History of Mind Control

- 1880-1900
- 1900-1920
- 1920-1940
- 1940-1960
- 1960-1980
- 1980-2000
- 2000-2020


JM Charcot, the best known physicist of France, expert on neurosis and hypnosis trains Sigmund Freud, Alfred Binet, Perre Janet, Gilles de La Tourette, William James,... In 1882 Josef Breurer and his pupil Sigmund Freud, experiment in Vienna with catharsis therapy, creating triggers to relive and release trauma. Pierre Janet, a fellow student of Carl Jung, works under Charcot at Salpêtrière hospital in Paris, coins the terms 'dissociate' and 'subconscious'. Gustav Le Bon writes The Crowd: A Study of the Popular Mind. Decadent culture with artists like Charles Baudelaire and Oscar Wilde.

The Cecils found the Society for Psychical Research with British secret service agents (Julian Huxley, pedophile Lewis Carrol, writer of Alice in Wonderland, AC Doyle, WB Yeats, William James,..) and the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn with Aleister Crowley. Sex magic rituals are developed by the OTO.


William Alanson White, professor of mental diseases at Georgetown University of the Jesuits, works at the St Elizabeths Hospital of the Insane in Washington and uses insulin shock therapy.

1908 Belgian jesuit Maurice Maeterlinck (symbolist movement of Rimbaud and Verlaine) publishes the play The Blue Bird. It premieres in Russia at Konstantin Stanislavsky's Moscow Art Theatre, with the use of improvisation and release of subconscious.

1912 Modern ballet company Ballets Russes experiments with shocking audiences. Vaslav Nijinski is used in Afternoon of a Faun (archaic revival of Greek culture, cult of Pan) at the premiere in Paris, to shock the crowd by mimicing masturbation, causing scandals and riots (part of the gay agenda with Marcel Proust).

Edward Bernays (trained at Cornell) turns opera tenors like Enrico Caruso into 'stars' (Age of Aquarius the Star, Crowley's prophecy 'Every man and woman is a star'), to recreate the Greek Pantheon in pop culture. Children like Shirley Temple (Knight of Malta, CFR) and actors like Rudolph Valentino, Mary Pickford (cinematographer of the HOGD) are abused to become 'movie stars'.

1913 Ballets Russes produces Igor Stravinsky's the Rite of Spring, with designs of Nicolas Roerich of Theosophical Society, promoted with media controverse by Bernays. Hearst buys fashion magazine Harper's Bazaar.

1914 After a false flag attack, the WW1 ritual starts. Charles Masterman is appointed to make war propaganda at War Propaganda Bureau of the Foreign Office (Wellington House) with HG Wells (Fabian Society), William Archer (supporter of Bernard Shaw of the FS), Arnold Bennett and jesuit AC Doyle (HOGD), Alfred Harmsworth (The Times, Daily Mail, married to Mary Milner).

At the Salpétrière Hospital in Paris, neurologist Joseph Babinski, a student of hypnotist Charcot, works with traumatised soldiers. Babinski trains André Breton.

1917 Edward Bernays, Charles Merriam (Columbia, the Left Wing Church), Vira Boarman (like Bernays' wife, part of the woman suffrage movement, early feminism), Carl Byoir and George Creel are used to make US war propaganda in Woodrow Wilson's Committee on Public Information. Creel and Byoir work for Hearst, Creel like William Hearst is a member of the Bohemian Club. Walter Lippmann was also an advisor of Woodrow Wilson.

The Scottish-Irish (Aryan) families Disney and Hearst, masons of the Scottish rite, linked to the Order of Malta and jesuits, experiment in Hollywood with methods of programming through trauma based mind control, on children and on the population through children movies and news rituals. William Randolph Hearst invents the sensational tabloid press.

1918 The 'Decline of the West' of Oswald Spengler announces the apocalyptic zeitgeist of the Great Depression, and the symbolic death of Western civilisation.

1919 Founding of and The New School in New York.


1922 Walter Lippmann (mentored by William James of the Theosophical Society, SPR) writes Public Opinion, coins the term 'stereotypes'.
Walt Disney produces cartoons of Alice in Wonderland of SPR member Lewis Carroll (cultural marxist program pop culture), with Alice played by Virginia Davis (Virgo, played in the Blue Bird).

The Maudsley Hospital is opened in Denmark Hill London. Edward Mapother (Eugenics Society) becomes medical superintendent. Founding of the Frankfurt School (the Left Wing Church) in Germany. Propaganda magazine Time.
1924 Babinski's student André Breton (The New School) publishes the Surrealist Manifesto, based on Freud's theory of the pleasure principle and reality principle.
1929 Edward Bernays' famous Torches of Freedom, campaign to make cigarettes look attractive, with The NY Times.
1933 cultural marxist Herbert Marcuse joins the Institute of Social Research (Frankfurt School) with Gyorgy Lucaks, Erich Fromm, Theodor Adorno, Max Horkheimer, Jurgen Habermas. Wilfred Bion is trained at Tavistock Clinic in psychotherapy.

