History of Gnosticism

- Early influences
- The Cathars
- The Rosicrucians
- Gnosticism in modern pop culture

The sons of the serpent, the slave race of the serpent masters (the fallen angels-Lucifer who had sex with human women, creating the Nephilim giants) taught women 'gnosis' and were later glorified or villified by the serpent masters for that reason. Gnosis is Greek for knowledge. 'Knowing' in the bible has a sexual connotation (Daath, Adam 'knew' his wife). The sons of the serpent taught people knowledge of mushrooms, containing DMT, let them experience other realms than everyday reality.

The teaching of this forbidden knowledge resulted in punishment, Zeus punishing Prometheus (who, like Lucifer, stole fire from gods to give it to mankind), hanging and condemned like later Jesus Christ. The Christos is a messenger and son of the Serpent, therefore not of the Creator. It is thought that Lucifer brought about physical procreation through a primeval sexual act with Eve.
With procreation came death, the opening of the gate of death, the act of 'sinking into matter' as a necessary step to link man to the current whereby Paradise can again be gained. Luciferians want humanity to go through this fall again (by entering a new virtual, artificial reality), willfully, and thus gain eternal life and wisdom, become god (the path of Saturn).

Early influences

The concept that 'reality' is not our original reality was passed on by the Greeks through the metaphor of people in a cave, who sit in chains with their back to a fire and can only see shadows (later in the works of invented author Plato).

Certain members of the Greek elite were initiated in a mystery religion, for instance the rites of Eleusis, using the myth of abduction of Persephone, the Dionysian or Orpheic mystery religion. In all cultures, the worship of the Kundalini-serpent was already prevalent.

In the Timaeus of Plato, is described how a god named the Demiurge or Craftsman created the universe in which we live as a material copy of an ideal spiritual world made up of eternal ideas. God creates the world through a lower aspect, the Logos, the word (in the New Testament, Jesus is the word made flesh). Greeks considered homosexuality as superior above sex with women, woman as kakodaemon, necessary evil to procreate.

After the captivity of the Jews in Babylon, the Pharisees (a kind of intellectual aristocracy among the Jews) combined old secret doctrines into a theology. Early gnostic schools had a jewish influence, focusing on the jewish bible, especially Genesis. There are similarities between the Reality of the Rulers and the Jewish Targum Pseudo-Jonathan. Later Jesus was incorporated and stories became Christianised (like the Secret Book of John). Hermetic literature explains very similarly, that the material world is not our true home, but contains no elaborate creation myth.
Another influence is the Jewish philosopher Philo of Alexandria who anticipated the Gnostics by depicting God as consisting of multiple powers and aspects and by saying that a lower, second God created this universe.

100 -170 Valentinus, founder of Valentinianism, born in Phrebonis in the Nile delta and educated in Alexandria, an important and metropolitan early Christian centre of alchemy (Christian philosopher Basilides, Hellenized Jews like Philo Judaeus), founded a school in Rome. The Naassenes, Ophites, also symbol of Tribe of Dan.

150 codex II The Secret Book According to John world order as dominated by evil rulers who oppress human beings and work to prevent them from achieving their full spiritual potential. The mind of god is unknowable, the ultimate unknowable God is called the Invisible Spirit or the Invisible Virgin Spirit.
This Spirit is unlimited, unfathomable, ineffable, immeasurable, and incorruptible, complete silence and rest.
After the crucifiction, John meets a Pharizee who tells him jesus has misled him. The heavens open and a Saviour takes three forms—a child, a young person, and an elderly person (tiferet) God as Invisible Spirit has first thought Forethought (=Prometheus, lucifer).


180 Irenaus of Lyon, the most fierce critic of the gnostics writes 'Against the heresies', making a distinction between orthodox Christianity and heretics. Even before the gnostics, Christianity was diverse and had internal conflicts. The school of Marcion was also called heretic but there was no dominant structure yet to impose standard. Hairaisis means 'school of thought', faction and has no negative connotation. Irenaus tries to trace the gnostics to new testament character Simon Magus, the sorcerer of Nero (antichrist), inspired by Satan (according to Eliphas Levi in the 19th century, Simon Magus was indeed the founder of gnosticism, disguised as christianity). He proposed the canon of Old (considerd inferior but still from God) and New testament as one bible and the concept of holy trinity, father son and holy spirit. resurrection of the flesh, kingdom of god as spiritual realm.

