only uses the grades Apprentice and Journeymen, the Scottish rite puts more emphasis on the Master degree.
1730 first lodge in Philadelphia, United States.
1731 Desaguliers initiates François, Duc de Lorraine, husband of the Empress Maria Theresa of Austria (Enlightened despote image).
1733 first warranted lodge of St John in Boston (Henry Price), Charles Sackville founds first lodge in Florence Italy. First mention of a Scot's master.
1734 lodge in Georgia, on the 33d parallel with James Oglethorpe, Benjamin Franklin grandmaster of the Pennsylvania lodge (reprints Andersons' Constitutions).
1735 lodge Aubigny, by Lord Weymouth, grand master of the Grand Lodge of London (proved rivalry was not so strict, and there was a lot of intermingling).

1736 grand lodge in Scotland with William Saint Clair of Roslyn as their first grand master, last in the line of the family of the hereditary protectors of the Scottish lodges.
1737 the Ramsey oration, links freemasonry to the Templars instead of guilds of stonemasons; freemasonry is interdicted in France and declared potentially dangerous.
1738 modern freemasonry -the Book of Constitutions is revised to carry a Protestant meaning. The Pope issues an encyclical, banning all participation in Masonry under threat of excommunication. This proved largely ineffective in limiting Masonic growth among Catholics and even encouraged it among Protestants. Louis de Pardaillan (related to Madame de Montespan) as grandmaster of Grand Orient France.
1739 schism in freemasonry between antients (Stuarts), believing in the God of Old testament and the moderns (Hanoverians), believing the Great Architect Of The Universe (the GAOTU).
1740 Rite of Perfection, developed by jesuits. Masonic candidates are no longer received in a lodge, but in the city of Jerusalem, not the real Jerusalem, but a clerical Jerusalem, typifying Rome. It is called the Chapter of Clermont, in honor of Louis of Bourbon, Prince of Clermont. At the reception of the Sublime Knights, the last two chapters of the Book of Apocalypse are read to the candidate, a picture of the universal monarchy the Jesuits hoped to establish.

Mother Lodge in Germany the 3 globes (with Frederick the Great and Ferdinand Brunswick). The Hessians as the descendants of the German Chatti-tribe and the Nesilim of Turkey use the same double headed eagle as the Nesilim (Hittites) of 1200 bc.
Jesuits infiltrate the rosicrucians, sudden appearance of Templar and Scottish-Jacobite-Stuart allegiance among Masonic aristocrats.
1743 degree of Knight Kadosh, templar influence, revenge for Jacques de Molay. Louis Bourbon Count of Clermont (grandson of jesuit trained Louis Grand Condé) as grandmaster Grand Orient France.
1744 In a Dublin pamphlet, A Serious and Impartial Enquiry into the Cause of the Present Decay in Free Masonry in the Kingdom of Ireland, 'Royal Arch Masons' are mentioned for the first time.
1747 Order of the Gold and Rose Cross in Berlin, 9 grades based on kabbalistic tree of life, with Frederick William II and Wollner.
1749 The first knighthood grade, the Knight of the Orient.
1751 lodge in Pennsylviana, first grand loge US, antient lodge rival to grand lodge of 1717 George Sackville grandmaster lodge of Ireland. His son, also mason and his warden Cromwallis start a lodge in Nova Scotia Canada, subordinates James Wolfe who defeated the French and Thomas Degaliers. 

Jacob Frank declares himself as incarnation of Sabbatai Zevi. He and his followers adore the Holy Mother, the Virgin Mary, The Virgin of Częstochwa or Black Madonna of Poland, which Frankists associated with the Shekhinah. The cult of the Black Madonna is a form of a worship of the Divine Feminine, and in reference to the Qabalistic theory on the partzufim or 'countenances'. It thus blended well with the Sabbatian-Frankist movement with its sexual mysticism.
1753 The first record of the Royal Arch being conferred is in Fredericksburg Lodge, Virginia.
1754 After reformation, Catholics attempt to regain influence. Development of Scottish Rite in Paris. The chapter or college of Claremont (jesuit school Clermont) invents seven degrees with Etienne Morin, trader in the West indies.
Grand Orient Netherlands.