Kurt Lewin, specialised in group dynamics, begins his career at Cornell University. The Group Theatre NY develops more realistic techniques of acting.

1934 The Frankfurt School affilates itself with Columbia University of the Colonna's in NY, Erich Fromm moves to NY. The song Blue bird of Happiness is released by Jan Peerce, lead singer of Radio City Music Hall of Rockefeller Center (opening with Ray Bolger, Scarecrow in Wizard of Oz). Harry Anslanger, 1st Commissioner of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics, plays the role of white, conservative racist, waging a fake war against drugs, helped by media campaign of Hearst.

1935 William Sargant starts working at Maudsley Hospital under Edward Mapother, with catharsis and insulin shock therapy.

1938 Orson Welles War of the Worlds media hoax on CBS radio, based on novel HG Wells (Wellington House, Fabian Society).

1939 Hadley Cantril at Princeton studies how the population reacts to media hoaxes like War of the worlds. Cantril was roommate with Nelson Rockefeller at Dartmouth College (founded by the Dartmouths of the Cecil bloc, Rockefeller funding as distraction).

MGM releases the Wizard of Oz as a manual to learn Monarch children to go to a dissociative state, to 'go over the rainbow' or to 'go to Wonderland', to the inner world (music by Yip Harburg CCNY). The Wizard of Oz has a lot of Egyptian Osiris symbolism, was written by Frank Baum of the Luciferian Theosophical Society, also linked to Crowley. Sex magic in rituals, involving sodomy at young age, fractures the mind into a honeycomb structure of different fragments, after which multiple personalities (alters) can be inserted, not even aware of each other's existence. Alter egos are programmed, based on the kabbalistic pattern of the Tree of Life.


1940 Special Operative Executive (SOE), a branch of MI6 led by Hugh Dalton of the Fabian Society, creates a project of psychological research at deserted places like Inverlair Lodge in Scotland (inspiration for the Shining). Disney starts making children movies with butterfly and other mind control symbolism.

The Office for Inter-American Affairs funds a propaganda war with Germany to influence South America, using CBS (Columbia-Colonna) and agents like Walt Disney, Orson Welles, Rita Hayworth (wife of Orson Welles), John Ford,..

Tony Keswick (related to the opium smugglers of Jardin-Matheson) is made head of Chinese division of the SOE.

In Laurel Canyon, Robert Heinlein has meetings with Ron Hubbard, Jack Parsons and other occultists/science fiction writers and Lookout Mountain air force base facilities are built.

1942 Jack Parsons leads the OTO. William Donavan leads the newly founded Office of Strategic Services, gathers a team of Paul Mellon, director John Ford, actor Sterling Hayden, Alfred Dupont (Colonna), Carl Jung, journalist Tom Braden (Dartmouth, CFR).. Donavan was a member of the Saturn Club with Anson Goodyear of Paramount Pictures.

They experiment on prisoners to create a truth serum (Winfred Overholser at St Elizabeths hospital, through the combination of morphine and scopalamine). Robert Tryon works as a 'behaviour geneticist' for the OSS, conducting experiments on rats to see if skill in maze-solving could be passed on to offspring (mythology of the gnostic Demiurge who created a labyrinth for Sophia). The Macy Foundation organises the first Macy conferences on sociology and cybernetics.

1943 more research on propaganda through Donavan's Morale Operations Branch (Henry Murray, in collaboration with Columbia's The New School), development of psychological warfare techniques by Charles Douglas Jackson. Wiliam Paley of CBS, married to ex-wife of John Randolph Hearst, is made director of radio operations of the Psychological Warfare branch of the Office of War Information in London.

The Tavistock Group is formed (controlled by the Russell, Forbes, Parsons, Carnegie-Mellon, and Spencer families) with Ronald Forbes Adam, Ronald Hargreaves (WHO), Tommy Wilson, Wilfred Bion (group therapy), John Rickman, John Sutherland, John Bowlby (Cecil agent) and Eric Trist (Yale). Cultural marxist Herbert Marcuse joins the OSS.

1945 After the war the trauma based mind control research is applied on the population. Operation Paperclip, transfer of nazi scientists to Fort Detrick, Maryland, overseen by Knights of Malta Peter Grace, Allen Dulles, Renhardt Gehlen,.. The group consists of rocket scientist Werner Von Braun, chemist Otto Ambros, V-weapons engineers Kurt Debus, Walter Dornbergher, Georg Rickhey, virologist Erich Traub, biological weapon engineer Kurt Blome, Friedrich Hoffman,.. The research on propaganda and social engineering methods (ancient trauma research of the Egyptians, Book of the Dead and Necronomicon, the inquisition and the Crusaders), perfected and combined by both the nazis and American intelligence agencies.