200 Revelation of Adam, Reality of the Rulers (Norea, sister of Seth) Cain as the child of Eve and the rulers, Abel as the son of Adam and Eve, Seth as the son of god (Saturn). Yaldaboath, the demiurg and his offspring of 7= the 7 chakras, ruled by Saturn.

In Christianity, Jesus is born in Bethlehem, which means Virgo (Beit Laheim, the house of bread). The Eucharistic ritual did not originate with Christianity but earlier 'pagan' practices in which a totem or hero is identified with divinity, sacrificed and consumed as way to merge with Spirit (eating mushrooms as union with God).

228 Mani has a vision of angel as a 12-year old, another vision at 24. He develops a complex mythology struggle good evil, Manicheism.
353 St Augustinus becomes a Manichaeist. Manichaeism had two kinds of adherents: the Elect, who led celibate and morally pure lives, and the Hearers, who led normal married lives. This became a template for Christianity: priests and regular christians. Plotinus develops Neo-Platonism.

The Mandaeans (manda=knowledge=gnosis) had contact with Knights Hospitalier, tried to achieve contact with the higher realms of light through rituals involving water. Mandaean temples had a pool, called a Jordan after the Jordan River in Palestine. Baptism in this pool connected a person with the realm of light. John the Baptist plays an important role in Mandaean mythology and rituals as a teacher and priest. Because the Mandaeans came into conflict with christians, Jesus played a negative role in their mythology.
In western tantra, initiates try to attain primordial spiritual unity through erotic bliss and consumption of semen and menses.
The Merovingian dragon/serpent bloodline called themselves the mer vere, wolf beast from the sea.

The Cathars

Kabbalism resurfaced in 13th-century Provence, which was at that time also the center of the Gnostic Cathars.
The Knights Templar were influenced by gnosticism of Ismaili's secret islamic sect, that had been introduced to them in the Holy Land. The Cathars believed that Jesus had descended to the material plane to undo the rule of the God of Israel, and that he had liberated mankind from the law of Moses and the natural order, through salvation in his name. Out of gnostics and Knights Templar (suppressed in France, escaped to Spain)=> rosicrucians =>king of Spain revives Knights Templar as the Order of the Jesuits.

The Cathars believed that the body, and life itself, was the creation of an evil god (books Secret Supper, Satan allowed to create the material world, vision of Isiah, the two principles)
The Cathars took their name from the Greek word meaning 'pure ones' and claimed to represent a higher form of Christianity, purer than what they saw as the corrupt and polluted Roman Catholic Church. They did not recognize the authority of the Church and believed that homosexuality was sacred because it was a form of love which did not result in procreation (locking humans in a cycle of earthly incarnations). Following the Platonic ideal of Venus Urania, the Cathars believed that Brotherly Love was more in keeping Christ's teaching than the love between husband and wife.

The Cathars organized themselves as the Manichaeans did, into two levels of membership. The Perfect gave up sex and private property, and they abstained from meat and dairy products.
When they died, their souls would escape this world. Ordinary believers supported the Perfect and lived less ascetically. When they died, their souls would be reincarnated in new bodies.
They often worked as weavers (tantra: weaving). Venus Lucifer, because of her 8 year cycle depicted as the 8 pointed star, was also worshipped as an 8 legged spider goddess who wove the world into existence. The Cathars also allowed women to preach and served as leaders and criticized the corruption of Catholic bishops and priests. Cathars were divided into three classes: Listeners, Believers and Perfect (black robes, cord around the waist). The Perfect, upon being consoled, were given the title of Theotokos, which means God-Bearer, an assignation usually associated with the Virgin Mary.

Their most famous stronghold was Montsegur, in the Narbonne region, of south France.

1167 council of st Felix. The ideal of courtly love was preached and praised in the songs of the troubadours (minnesingers, love for the sacred feminine Lucifer Venus), in a period of religious freedom for jews. Stories circulated about how the Cathars (‘from the cat) worshipped black cats. They were said to kiss the posterior of the cat, in whose form, as they say, Lucifer appears to them (the mystery of the cycle of life and death, the element phosphor that lights up in dark, also in urine).
Hildegard von Bingen had apocalyptic visions the cathars were the devil of the bottomless pit rev 911.

The catholic church prosecutes the Cathars, supresses the female Ophiuchus energy, abolished the 13th sign, as a revenge on their rebellious slave race, serving the ancient gods (yhvh, zeus).

