History of Freemasonry

- The first mystery religions
- Operative masonry
- Speculative masonry
- Modern freemasonry

The first mystery religions

The Aryan druids of Atlantis perform solar rituals during summer solstice. Teachings about spiritual liberation out of this multidimensional control system are passed on but corrupted by the one eye-cult of Saturn (the cult of Saturn). The teachings are based on the exploring of the inner world, the inward path, going to the underworld like the cycle of the sun and the planets. The North star on top of the celestial pole or Sirius as the divine feminine is considered as a guide to inner world (as above so below).

After the flood, the remnants of a global culture with knowledge of sacred geometry and leylines evolve into Sumerian (Sum-Aryan) and Egyptian civilization.
The Egyptian mystery religion of Isis/Osiris are taught in Un or On (later called Heliopolis, city of the sun). Their temples had 2 obelisks before their entrance (later the 2 masonic pillars Boaz and Joachin, with the 3d pillar of equilibrium in the middle).

They have knowledge about DMT and the pineal gland (the Eye of Horus). They build the 3 pyramids, aligned with the 3 stars of Orion's belt, the divine masculine with the pyramid as a phallic symbol, standing for the great work, death and spiritual rebirth. They have rituals of slaying the Apis bull to ensure fertility. The mythical Emerald tablets of Thoth is alchemical knowlege of life-energy.
The cane of Osiris, held by pharao's, later becomes the question mark symbol.
The spiritual knowledge of building a spiritual temple, to reach union with 'God', develops into a system of morality, veiled in allegory and illustrated by symbols, keeping the knowledge from the undeserving, the vulgar.

The cycle of time, of death and rebirth is exemplified by the death of Osiris and Isis giving new life. Osiris stands for the sun, the masculine, Orion, Isis stands for the moon, the feminine, Sirius. The god Typhon stands for a third force, destruction, death, the sign of scorpio. In rituals these 3 forces are evoked as L-isis mourning, V-Typhon destruction and X-Osiris risen.
The Phoenicians practice child sacrifice to their god Baal. They built their city Tyre, near mount Hermon, the 33d parallel where Lucifer fell on earth.

The Nesalim of Turkey use the double-headed eagle as symbol of their priest-king class.