In the Seven Years' War Charles de Bourbon (France, same Farnese bloodline that founded jesuits) fights the Brunswicks (motherlodge of Germany, Frederick the Great) and US-Britain (James Wolfe). Frederick the Great and his court jew Daniel Itzig debase the Saxonian currency. Itzig finances the Heskala (jewish Enlightenment).
1758 rite of 25 degrees, rite of perfection by Chevalier Andrew Michael Ramsay, the Scottish tutor to Prince Charles Edward (related to Jacob Frank through the Sobieski's), the Young Pretender. These degrees afford a meeting place for those in exile in France, who were adherents of the Stuarts and who were plotting for the restoration of James II and his son to the throne of England.

1760 Scottish rite in France expanded to 15 degrees, Elu, the reeenactment of the murder of Hiram Abiff, and the prosecution of his assassins. The rosicrucian highest degree: the grave of Christ with word Emmanuel and INRI as lost word. An oath is sworn on the gospel of st John. passwords Pax vobis en Eli Eli Lama Sabactani. breaking of bread eucharist ritual: Knight of the eagle and the pelican, perfect mason.
1761 Stephen Morin is designated to introduce the Rite into the New World. He first establishes the Rite in Kingston, Jamaica and in San Domingo. On the mainland, Bodies are set up at New Orleans, LA in 1763, at Albany, NY in 1767, at Philadelphia, PA in 1782, and at Charleston, SC in 1783.

1763 Morin creates the 'Order of the Royal Secret'. The Seven Years' War ends with the treaties of St Petersburg, Hamburg and Paris.
1764 Rite of Strict Observance by Baron von Hund, advisor to the Habsburg emperor Francis I (Order of the Garter), who claims Templar ancestry, adapted to German taste, dissolved in 1782 (Dolgorukov grandfather of Helena Blavatsky).
1764 American Revolution.
1769 Thomas Dunckerly, degree of mark master in England (Royal Arch masonry with the triple Tau, symbol of Saturn, also in the emblem of the jesuits).
St Andrew lodge (Scotland) Knight Templar degree (Joseph Warren, John Hancock, Paul Revere). The Virginia Assembly, prompted by Patrick Henry and Richard Henry Lee (both alleged Freemasons).

1770 Johann Wilhelm Kellner von Zinnendorf founds Grand Lodge of Germany with members Knigge and Ernst Saxe Coburg, Johann Biester (german enlightenment), von Scharnhorst and Donnersmarck (general in Napoleonic wars), using a slightly modified form of the Swedish rite.

1773 Louise Philippe d'Orleans grandmaster, Grand Orient de France (lodge de Bussy and lodge of Radclyffe, pro Stuart Wharton). After a masonic schism, french freemasons cause suppression of the jesuits (by pope Clement XIV, king George II, descendant of Sophia Stuart, of the house of Hanover is a tool of jesuits). Only in Bavaria under Frederick II and Russia of Catherine the Great, they are still allowed (41 years of clandestine operation).
1772 two prominent freemasons, John Brown (Brown University) and Abraham Whipple, attack a customs ship off Rhode Island and burn it, as start of Boston Tea Party.
1774 Frederick the Great protects the grand lodge of Germany.
1775 grand lodge Freemasons Hall at Queen street, London. Cagliostro creates his own order with Egyptian symbolism. American Revolution: both sides of the war are mason, using april 19, the date of sacrifice to Baal, a fake war as transition to American Independance, to build a new Atlantis, a new Roman Empire, masons Paul Revere, Clinton Cornwallis (George III, lord North, George Sackville).
Baron Gotthelf von Hund (1722–76) founds the Order of Strict Observance, claiming the possession of secret Templar documents, which allegedly prove that his order represented the legal Templar succession.