1947 The OSS turns into the CIA. The Tavistock group (Rockefeller foundation funding as cover for secret service), turns into the Tavistock Institute. The Lookout Mountain airforce base of Laurel Canyon operates as a movie studio. Elia Kazan founds the Actors Studio in NY.

Hearst controlled media orchestrates the Black Dahlia media ritual.

Project Chatter: At Walter Reed National Medical Center in Bethesda Maryland, Charles Savage works under nazi Theodor Benzinger, head of the Naval Medical Research Institute (NMRI) as a continuation of the nazi experiments in Dachau with mescaline.

1948 William Sargant conducts research at st Thomas Hospital in London. The Institute of Psychiatry is founded, inalliance with the NHS and Maudsley Hospital.

Tavistock doctor John Rawling Reese is made president of the World Federation of Mental Health (globalisation, under control of United Nations/WHO).

1949 The National Institute of Mental Health is formed in Bethesda Maryland.

1950 CIA director Roscoe Hillenkoeter approves Project Bluebird, led by Morse Allen, on 4/20 bday of Adolf Hitler. The blue bird motive shows up much earlier than 1947 (fi Blue Bird Records of Rockefeller affiliate David Sarnoff) because it symbolises Horus (in Greek Harpocrates, from 1904 the Aeon of Horus started, with Crowley as its prophet). They do tests and research on hypnotic triggers, amnesia and multiple personality disorder (hypnotists George Estabrooks of Harvard, William Bryan, Milton Erickson) with veterans of the Korean war at Walter Reed Hospital in Bethesda Maryland. Ron Hubbard writes Dianetics: Science of Mental Health (Freudian psychotherapy, cybernetics of Norbert Wiener).

1951 Project Bluebird turns into Project Artichoke. Morse Allen and Paul Gaynor work with Max Fink in NY, specialised in electroconvulsive therapy (electroshocks to turn patients into a vegetable state). Disney releases full movie Alice in Wonderland as mind control manual with butterfly symbolism.

1953 Project MK Ultra, led by Sidney Gottlieb, involving the famous Scottish Dr Ewen Cameron, Joylon West (S&B affiliated Cornell University), Harold Abramson (Macy Foundation conferences on cybernetics), Harris Isbell, John Gittinger, Martin Orme and Robert Heath (Tulane University, New Orleans), George Hunter White, William Jennings Bryan, Bernard L Diamond, Carl Pfeiffer, Robert Lifton, Max Fink (electroshocks).

Research is undertaken at more than 80 institutions (universities Harvard, Cornell, Tulane, McGill, Stanford, Johns Hopkins, Princeton, MIT, Columbia,..) with 149 subprojects. MK Ultra was a copy of Bluebird and Artichoke: drug and hypnosis research (creating amnesia through electro-shock or hypnotic triggers like telephone calls).

Mind controlled sex slaves like Marilyn Monroe and Jayne Mansfield are used in the cultural marxist agenda of the Left Wing Church in the program Pop culture. 20th Century Fox movie Gentlemen Prefer Blondes Jane Russell (military Russell family, earls of Tavistock) as Dorothy Shaw (Wizard of Oz mind control). As archetypes of moon goddess Isis, they all represent mirror images of each other. The script of Gentlemen Prefer Blondes is written by Anita Loos, who worked for Hearst. She is a friend of Aldous Huxley, who also experiments with mescaline in 1953, provided by Humpfrey Osmond (Pluto dark secrets in Leo Strength Oz). Osmond conducted drug and insuline shock therapy research with Abram Hoffer at the Souris Valley Mental Health Hospital in Weyburn Canada, visited by CIA agent Alfred Hubbard.

The claims of Gottlieb it was part of an assassination program, for instance to kill Fidel Castro, are bogus because Castro was another jesuit puppet. There is no evidence of nazi's being employed at MK Ultra, it was a continuation though of the research of German and British Intelligence during WW2. MPD is created in test subjects. George Estabrooks in his 1957 book 'Hypnotism', states creation of MPD in soldiers is possible and ethical. Hugh Hefner founds Playboy magazine with mind controlled slave Marilyn Monroe on the cover of its first issue as the archetype of Whore of Babylon (12/1, date death Crowley).

1954 Harry Bailey as WHO representative, observes the electroshock-therapy of Ewen Cameron in Canada, William Sargant in London. Aldous Huxley publishes The Doors of Perception about his mescaline experience.

John C Lilly invents the sensory deprivation tank at the National Institute of Mental Health in Bethesda Maryland, close to Walter Reed Hospital.