1209 Pope Innocent III calls for a military campaign to wipe out the Cathars in southern France, another Holy War against heretics. The Albigensian Crusade persisted for 20 years.

1300 Catharism has disappeared.
1312 The Knights Templar are also suppressed on charges of heresy, blasphemy and sodomy, the same charges that had been leveled against the Cathars.

1462 The Medici's revive the Hermetic tradition, found an academy in Florence and order Marsilio Ficino to translate Greek texts attributed to Plato into Latin.

Martin Luther defined the Devil as a giant anus (black sun Saturn) and in much iconography Evil and Sin is personified by farting, shitting, and sodomy. The inquisition drove Cathars underground, living double lives.

Protestantism was controlled opposition of the church of Rome where Martin Luther was presented as a Luciferian rebel, a rosicrucian gnostic Christ thrown out of the pleroma (the dome of Rome).
During the witch trials of the 16th century similar heresy accusations were made as attack on woman, revenge on Eve for being seduced by the serpent, with burning punishment like later concentration camps during the Holocaust.

The Rosicrucians

1616 the rosicrucian wedding of Frederick V and Elizabeth Stuart with a performance of Shakespeare's the Tempest (John Dee/Prospero trapping Miranda in a play within a play).

Napoleon Peyrat 'History of the Albegensians' romanticises the Cathars.

1773 'Discovery' of the Pistis Sophia, a gnostic kabbalistic text, supposedly written in 3d or 4th century, containing 4 books of dialogues between Jesus and disciples and Mary Magdalene, about reaching the 13th aeon (13th zodiac sign) through ego death.

In his Parsifal opera's about the Holy Grail, Richard Wagner bases his Montsalvat on the grail castle Montserrat of the Cathars.

1888 Order of st. John (the Baptist)
1899 in Achmim, Egypt the 'discovery' of the ‘Codex Berolinensis'
Jules Doinel and Theodor Reuss revive gnosticism. Ordo Templi Orientis practice eastern tantra sex magic

Theodor Ruess considered gnosticism identical to Vamachari rites of the Tantrics and designed 10 initiatory degrees based on sex magic. He forms the Ecclesia Gnostica, consecrated as bishop of Montsegur. Aleister Crowley becomes the head of the OTO in Britain, calling himself Baphomet, writes Liber XV gnostic mass (15 the devil), performed by Agape Lodge Los Angeles. Grady Mcmurtry is made head of the OTO in 1969 (over 1000 members).

The physical space of the temple is arranged in the image of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life with the altar representing the Supernal Triad, the twenty-two candles representing the paths between the ten emanations of creation and the veil representing the abyss between the lower seven and the upper three. altar with the stele of revealing, book of the law, cup with roses.
male officer, the Yod of YHVH. he carries the lance, the shaft of light,axis mundi, aspiration and potency. His recurring death and resurrection is the key element in the mass. The priestess is the first H of YHVH. she carries the sword (iron, judgement) to open the veil of the tomb and release the man.(duality earthly babalon and heavenly nuit).
the Deacon is considered androgynous, union of opposites, the V of yhvh. assoc with tehuti/toth and teacher Aiwass. two Children.the final H of yhvh, the child Heru Ra Ha (horus+ expansive, harpocrates- restraining). offer consecrated cookies called Cakes of Light to the congregation.
black child enters from southwest with water and salt, followed by priestess in blue and gold (the virgin isis, virgo) with red girdle, holding the sword, carrying a paten with wafer, followed by white child with censor and incense. priestess performs four services which correspond to four transformations within the Gnostic Mass: raising of the Priest; opening the veil; consecrating the elements of the Eucharist with the Priest; and the union/communion.
-she placing paten before cup of babalon, circumambulation in serpentine pattern (3 and half circle draco ourobouros, kundalini around spine). In front of the tomb, she draws her sword and parts the veil with the command:
Arise! A man emerges from the tomb with the lance (a staff his height) in hand. With the elements of salty water (water and earth) and with burning incense (fire and air).
- the Priestess purifies and consecrates him; with the Scarlet Robe and Serpent Crown, she clothes him. Kneeling, she adores the lance. dialogue between nuit and hadit, through a veil, based on book of the law.man becomes priest, proclaims the Anthem,or the invocation of energy
-The union of the Priest-Lord and the Priestess-Lady is mystically consummated with the immersion of the host into the cup.(sacred union results in divine child)


In gnosticism there are 'mystical' tendencies which claim union with a transcendent but knowable divine reality, 'ascetic' tendencies which deny the physical in favor of the spiritual, control of the sexual energy, avoid the spilling of the cup of Hermes and 'libertine' tendencies like Crowley's interpretation which celebrate the created world, celebrate indulgence, the whore, the harlot. Crowley claimed that a magician could only understand the holy mysteries by resolving sexual polarity.