1776 Adam Weishaupt, a teacher at jesuit university of Ingolstadt creates the Illuminati to invent the hoax of an anti-christian conspiracy. Adolph Knigge comes up with a system, based on Christoph Meiner's writings about Greek mystery schools.
Class I – The nursery, consisting of the Noviciate, the Minerval, and Illuminatus minor.
Class II – The Masonic grades. The three "blue lodge" grades of Apprentice, Companion, and Master were separated from the higher "Scottish" grades of Scottish Novice and Scottish Knight.
Class III – The Mysteries. The lesser mysteries were the grades of Priest and Prince, followed by the greater mysteries in the grades of Mage and King. It is unlikely that the rituals for the greater mysteries were ever written. Ingolstadt as the new eleusis.

United States Declaration of independance, during the 4th of july, the aphelion of Sirius, the death star (Jefferson and Adams both died at july 4) .
9 out of 56 men mason : Whipple, Walton, Ellery (lodge Boston), Franklin, Paine, Hooper, Hewes , Stockton, Hancock (protege of Samuel Adams, cousin of John Adams).

Declaration of independance with 13 of 39 mason, 33% (Jefferson gets his orders from the jesuit Dupont-Colonna family).
Benjamin Franklin was a member of St John lodge Philadelphia, lodge Pennsylvania, attended meetings of Francis Dashwood (Dilettanti society with Charles Sackville, court of Frederick of Wales), later known as Hellfire Club.

They hold their first meeting in London 1746, later joined by John Wilkes (motto 'do what thou willt' of Rabelais and later Crowley) rituals, dedicated to Bacchus and Venus. The first meeting at Wycombe is held on Walpurgis Night 1752. Franklin is also a member of the Lunar society in Birmingham of Erasmus Darwin. The declaration is also signed by jesuit trained Charles Carroll, wealthiest man in the US, cousin of John Carroll, president of the jesuit Georgetown University.
1777 death king Joseph 1 of Portugal, married to Mariana Farnese Bourbon, masons Peter I and John v.
1778 Voltaire is initiated in Nine Sisters in Paris (Benjamin Franklin, John Paul Jones, Jean Sylvain Bailly, Camille Desmoulins, Emmanuel Joseph Sieyés, Nicolas Chamfort).
1779 in Saxony, the jesuits establish a rite for women (based on queen Sheba).
1780 modern Knight Templars in Ireland.

Knights of St. John the Evangelists for Asia in Europe- The Asiatic Brethren (Frater Lucis, Brotherhood of Light) is a schismatic Rosicrucian order, founded by then member of the Gold und Rosenkreutz order, Hans Heinrich von Ecker und Eckhoffen. It allows jews among its members at a time that antisemitism is rampant in Germany. Among its Jewish members figures prominent Qabalists from the heretical sect of Sabbatai Zevi such as Ephraim Hirschfeld and Thomas von Schonfeld (also named Moses Dobrucshka or Junius Frey, refers to the familiy of Brutus who slew the Roman emperor). His mother was first cousin of Jacob Frank and he became a Jacobin in the French revolution, who saw Napoleon as Apollyon the messiah of Revelation 9:11. The Asiatic Brethren fully developed the Qabalistic aspect of rosicrucianism, that would later influence the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. Leopold Alois Hoffmann was trained by jesuits.

1781 half of the members of the L'Amitie a l'Epreuve Lodge of the Orient of Narbonne are members of the clergy and in 1780 there are 26 lodges headed by priests.
1782 june 20 summer solstice, use of the Great Seal of US, eye on top of pyramid (13 stripes, 13 arrows, 13 stars representing 13 colonies, pyramid 13 steps - 13th sign Ophiuchus lucifer), the eagle of the Roman empire.

Grand lodge New York, founding fathers Robert Livingstone July 16.
Congress of Wilhelmsbad, probably the most significant event of the era, as far as any official coalition between secret society factions:
'At Wilhelmsbad, near the city of Hanau in Hesse-Cassel, was held the most important Masonic Congress of the eighteenth century. It was convoked by Ferdinand, Duke of Brunswick, Grand Master of the Order of Strict Observance with delegates from Upper and Lower Germany, from Holland, Russia, Italy, France, and Austria; and the order of the Illuminati was represented by the Baron Von Knigge. under the impetus of J. B. Willermoz, who was perhaps the best informed and most active Freemason of that time. Freemasonry nevertheless continued to evolve primarily in a state of disorder.'