1955 CIA agent Herbert Marcuse publishes 'Eros and Civilisation', Critical Theory of the Frankfurt School (the Left Wing Church), based on Marx and Freud, with help from Susan Sontag and Philip Rieff (University of Pennsylvania). It is promoted by Sontag in the Columbia Daily Spectator and serves as a blueprint for fake liberation movements, of the Left Wing Church. In Freud's view, sex drive is identical to death drive (Thanatos). Jazz musician Charlie Parker dies of heroin overdose. Olympia Press publishes Vladimir Nabokov's eotic novel Lolita, promoted by Graham Greene in The Sunday Times to normalise pedophilia.

1956 RD Laing starts working at the Tavistock Clinic with John Bowlby, DW Winnicott, Charles Rycroft (Maudsley). Mind controlled sex slave Brigitte Bardot is used in the French film industry.

1957 Magic mushrooms are promoted in Life Magazine (with Bert Lahr, the Cowardly Lion of Wizard of Oz on the cover) by Gordon Wasson (LSE of Fabian Society, JP Morgan). Life Magazine is owned by Henry Luce (Order of Malta, S&B, Time magazine), funded by Henry Davison.


the 60's

Robert Heinlein (Laurel Canyon) publishes Stranger in a Strange Land, set in Bethesda Hospital, messiah from Mars (blue bird Horus) who ushers in world religion, published month before birth Diana.

The CIA trains children of military families in Laurel Canyon (Jim Morisson, Janis Joplin) at Lookout Mountain to become 'pop stars' and icons of the music industry and the fake sexual liberation movement (the Left Wing Church), based on ideology of Cecil's puppet Aleister Crowley. Jim Morrison embodies the Dionysus archetype, god of alcohol and extacy (Elektra Records, greek goddess Elektra with butterfly logo). Paul Rothschild has his house on Lookout Mountain and produces The Doors for Elektra Records, later bought by the Bronfmans.

Frank Barron (educated at Berkeley) founds the Harvard Psychedelic Drug Research, similar to the CIA drug research of Project Bluebird, Artichoke and MK Ultra in the 50's. Michael Hollingshead introduces Timothy Leary to LSD, like he would give LSD to Roman Polanski, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, William Burroughs, Allen Ginsberg, Keith Richards and Alan Watts.

Hollingshead works for the Institute of British-American Cultural Exchange with Huntington Hartford, Lionel Trilling, Buell Gallagher (president CCNY), Frank Howley (NYU). He works with jesuit Jean Houston (friend of jesuit Margaret Mead) and Victor Lownes (Playboy).

In Haight-Ashbury Alan Trist (family of Eric Trist of Tavistock) works with the Grateful Dead (Bob Weir, member of the Bohemian Club, Robert Hunter Scientology).

In Laurel Canyon the CIA trains Frank Zappa, Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys, the Eagles, David Crosby, Stephen Stills, Joni Mitchell (label Frank Sinatra), Brandon deWilde, Crosby, Stills and Nash, The Byrds, The Monkees, Canned Heat,.. Vito Paulekas and his wife sell 'hippie clothing' in their boutique and coin the term 'freak' (Uranus energy: eccentric outsider, marginal).

1962 Columbia releases the debut album of Bob Dylan (Greenwich Village folk scene), produced by John Hammond Vanderbilt Sloane (S&B family) as anthems for the Civil Rights Movement.

The Sunday Times Magazine puts mind controlled model Jean Shrimpton on its cover.

John Frankenheimer's movie The Manchurian Candidate (MC=Mind Control) with Knight of Malta Frank Sinatra about a mind controlled assassin that shoots the president, as predictive programming of the JFK ritual (Laurence Harvey=Harvey Lee). Laurence Harvey later married Pauline Jones of the Swinging London scene, trained at Lucie Clayton Academy like Jean Shrimpton. The same month Philip K Dick's The Man in the High Castle is published about nazi's ruling the US in an alternate reality.

The CIA founds the Esalen Institute (human potential movement, the New Age Church, Fritz Perls so-called Gestalt therapy, Stanford graduates Dick Price, Michael Murphy, Aldous Huxley, Gregory Bateson, Abraham Maslow, Susan Sontag, William Schultz, Alan Watts, Arnold Toynbee, Timothy Leary, Allen Ginsberg, JB Rhine of the SPR,..).