Rudolf Steiner of the Theosophic Society publishes Lucifer Gnosis.
1929 Brotherhood of Saturn ONT Ordo Novo Templo, Jorg Lans von Liebenfelz. 'Good God' could only be reached through gnosis In the Saturn-Gnosis. Saturn, the planet and archetype of Saturn is the focal point for the manifestation of the Demiurge. This Demiurge is identified with Lucifer, the Bearer of Light as the higher octave of Saturn. This Demiurge Saturnus is identified with the number 666. He is the Beast 666, manifest in the Man (or Men) 666, and in the Living Center of the Sun, Sorath 666. In sex magic rituals, man is seen as Jupiter solar force , women as Saturn lunar force. Teaching of 5 m's, Sanskrit maithuna (eros), mansa (meat), matsya (fish), mudra (grain), and madya (wine or mead), in a ritual meal.
These rituals are aimed at a astral procreation, creating astral entity, a 'magical' of 'divine' child. A woman in pentagram is brought to trance, using sigils. The charged sexual fluids that flow from the vagina after the act are mixed with an alcoholic spirit and used to soak the parchment (goatskin). Three drops of the magician's blood, drawn from his Saturn (middle) finger, are added to the parchment. The parchment is then dried over a brazier. A pendulum is used to determine the presence and relative strength of the psychogone inhabiting the parchment. Crowley also describes rituals where the partakers fall asleep, reach ero-comatose lucidity (sleep of Siloam).

1933 Eranos conferences at OTO center Monte Verita with Gilles Quispel (Gospel of Thomas).

1937 Otto Rahn (working for Heinrich Himmler) writes the 'The Court of Lucifer'. Rahn compared the struggles of the Cathars against the Crusaders with the struggles of Hitler to establish the Thousand Year Reich (using the swastika symbol of the north star, linking the bear Arcturus to king Arthur tales), seeing the Cathars as good Aryans who opposed not just Rome but also Judaism. In later fantasy stories, he becomes a Nazi Indiana Jones who actually found the Grail and took it back to Germany, where it was hidden in the Bavarian Alps shortly before the end of the war. The occultist, nazi's, bankers all work towards their dream of eugenics, restoring the grail of Aryan blood.

1945 ( the year of the formation of the League of Nations) the Nag Hammadi library is 'discovered' in upper Egypt (written in Coptic, the last phase of ancient Egyptian language), containing 13 codexes.
Codex I (also known as The Jung Codex):
The Prayer of the Apostle Paul, the Apocryphon of James (also known as the Secret Book of James), the Gospel of Truth, the Treatise on the Resurrection, the Tripartite Tractate
Codex II: The Apocryphon of John (heart), the Gospel of Thomas a sayings gospel, the Gospel of Philip, the Hypostasis of the Archons, On the Origin of the World,
the Exegesis on the Soul, the Book of Thomas the Contender
Codex III:
The Apocryphon of John, Holy Book of the Great Invisible Spirit named The Gospel of the Egyptians, Eugnostos the Blessed, the Sophia of Jesus Christ, the Dialogue of the Saviour
Codex IV:
The Apocryphon of John, Holy Book of the Great Invisible Spirit named The Gospel of the Egyptians
Codex V:
Eugnostos the Blessed, the Apocalypse of Paul, the First Apocalypse of James, the Second Apocalypse of James, the Apocalypse of Adam
Codex VI
The Acts of Peter and the Twelve Apostles, the Thunder, Perfect Mind, Authoritative Teaching, the Concept of Our Great Power
Republic by Plato - The original is not gnostic, but the Nag Hammadi library version is heavily modified with then-current gnostic concepts.
The Discourse on the Eighth and Ninth - a Hermetic treatise, the Prayer of Thanksgiving (with a hand-written note) - a Hermetic prayer
Asclepius 21-29 - another Hermetic treatise
Codex VII:
The Paraphrase of Shem, the Second Treatise of the Great Seth
Gnostic Apocalypse of Peter ( only fleshy substituite will be tortured The living Jesus will be set free and stand nearby, laughing at the blindness of those crucifying the substitute) The Savior tells Peter how the Christian church will develop; certain Christians will lead people astray and teach them to worship a false church, and they will tell people that salvation comes only through them and their pseudo-church. Right now, these leaders
oppress true believers, “the little ones,” but eventually, truth will win out, and the little ones will be vindicated.)
The Teachings of Silvanus, the Three Steles of Seth
Codex VIII:
Zostrianos (similar to story of Enoch), the Letter of Peter to Philip
Codex IX:
Melchizedek, the Thought of Norea, the Testimony of truth
Codex X:
Codex XI:
The Interpretation of Knowledge, A Valentinian Exposition, On the Anointing, On Baptism (A and B) and On the Eucharist (A and B), Allogenes, Hypsiphrone
Codex XII
The Sentences of Sextus, The Gospel of Truth, Fragments
Codex XIII:
Trimorphic Protennoia, On the Origin of the World
(gnostic, Valentian, emphasis on Thomas and Hermes)
discovery of the Dead Sea scrolls.