1783 The Scottish rite is introduced in Charleston, America (33d parallel).
1784 Wolfgang Mozart, son of a mason is initiated in lodge Vienna, is a friend of Weishaupt, Joseph von Sonnenfels, Anton Mesmer and Otto von Gemmingen (Asiatic Brethren). Mozart's patron Karl Lichnowsky is a member of Viennese lodges Zur Woltätigkeit and Zur Wahrheit, also patron of mason Ludwig van Beethoven and son-in-law of Franz Thun-Hohenstein.
In the US the masons of the northern states fight a war against masons of the southern states.
1785 Karl Theodor duke of Bavaria (Wittelsbach, also identifies himself with Minerva, goddess of wisdom) outlaws the Illuminati. The famous Philalethan Congress held in Paris from 1785 to 1787 shows the complete confusion among masons. It calls upon eminent Freemasons from all lands and all rites to convene 'to discuss and clarify the most essential points of the doctrine, the origin, and the historical affiliation of the true masonic science'.
1786 Under authority of Frederick the Great, the Grand Constitutions are enacted in an attempt to bring order out of the chaotic condition of the degrees in Europe. These Constitutions bring 'The Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite' into formal existence, enlarging the number of degrees to thirty-three, with the 33rd degree as a governing Supreme Council.

1789 French Revolution: jesuit trained Maximilien Robespierre, Bonneville proposes storming of Bastille. Freemason Jean Sylvain Bailly (Nine Sisters) becomes mayor of Paris under system of commune. Declaration of Rights of Man (based on Enlightenment ideals) with one eye pyramid symbol, designed by jesuits Marquis de Lafayette and Joseph-Emmanuel Sieyés.
Archbishop of Baltimore John Carroll founds jesuit school Georgetown University, april 30 George Washington as 1st US president (lodge Fredericksburg, rosicrucian Order of the Garter also figure of st George).
1790 Washington is chosen as capitol, land donated by Georgetown (Virginia Maryland, worship of virgin mary).
Nicolas Bonneville joins the Society of the Friends of Truth.
1791 Wolfgang Mozart writes the Magic Flute (of Pan, the fool) with librettist Emmanuel Schikaneder (character Queen of Night).
The 3 doorknocks of the master mason degree appears as a musical figure in Mozart's opera The Magic Flute in the overture, suggesting the opening of the Masonic Master Mason's degree.
Mason l'Enfant designs plan of Washington DC, (Washington as the child in the trinity of states Rome-London- Washington, all worshipping Baal-Saturn). His father worked for Louis XV, Holland Lodge No. 8. He designs the street design of Washington with an inverted pentagram and masonic square and compass.
1792 building of the White House at the lowest point of a pentagram.
1793 revolutionary tribunal decapitations (John the Baptist, revenge Templars on kings).
9/18 Washington and 8 other masons lay cornerstone to build Capitol Hill, rebuilding St Peters of Rome (rebuilding Solomons temple, symbolism of the Beast from rev 13:3 with deadly head wound -capitol), temple of Jupiter Capitoline hill with obelisk (in Egyptian religion, Sirius was represented as a glyph of a cup, a phallus and star), house of representatives. Johann Fichte is member of a lodge in Zurich with Wolfgang Goethe as member, later initiated by priest Ignaz Fessler in Berlin. Fichte popularises the concept thesis-antithesis-synthesis (similar to the trivium of the Romans, the 3 principle of alchemy, Lucifer as the union of opposites).
1795 Orange order (orange=33=sodomy), protestant order in northern Ireland.
1789 Napoleon's brother Louis becomes grandmaster Grand Orient of France.
Egyptian campain (capture of Malta), Isis lodge in Cairo, Dominique Vivant (member of Sophisians, The Perfect Meeting Lodge, Paris) discovers the Rosetta stone, start of modern Egyptology.
1801 jesuit general black pope and Frederick the Great invent the highest 8 degrees.
Masons in the Napoleonic wars: Horatio Nelson, Wellington and Sir John Moore in Britain, Kutuzov in Russia, Blücher in Prussia. may 31 lodge Charleston with John Mitchell, Frederick Dalcho, Frederick II of Prussia.
1804 masons Lewis and Clark expedition building of New York, to build new Atlantis. Napoleon revives Knights Templar International. The number of lodges grew from 300 to 1,220 in ten years. In German idealism and freemasonry (Johann Fichte, Friedrich Hegel, Johann Goethe) Dialectics becomes the new trend.
1807 l'Aurore Naissante Lord Bulwer Lytton, connected to Charles Villiers (Order of St John).