1963 First album of The Beatles, produced by jesuit George Martin.

Harvard funds Walter Pahnke's Good Friday experiment with psilocybin at Marsh chapel under supervision of jesuit trained CIA agent Timothy Leary and Richard Alpert (dean of the chapel is mentor of Martin Luther King, the Dionysian side of JFK). The experiment is a Luciferian ritual in anticipation of the coming Dionysus-Iacchus- Antichrist based on Crowley's philosophy ('Diary of a Drug Fiend'). Other participants are Ralph Metzner and Holocaust survivor Nina Gabrol (12/8/1918- 12/13/1999). Nina Gabrol plays a role in neutralising the anti-war movement with other hippie CIA agents like Yoko Ono. Leary marries Neena von Schlebrugge, a model used by the Hearst family. The Warburgs fund the Institute of Policy Studies of Marcus Raskin (aide of McGeorge Bundy S&B).

1964 As a publicity stunt, Ken Kesy organises a summer road trip of the Merry Pranksters (trickster Mercury) with:
Wavy Gravy (Joker persona, wife played in Peyton Place with Mia Farrow and in Gene Rodenberry's Star Trek)
Lee Quarnstrom (Larry Flynt's Hustler magazine)
Stewart Brand (Philips Exeter Academy, Whole Earth Catalog)
Paul Krassner (the Realist, YIP)
The Grateful Dead
other Stanford graduates Gurney Norman and Ed McClanahan, documented by writer Tom Wolfe (Yale, the Washington Post, Harper magazine of Hearst, New Journalism movement of Hunter Thumpson, Truman Capote, Barbara Goldsmith). Clay Felker (Time) employs Tom Wolfe and Gloria Steinem (Feminist Church).

The LSD of the Merry Pranksters is supplied by Owsley Stanley, who was a volunteer patient at St Elizabeths hospital and worked for JPL of Jack Parsons (his brand of LSD was called Orange Sunshine, Parsons lived at Orange Grove).

BBC show Top of the Pops (program Pop Culture).

1965 Terry Melcher, son of Doris Day, produces The Byrds as the new Beatles (blue album the Byrds= Project Bluebird) for Columbia Records. Melcher works with The Mamas and The Papas (John Philips Naval Academy trained in the Greenwich Village scene, Michelle Philips later girlfriend of Dennis Hopper), Paul Revere and the Raiders (Mark Lindsay), The Beach Boys and helps to create the surf sound of the 60's (surfing=orgasm control in sex magic). He lives at Cielo Drive with actress Candice Bergen.

Like Laurel Canyon in LA, Haight-Ashbury in San Francisco, Greenwich Village in NY, a project is set up in London, to create the so-called Swinging London scene, with Michael Hollingshead, model Jean Shrimpton (Harper's Bazaar magazine of Hearst, sister girlfriend of Mick Jagger), model Pauline Stone, The Beatles, Marianne Faithfull, Michael Caine, Terence Stamp, manager Andrew Oldham, mod designer John Stephen (chain of stores in Carnaby Str), who designs clothes for The Who, The Kinks, The Small Faces, photographer David Bailey (inspiration for Blow Up, glorification of the Kray Twins),..

Models are used to introduce clothing trends like the miniskirt, long hair for men.

Breaking down of the structure of western civilisation as progress (the Left Wing Church mantra 'the times are changin').

1966 Richard Helms is made director of the CIA, educated at elite school Le Rosey (Cecil, Rothschild, Furstenberg and Saxe-Coburgs). Time magazine promotes the Swinging London scene (The Swinging City cover).

The CIA founds the cult Process Church of Last Judgement (based on Church of New Revelation in Heinlein's Stranger in a Strange Land), the Diggers collective and the Church of Satan with Anton LaVey in San Francisco, and in Oakland the fake black liberation movement Black Panther Party (the Black Church, Angela Davis, student of Herbert Marcuse), the animal of Dionysus that represents the Beast 666- Saturn. Abbie Hoffman, also a student of Herbert Marcuse and Abraham Maslow at Brandeis University plays the role of anti-war counterculture icon in the Youth International Party. Eric Trist moves to America, teaches at UCLA.

CIA family Mellon lends their mansion to jesuit Timothy Leary, CIA's assets like Ken Kesey, Robert Hunter and Allen Ginsberg are promoted as 'counterculture' heroes and at the Esalen institute the New Age human potential movement is created. The CIA starts testing LSD and other drugs on the population through head shops in San Francisco. Bobby Beausoleil moves into the house of Kenneth Anger. Chris Wright (Order of the British Empire) founds Chrysalis Records, referring to the Monarch butterfly.

Ingmar Bergman (court of Swedish House of Bernadotte's intermarried with the Mountbattens) makes Persona, about twinning (creating mirror alters, Multiple Personality Disorder) with Liv Ullmann and Bibi Andersson as Alma, on 8/31, date of death Diana in Alma tunnel.