In the Gospel of Thomas, Thomas repeatedly calls Jesus 'the living Jesus'—the Jesus who lives now and is present to people realize that the kingdom of heaven is within us, that knowing Jesus is knowing our true selves. With the phrase 'Be passersby', Thomas urges people to live in this world as if they are just passing through. teach that to know one’s self is to know God, that is, the Jesus who is within you and who you are.

'Jesus said, Show me the stone that the builders rejected: that is the keystone. Jesus saw some babies nursing. He said to his disciples, "These nursing babies are like those who enter the Father's kingdom.
They said to him, Then shall we enter the (Father's) kingdom as babies? Jesus said to them, When you make the two into one, and when you make the inner like the outer and the outer like the inner, and the upper like the lower, and when you make male and female into a single one, so that the male will not be male nor the female be female, when you make eyes in place of an eye, a hand in place of a hand, a foot in place of a foot, an image in place of an image, then you will enter the kingdom.'

The gospel does not have the complicated divine realm of Gnostic myths. Salvation is the integration of a divided self. The twinship of Thomas and Jesus becomes a metaphor for the relationship between every human soul and Jesus, the lower self having doubts and the higher self with inner knowledge.

It rejects traditional practice of religion and external activities like fasting, praying, giving alms and other acts of piety, condemns making money and engaging in business.

Gnosticism in modern pop culture

To Carl Jung, the Barbelo was the collective unconscious (movie Barbella, Barbie doll). Modern media creates celebrities who were programmed through trauma based mind control and who have mirror alters. They all represent archetypes, mirror images of the same gods and goddesses. Movie characters with amnesia represent the fall of consciousness, the amnesia of the human species, cut off from Sophia, the higher self, with a lot of references to trauma based mind control, creating amnesia barriers.

1947 In the Black dahlia ritual of Hearst media, the mysterious women Elizabeth Short in the newspaper pictures, represents Sophia,who fell into a dreamworld, equated with the fallen angel Lucifer, Elizabeth Stuart, trapped by John Dee. Her death was announced in the movie Blue Dahlia.

Jesuit trained rosicrucian Samael Aun Weor connected to German OTO spy Arnold Krumm-Heller, publishes books on gnosticism like The Perfect Matrimony (myth of Jesus and his wife).
1951 Disney, specialized in mind control releases Alice in Wonderland, a sort of manual for mind control, Sophia fallen into a dreamworld.
1953 Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica Los Angeles. Richard Duc de Palatine also received a charter in 1953 to head an organization first called 'the Brotherhood of the Illuminati', renamed 'the Order of the Pleroma' in 1960. The religion is liturgical, closely resembles Valentinian Christianity, and, following the Valentinian Gospel of Philip, contains 5 basic sacraments or mysteries: baptism, chrism, eucharist, redemption, and bridal chamber.


1963 The JFK ritual as a moralistic tale, told as a gnostic myth where Jackie is replaced by false eve Marilyn Monroe. Spectators, trying to solve the mystery through pictures, fell in a sort of dreamworld of fake clue's and fake characters like Alice in Wonderland.

1967 Star Trek (CIA connected Gene Rodenberry), Return of the Archons. Charles Manson had a son Valentine Smith, named after Valentine Michael Smith from the 1968 book 'Stranger in a Strange land'.