1813 dec 27 United Grand Lodge constituted at Freemasons Hall with Augustus Frederick as grandmaster, also Knight of the Garter. The lodge has jurisdiction over the first 3 degrees. A Northern Supreme Council of the Scottish rite is founded in New York. The jesuits spread rumors about a masonic conspiracy against the Catholic Church, creating the Illuminati hoax.

Modern freemasonry

1814 Congress of Vienna with mason Chateaubriand. Mason Bolivar is made president of Colombia, Latin America supposedly 'independant' from Spanish empire.

1822 freemasonry is temporarily outlawed in Russia by mason Alexander I.
1830 Joseph Smith founds the Mormon Church.
1832 Skull and bones is founded at Yale university, by the opium smuggling families Russell and Taft.
1848 cornerstone of obelisk in Washington july 4 (aphelion of Sirius). Jesuit trained Karl Marx is initiated in a Belgian lodge. He publishes the Communist Manifesto in London, commissioned by the Communist League (Karl Schapper, affiliated with Giuseppe Mazzini of the Carbonari), that had its origin in the Christian League of the Just.
In 1852 there are 325 french lodges, whilst in 1861 only 269.
1854 Eliphas Levi 'Dogma and ritual of transcendental magic', drawing of Baphomet.
Knights of the Golden Circle.
The American civil war is fought by masons like Robert Anderson and Joseph Palmer.
The British empire uses masons like George IV, William IV, Edward, Prince of Wales (subsequently Edward VII), Canning, Lord Randolph Churchill, the Marquis of Salisbury, Cecil Rhodes, Walter Scott, Rider Haggard, Bulwer Lytton, Conan Doyle, Trollope, Kipling and Wilde.
Texas’s war for independence from Mexico is directed by freemasons such as Sam Houston (Davy Crockett, Jim Bowie and the other defenders of the Alamo are all members of the same Strict Observance lodge, claiming descent of the Templars).
1858 Pascal Beverly Randolph founds rosicrucian lodge Fraternitas Rosae Crucis first lodge in San Francisco 1861, practicing sex magic.
1865 Masonic murder ritual of Abraham Lincoln as Hiram Abiff.(You must conceal all crimes of your brother Masons...and should you be summoned as a witness against a brother Mason be always sure to shield him...It may be perjury to do this, it is true, but you're keeping your obligations. Ronayne Handbook of Masonry, page 183). founding of the Klu Klux Klan (3x11=33).
1866 Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia SRIA in England: Robert Little (also a founder of the Ancient and Primitive Rite of Misraim in England) and Kenneth Mckenzie work for pm Benjamin Disraeli, meet Eliphas Levi, fuse Christian and Sabbataian kabbalah.
1870 Manhattan freemasons like William Florence start the order of the Shriners, Ancient Arabic Order of the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine, centered in Tampa Florida, who wear a red fez (=Liberty cap). 350,000 members from 196 temples (chapters). In some initiations a hazing ritual is performed.
1871 Paris commune, mason Jacques Clement-Thomas.
Albert Pike letter to Mazzini hoax. Pike, a confederate general relaunches the KKK, started as protest movement and absolved because it was too violent. He writes Morals and Dogma (of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite, red book, the great work ends in alchemical stage of reddening rubedo), overview of 33 degrees.
Freemasons spread Darwinism and communism to move towards atheism.