1967 Human Be-In in Haight-Asbury San Francisco with Timothy Leary, Allen Ginsberg, Alan Watts, Dick Gregory, Lenore Kandel (Kenneth Anger movie with Anton LaVey). The event is organised by Michael Bowen (grandmother of Theosophical Society, friend of Leary, Dennis Hopper and Samson de Brier who played Aleister Crowley in Kenneth Anger's Inauguration of the Pleasure Dome with Marjorie Cameron). Their LSD is supplied by Owsley Stanley (Laurel Canyon). Music is provided by CIA bands Jefferson Airplane, Grateful Dead, Big Brother and the Holding Company, Quicksilver Messenger Service, Blue Cheer. It serves as the prelude to the Summer of Love media ritual.

Dialectic of Liberation Conference with RD Laing (Tavistock), Allen Ginsberg, Herbert Marcuse, Stokely Carmichael (Black Power movement). John Philips organises the Montery Pop Music estival with CIA bands Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane, the Who, Jimi Hendrix,.. Owsley Stanley supplies LSD for The Beatles during the filming of the Magical Mystery Tour.

ITV broadcasts The Prisoner with mind control symbolism, based on Inverlair Lodge.

1968 The CIA founds the California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS) with Ralph Metzner, Stanislav Grof (connected to mother Courtney Love, wife of Kurt Cobain), Angela Davis (student of cultural marxist Herbert Marcuse, the Black Church), Alan Watts, Chani Nicolas (gay agenda), Douglas Vakoch (Vanderbilt University, SETI institute of Carl Sagan and Paul Allen who co-founded Microsoft with Bill Gates), Starhawk (feminism, neopaganism), jesuit Brian Swimme, jesuit Richard Tarnas (Esalen Institute).

Fake student protests are orchestrated at Columbia University of the Colonna's, in alliance with mind controlled musicians of Columbia Records. 20th Century Fox movie 'Joanna' with John Philips' wife, Vogue model Geneviève Waite (often photographed by Richard Avedon, who worked for Hearst).

1969 Eric Trist joins Russell Ackhoff at Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania. Pedophilia symbolism in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (=anus), based on story of CIA agent Roald Dahl. the 911 Sharon Tate ritual, mind controlled Charles Manson Antichrist Superstar.

1971 Richard Alpert (Ram Dass) Be Here Now with Monarch butterfly popularises the yoga trend in the New Age Church. Mind control research in Stanley Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange.

1973 (the 70's era of Pluto dark secrets in Libra) According to the official story, Richard Helms destroyed all documents in the aftermath of the Watergate scandal and project MK Ultra ended in 1973 (the year jesuit Vernon Walters was director of the CIA), after an 'investigation' of the Rockeller commission, the same family who funded the reasearch, with Knight of Malta and Hollywood actor Ronald Reagan. In december Colonna-Columbia releases 'Papillon' (=Monarch butterfly).

John Philip's daughter MacKenzie used in movie American Graffiti of George Lucas for flirt scene at age 13 (she discussed her incestuous relationship on the Oprah Winfrey show). Stanislav Grof starts working at the Esalen Institute (school of transpersonal psychology with Abraham Maslow, drugs to induce prenatal experiences).

1974 journalist Seymour Hersh (The New Yorker, NY Times Watergate media ritual, disinfo about the JFK ritual) brings the concept of CIA spying and non consentual drug research into public consciousness with Operation Midnight Climax (George Hunter White and Sydney Gottlieb) as distraction.

John D Marks and Victor Marchetti (plays the role of disillusioned ex-CIA agent) publish CIA and the Cult of Intelligence. Marchetti later claims MK Ultra never ended and the CIA had contact with extraterrestials (mystery, mythology, vagueness, distraction).

1975 The Hearst family orchestrates a media ritual where Patty Hearst supposedly is kidnapped by a dangerous left wing cult, the Symbionese Liberation Army who used 'mind control' on her and forced her to commit a bank robbery (SLA material published by Don Donahue who published the counterculture comics of the 60's). Eventually she is pardoned by president Jimmy Carter.

Doctors who participated in Project Bluebird and MK Ultra (Margaret Singer, Martin Orme, Joylon West), participate in the media ritual, exercising mind control on the audience who don't realise they're part of a mind controlled cult themselves, by watching and believing the so-called news.

Harper Collins (Hearst) publishes The Invisible Landscape of Terence McKenna.

MK Ultra is brought to public attention by US congress, fake investigations of the Church Committee and Rockefeller Commission (Pluto dark secrets in Libra).

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest with Jack Nicholson, based on book of Ken Kesey (SRI, the Grateful Dead).

1976 Playboy Press (bunny Alice in Wonderland programming) spreads more disinfo with Donald Bains book the Control of Candy Jones, who supposedly remembered being part of a CIA program. Her husband Long John Nebel had a UFO conspiracy radio show on WOR, the radiostation of Coast to Coast with jesuit George Noory. Terry Gilliam makes 'Jabberwocky' about the dragon in Alice in Wonderland.