1875 Founding of Theosophical Society in NY (British-Russian agent Helena Blavatsky of House of Dolgokurov).
1877 Founding of Italian lodge Propaganda Due or P2, with members of house of Savoy.
1881 Rite of Memphis-Mizraim (99 degrees, Osiris cult of Memphis, Egypt). President Garfield and tsar Alexander II are assassinated (Tchaikovsky's Circle, Grand Orient of Russia's people)
1882 italian nobility Colonna found the Knights of Columbus, alternative for catholic freemasons, structure like freemasonry: Admission, Formation en Knighthood, secret signs and passwords. social branch international Order of the Alhambra (initiation based on the Christian conquest of Spain), women Daughters of Isabella. The logo contains a fasces, symbol of the fascist Roman Empire, centered in New Haven Connecticut like Yale -Skull and bones.
1884 William Brodie, grandmaster of masons in NY, lays the foundation stone of the Statue of Liberty. The first Theosophical Society in Germany under Wilhelm Schleiden, publishes monthly die Sphinx, Franz Hartmann (magazine with swastika symbol) and Rudolf Steiner.
1886 Statue of Liberty (Venus-Lucifer) in New York, designed by french freemason Bartholdi.
1887 Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, British intelligence agents, using the Enochian tablets of John Dee and kabbalism of the Asiatic Brethren. William Woodman, Samuel Mathers, AC Doyle, AE Waite (who designs a new Tarot-deck, the Rider-Waite deck).

1888 Order of st John, Isis-urania temple, Jack the Ripper pentagram ritual in London.
1889 Samuel Mathers translates the Key of Solomon.
1894 Grand Loge de France (Scottish rite). Masons like Andrew Mellon found oil companies, the Church hides its fortunes behind rich industrialists. Aleister Crowley joins the HOGD.
1895 Theodor Reuss and Carl Kellner found the Ordo Templi Orientis (OTO), claiming to be a continuation of the Knights Templar and Illuminati, using tantra sex magic and worship of grandmaster Baphomet.
Franz Hartmann founds the German Theosophical Society, friends with Carl Kellner, founder of OTO.
Gerard Encausse (Papus), occultist for Russian tzar Nicolas II Romanov, works with Jules Doinel, who founded a gnostic church in France trying, to revive Catharism and Valentinian gnosticism (Jules Doinel collaborated with Leo Taxil, writing anti-masonry books for fun like 'Lucifer unmasked').

1896 Le Diable au XIXe Siècle, jesuit Leo Taxil's anti-freemasonry prank
1902 Rudolf Steiner, president of Theosophical Society publishes Lucifer-gnosis. Edward VII as king of England.

1904 Aleister Crowley writes the Book of the Law, preaching the Thelema philosophy of Do What Thou Willt as a prophet of the Aeon of Horus.
African American sodomy cults at Howard University like Omega Psi Phi by Edgar Love (Prince Hall Masonry, Methodist Episcopal Church, NAACP), Alpha Kappa Alpha, Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Beta Sigma, Sigma Phi Phi, the Boulé, black Skull and Bones,..
1905 the ban on freemasonry in Russia is lifted. Jorg Lanz publishes magazine Ostara, ariosophy, Aryan occultism of the Draco-Orion bloodline.
Crowley as head of OTO, structures the 10 grades as A.A., RC and golden dawn
1 neophyte, 2 zelator, 3 practicus, 4 philosophus, 5 adeptus minor, 6 adeptus major,
7 adeptus exemptus, 8 master of the temple, 9 magus, 10 ipsissimus.
1906 Rudolf Steiner leads Mystica Aeterna within the Masonic Order of Memphis and Mizraim.
1907 Jorg Lanz founds the Ordo Novi Templi (ONT).

1911 Shriners found the Royal Order of Jesters in the Aloha temple, Hawaii. One must first be a Master Mason before being able to join sub-groups like the Scottish Rite, Knights Templar and the Shriners and first be a secretly invited Shriner before joining the Royal Order of Jesters, a self-described 'luxury organization' (Houdini, Truman, Hoover, Ford, Reagan, Buzz Aldrin, Jack Warner of Warner bros, colonel Sanders).
The grades follow a theatrical theme, 13 titles: Director, Tragedian, Property Man, Impressario (conductor), Treasurer, Soubrette, Light Comedian, Serio Comic, Heavy Man (transportation), Leading Lady, Judge, High Constable, Stage Manager (rosicrucian Bacon-Shakespeare all the world's a stage motive).
Billiken as mascotte (the crowned child Horus), an elf like charm doll, also mascotte of jesuit st Louis university (by 1921 there are 1300 jesters from San Francisco to Cincinatti).
1911 the House of the Temple is built in Washington, as mother council of the world, on the map of DC, exactly at the eye of pyramid. Woodrow Wilson creates the Federal Reserve, with mason Nelson Aldrich.
1917 Russian Revolution with masons Vladimir Lenin and Leon Trotsky, who replace Alexander Kerensky (Grand Orient of Russia's People).
1918 Rudolf von Sebottendorf (born 28 days before Crowley, visited pyramid in Gizah in 1900, 4 years before Crowley -initiated in Rite of Mizraim in Turkey) founds the Thule society with swastika symbol, operating from Bavaria (queen of Bavaria is Maria Theresia Stuart, descendant of Sophia Hannover) with members Gustav of Thurn und Taxis (Knights of Malta, Spielberg), to prepare for the WW2 ritual.

Ludwig III and son are member of the Sovereign Order of Saint John (similar to James II Stuart pretender) like Chabelsky Bork, who spread the Protocol of Elders. Thule, the Germanenorden of racist antisemite Theodor Fritsch and Freicorps movement serve as breeding ground for the nazi movement. General Ludendorff who blamed the treaty of Versailles on jewish freemasons and marxists, is connected to the occultists of the Edda Society.

1919 The Order of DeMolay is established in Kansas City, Missouri, by shriner Frank S. Land, named after the 23d grandmaster of the Templars. Steiner founds the Waldorf schools (Astor). Hollywood (named after the holy Holly tree of the druids) is controlled by masons, who use Tarot and mm 33 symbolism: Walt Disney, William Randolph Hearst, DW Griffith, Douglas Fairbanks, Louis Mayor, Jack Warner, Daryl Zanuck, Carl Laemmle, Adolph Zukor, Cecil deMille, Harpo Marx, Ed Wynn,..(MGM with lion symbol: the Neptune in Leo era). Scottish Rite mason David Sarnoff (Rockefeller Brothers Fund) leads RCA Records (Marconi set up Vatican Radio).
1920 Crowley lives in Sicily in his Abbey of Thelema.
1922 Lincoln memorial (Theosophical Society California moves to Pasadena). Mason Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi founds the Pan-European Union with Otto Habsburg (family who ruled the Roman Empire). Knight of Malta Benito Mussolini, controlled by jesuit Pietro Tacci, 'outlaws' freemasonry.
1923 Crowley 3d grandmaster OTO. The Scottish Rite masons of the Aryan Scottish-Irish families Disney and Hearst build the media, movie and entertainment industry, implementing the Crowleyan sodomy and pedophilia religion. The Warner brothers found Hollywood film studio Warner Bros.
1924 after the masonic ritual of the Lindbergh baby kidnapping (mason Charles Lindbergh), mason, shriner and Knight of Malta Edgar Hoover is appointed as head of the spy agency FBI.
1925 Wedia conference in Thuringia, Crowley as head of the OTO has a meeting with the Pansophia lodge of Berlin, Eugen Grosche (Gregor Gregorius), Albin Grau (producer of Nosferatu). Cardinal Caro y Rodriguez writes The Mystery of Freemasonry Unveiled with fake letter from Albert Pike to Giuseppe Mazzini to revive the Illuminati hoax, repeated by William Guy Carr.
1928 In Germany, after schism in Pansophia lodge, Gregorius founds Fraternas Saturni, the Brotherhood of Saturn with Crowley inspired 33 degrees, publishing Saturn-gnosis, with nazi Spiesberger (runes and pendulum).
Spanish priest Monsignor Josemaria Escriva, creates Opus Dei, with rituals of selfmortification.
1932 Washington national memorial Alexandria Virginia. Mason Henry Ford funds globalist institute Council of Foreign Relations.