William Thetford (MK Ultra subproject 130: Personality Training) publishes A Course in Miracles (popularisation of channeling in the New Age Church).

Columbia releases Taxi Driver with Robert de Niro and Jodie Foster about a lone wolf assassin and a young prostitute (scene with Monarch butterfly). 20th Century-Fox releases The Blue Bird with Elizabeth Taylor, Ava Gardner (married to Frank Sinatra), Will Geer (partner of Harry Hay OTO) and Jane Fonda.

1977 a bunch of documents are released (20.000 documents that Richard Helms 'forgot' to destroy, released through the so called Freedom of Information Act) to cause more confusion. David Berkowitz, another lone wolf -satanic killer is used to create the Summer of Sam media ritual.

Programs Punk Rock (CBGB's club) in NY and at King's Road Chelsea London. Program Disco in Studio 54 NY. First single of The Police with Stewart Copeland, son of Miles Copeland (SOE, CIA).

The concept of mind control by evil scientists in secret government projects is brought into the public consciousness so it can be normalised in countless Hollywood movies. MK Ultra and the death of Frank Olson is used as a distraction with Gottlieb (deliberately jewish), Cameron (active in Canada, instead of Brittain) as mad scientist boogeymen in B-movies like the Fifth Estate, and more mainstream movies like 'A Clockwork Orange' (orange=33=sodomy) of Stanley Kubrick (his wife related to nazi director Veit Harlan).



1980 Altered States by Ken Russell, based on sensory deprivation tank research of John Lilly, with 5 year old Drew Barrymore.

In the 80's the Disney (ABC) and Colonna (CBS, jesuit Frank Shakespeare) families program the masses with dreams of wealth and fame through soaps Dynasty and Dallas (Joan Collins-Colonna), Disney trains pop stars like Michael Jackson, the child of the Aeon of Horus/Harpo (Disney shows like The Oprah Winfrey Show).

1981 Wonderland murders in Laurel Canyon (Alice in Wonderland programming), year of Diana's wedding on Diana's birthday.

1982 Orson Welles 'Butterfly' about incest.

Pedophile John Casablancas, educated at elite school Le Rosey (Saxe-Coburgs, Rothschild) founds Elite Modeling Agency with Monarch mind controlled slaves Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell, Andie MacDowell, Linda Evangelista, introduces the concept of 'supermodel'. (his son Julian Casablancas is later used in the music industry as lead singer of the Strokes with Fabrizio Moretti, partner of Drew Barrymore)

The 90's

Rick Strassman (Stanford) leads a research project on DMT in the University of New Mexico.

Program Alternative Rock: Rick Ruben (NYU) and the Red Hot Chili Peppers record their album in the house of Harry Houdini in Laurel Canyon. Joaquin and River Phoenix are raised in the cult Children of God.

During the 90's CIA-asset Mark Philips, handler of Cathy O' Brien, introduces the name 'Project Monarch'. The name 'Project Monarch' is a distraction, there is no proof it ever existed, but there is lots of undeniable proof the monarch butterfly is a symbol for mind control, even before MK Ultra. The famous photo with text 'strain all urine' is no proof. Brice Taylor and Cisko Wheeler use these sensational stories to link this fictituous project to cliché one eye- Illuminati theories. In conspiracy folklore this becomes part of a mythology with other distractions like Project Blue book (ufo's) and Project Montauk (time travel, inspiration for Stranger Things). These versions of the story completely ignore the role of the jesuits and the Cecil dynasty who controlled British intelligence network since 16th century and controlled Aleister Crowley.

The daughter of Linda Carroll (Esalen Institute with Stanislav Grof), Courtney Love marries Kurt Cobain (Dave Grohl S&B family) to promote drug abuse, as a continuation of the CIA drug research with Jim Morrison in the 60's.

Normalisation of trauma based mind control with Alice in Wonderland and Wizard of Oz in the series and movies of David Lynch (Twin Peaks, Lost Highway, Mulholland Drive).

1999 David Icke publishes the Biggest Secret, promoting the deception of Springmeier, Cathy O' Brien and Arizona Wilder (claims of being programmed by Josef Mengele, etc), the fictional Project Monarch and linking Tavistock to the usual suspects Rockefeller and Rothschild. The story of Arizona Wilder is unverifiable so easily ridiculed, while the countless examples of mind control symbolism are undeniable. The CIA is identical to the Saturn cult/jesuits but Icke focuses on the clowns Michael Aquino (Temple of Set, supposedly worked at a psychologocal war division), and Anton LaVey to link satanism to mind control without evidence. Fake conspiracy theories is another form of mind control (control of information and emotion).