The nazi's use esoteric symbolism, based on the ideology of Dietrich Eckhart and Alfred Rosenberg ('the Myth of the 20th century' Nordics as superior, anti-christian, anti-jew, anti modern art, German invasion as saviour for Roman empire, corrupted by christianity) like the rosicrician von Rosenbergs who supported Dee and Frederick V, the Nordics of the Order of Golden Fleece, in previous 30 Years War.

1933 (33 most important number in the Scottish rite) rise of 'antichrist' figure Adolf Hitler, Rockefeller center of antichrist figure Rockefeller, first concentration camps (cc=33), where the administration is handled by mason Thomas Watson (IBM).
1937 Himmler's SS practice black sun worship in Wewelsburg castle, with its own crypt. Mason George VI is inaugurated as king of England.

1940 mason Winston Churchill PM of the UK.
1944 'assassination' attempt ritual of Hitler.
1945 nuclear bombs of Manhattan Project are brought to explosion on the 33d parallel (New Mexico, Nagasaki and Hiroshima).
1953 Francis Fisher, of the United Grand Lodge, serves as priest at the coronation of Elizabeth II.

They recreate the Egyptian-Greek mystery religion in the form of movies, tv shows and elaborate media-rituals, full of masonic symbolism.
1963 murder of Hiram Abiff, JFK ritual at 33d parallel.

1967 Prince Edward, grandmaster of the Grand Lodge of London. Rudi Gernrein, partner of OTO member Harry Hay, is promoted in Time magazine with mind controlled Swinging London model Peggy Moffitt (start of masonic black and white duality motif in advertising and pop culture).

1969 moon landing ritual with masons Edgar Mitchell and Buzz Aldrin.
1971 1001 club prince Bernhard, members of Thurn und Taxis family.
1973 in New York (named after the York rite) the Twin Towers are built as the twin pillars of temple of Solomon, Boaz and Joachin (as part of the ritual linked to Scottish rite masons David and Nelson Rockefeller). Scottish masons McMahon family found the WWF (WW=33).
1976 Propaganda Due (P2) under Knight of Malta Licio Gelli and Raul Alberto Lastiri (Argentinian interim president in 1973) transforms into a Right Wing anti-communist group.
1980s a new version of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn with Israel Regardie and Chic Cicero (de Medici, the cult of Hermes), HOGD inc in Columbus, Georgia. Media ritual around the mysterious death of John Paul II (jesuit confessor Dezza), 33 days after inauguration.
1981 media ritual with P2 member Licio Gelli (also rite of Mizraim), jesuit maffiosi Michele Sindona, Knight of Malta Umberto Ortolani, Silvio Berlusconi.
1982 Opus Dei banker Roberto Calvo dies as the Hanged Man, creating a mysterious masonic mystery story. Jesuit Malachi Martin starts spreading more Illuminati rumors.

The symbolism of reaching of the light through a vault or tunnel (sodomy) used in movies like The Shawshank Redemption.

Masonic signs and symbolism like the black and white floor of masonry is introduced in Disney controlled pop culture.

In the internet age, Youtube is used to spread a lot of and confusion to distract from the obvious influence of freemasonry in the music industry (linking Rockefeller to Jay-z and the Illuminati hoax).

2004 Founding of Facebook with the masonic Tubalcain logo, to reach the endgoal of transhumanism. G-mail (Google) uses the M of the masonic apron.

2006 The Da Vinci Code (novel of Dan Brown) expands on the Illuminati hoax of masonic infiltrators in the church, linking it to Opus Dei, filmed at a house of the Cecils.

2020 the Corona Crisis (cc=33) with Anthony Fauci, using fear based mind control in worship of the masonic god Saturn/Chronos, to open the one eye, the crown/corona chakra, in inticipation of the coronation of mason King William V, fullfilling the prophecy of a New Jerusalem, building the Temple of Solomon.


the Illuminati Hoax