2000 Requiem For A Dream and A Beautiful Mind both with Jennifer Connelly show use of electroshocks.

2003 Alternate Reality Games, more advanced methods of messing with people's minds, designed by 42 Entertainment (Susan Bonds, worked for Disney). Miles Johnston's Bases Project and Kerry Cassidy's Project Camelot spreads more disinformation about mind control (Max Spears, Casbolt,..).

Disney creates mind controlled sex slaves like Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Ryan Gosling, Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus, Kim Kardashian to influence children with bad role models.

The mental breakdowns of pop stars become part of the spectacle of Hollywood entertainment. Monarch butterfly symbolism also in Japanise entertainment Cowboy Bepop (2001) and Paprika (2006, Sony Pictures Entertainment Japan).

From 2010, Hearst controlled Vice media and Tavistock institute, gradually starts brainwashing children with Newspeak like 'genderneutral', pushing the gay-transgender agenda, towards a Luciferian world religion (Gaycation with Ellen-Elliott Page who acted in Christopher Nolan's 'Inception' with Leonardo di Caprio). The rainbow of dissociation, used in Wizard of Oz programming is used in the Luciferian sodomy religion (media hoaxes like the Orlando shooting).

In 'Remember who you are' David Icke claims Haarp is used for mind control and is linked to the research of Jose Delgado (Delgado studied at Yale university and published a paper about putting electrodes in humans, (publicised in the New York Times) and a book 'Physical control of the mind' in 1969). Icke appeared in Hearst controlled Vice media.

I-phones developed in Silicon Valley, based on the sand-silica like structure of the pineal gland, become mandatory as mind control devices, giving a daily dosage of fear and new programming.

2016 Stranger Things mind control project with sensory deprivation Matthew Modine Winona Ryder (Timothy Leary as godfather, friend of John Lilly, inventor of sensory deprivation tank) Millie Bobby Brown (transgender agenda).

2017 disinfo about mind control of Roseanne Barr (who endorsed Trump, promoted on Russia Today), false hope narrative in Qanon and Pizzagate hoax as Alternate Reality Game, where Fox of Rupert Murdoch is portrayed as good.

2020 the big Corona mindfuck circus, brainwashing the entire world with trauma based mind control, forcing slaves to live in a bubble, inject nanotechnology to be reborn as a Monarch butterfly out of his cocoon (Will Smith in 'I Am Legend', announced the quarantine, evolves into a butterfly). Like the planes hitting the towers at 911, images of deaths are continuously repeated over and over again to create post-traumatic stress symptoms and eliminate all critical thinking.

David Icke spreads theories about 5G, being used for mind control, an easy excuse for more internet censorship. Pro and anti vaccine-opponents are bombarded with false information to cause confusion and more fear. Jesuit Donald Trump was educated at Wharton business school, through Eric Trist a direct link to Tavistock. Social media is used as the ultimate form of mind control (the blue bird of Twitter), with mind controlled slaves like the Kardashians.


Misleading books on mind control

Most books about mind control are deception. The subject is dark enough, when nazi's like Mengele and Hitler are thrown in the mix with detailed descriptions of torture, it becomes useless fear mongering:

Anne Collins 'In the Sleeproom'
Arizona Wilder
Brice Taylor 'Thanks for the Memories'
Candy Jones 'the Control of Candy Jones'
Carol Rutz 'A nation betrayed'
Cathy O' Brien 'Trance-formation of America'
Corydon Hammond 'Hypnosis in MPD: ritual abuse' (story of nazi dr Greenbaum)
Daniel Estulin 'Tavistock Institute: Social Engineering the Masses'
Fritz Springmeier 'the Illuminati Formula to Create an Undetectable Mind Controlled Slave'
HP Albarelli 'A Terrible Mistake: the murder of Frank Olsen and the CIA's secret Cold War experiments'
Jim Keith 'Mind control, World control'
John Coleman 'Tavistock: Shaping the Decline of the US'
John DeCamp 'the Franklin Cover-up' (Paul Bonacci claiming he was part of Project Monarch)
John Marks 'the Search for the Manchurian Candidate'
Jon Rappoport 'CIA Experiments with Mind Control on Children', Perceptions Magazine, September/October 1995
Kathleen Sullivan 'Unshackled'
Kenn Thomas 'Mind control, Oswald and JFK'
Kenn Thomas 'Nasa, Nazis & JFK'
Martin Lee and Bruce Schlain 'Acid dreams'
Michael Hoffman 'Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare'
Neil Sanders 'Your thoughts are not your own'
Ron Patton 'Project Monarch: nazi mind control'(claims Paul Bonnaci was a survivor of Project Monarch, links mind control to the Illuminati and Josef Mengele)
Tracy Twyman 'Mind controlled sex slaves and the CIA'
Walter Bowart 'Operation Mind Control'

Mind Control

Sigmund Freud