1969 The Sharon Tate ritual was a modern version of the abduction of Persephone, the mystery of Sophia, who fell in a lower state, announced in Polanski's 'Rosemary's Baby'.

In the 70's the translation of the Nag Hammadi supposedly is finished, 'discovery' of the Tchacos codex.
1974 Philip K Dick (referring to the gospel of Philip-horselover, kd= 411, nr of the curse of Cain) supposedly has a religious experience, a parallel life as Thomas. He is used to introduce gnosticism into pop culture (he holds a press conference where he states we are living in a sort of matrix), with the CIA controlled 'counterculture' of the hippies as the first gnostic Christians, rebelling against the Empire. A lot of his works were made into Hollywood movies: a Scanner Darkly (through a glass darkly eye), Blade Runner, Minority Report, the Adjustment Bureau, the Man in the High Castle,..

Computers and eventually I-phones are offered (Steve Jobs as the new John Lennon), the seduction of the eating of Lucifer's Apple as gnosis daath (data). Da'ath is a screen, an interface to another world, out of the Saturn matrix of duality, likes /dislikes. Internet as portal to one world brain.

1981 Philip K. Dick publishes Valis, the artificial inteligence Lucifer as Vast Active Living Intelligence System. In the book a satellite from Sirius allows people to achieve gnosis- (also in Robert Anton Wilson's Cosmic Trigger) as a metaphor for the silicon revolution. phrase 'the (Roman) Empire never ended'. The character Sophia Lampton, daughter of rock musician Eric Lampton is a gnostic messiah, based on David Bowie-starchild 2001. announces Sirius XM Satellite Radio of Martine Rothblatt.

 wedding Charles and Diana ('most photographed woman in the world') of Merovingian bloodline, at St Paul (symbolic cup, red rose, as a gnostic mass to create a 'magical' child William)

(PKD writes 'the Divine Invasion' -Belial fallen morning star, beggar Elias Tate- 'the Transmigration of Timothy Archer', based on James Pike, a tv-bishop promoting LGTB rights)
1982 Blade Runner about replicants questioning the nature of reality and their own existence. Birth of Diana's son William (marriage cathar-ine) as a gnostic messiah on a solar eclipse during summer solstice (the year of publishing of the book 'Holy blood holy grail')
1983 the movie Videodrome (Playboy bunny Blondie as Alice in Wonderland). Samael Aun Weor Pistis Sophia Unveiled.
1984 Brian da Palma (born 911) Body Double: the voyeuristic witness watches the murder of Sophia. The quest for answers about the mystery of her murder creates a double, a representation, a false Eve created by the demiurge. He falls in love with her reflection, with the material world, and becomes an accomplice to her murder.

1985 Phenomena Jennifer Connelly as Sophia.

1986 Labyrinth Jennifer Connelly as Sarah trapped by demiurge Jareth the Goblin King (David Bowie), character Dydimus.
1991 David Lynch Twin Peaks the murder of Laura Palmer is the murder of Sophia, the abduction of Persephone. Modern tv-series as Sirius mystery religion.
1993 The Crow murder of Sophia, River Phoenix dies on Halloween in the Viper Room of Johnny Depp.
The Fugitive: on the run for murder Sophia
1995 Neon Genesis Evangelion (Japanese anime) references to the Dead Sea Scrolls
1997 the Diana murder mystery
1998 The Truman show: Jim Carrey saved by Natasha Mcelhone=Sophia, the higher self liberates Truman out of his fake world, created by the Demiurg.

Dark city: Jennifer Connelly (the Archons= the Strangers, word also used in Stranger in a Strange Land about Valentine Smith, Stranger things) Kiefer Sutherland William Hurt. The Archons as bald figures with long leather coats, similar to the Greys in pop(e) culture.
1999 The Matrix: Neo is the one, the monad eon, gnostic christ, Keanu Reeves as Thomas (gospel of thomas, the twin, the lower self) Anderson. Eyes Wide Shut, Tom Cruise lost in illusionary world in masked figures standing around him like the archons in Dark City.
2000 Eminem ft Dido Stan obsession with mirror world, loss contact sophia, kills real Sophia. David Lynch movie Mulholland Drive, Sophia sees mirror image of poster with Rita Hayworth, falls in a dream world (Hollywood) .

2001 Memento character with amnesia, the Majestic 2001 character with amnesia (metaphor for the higher self, identifying with the lower self and material world, forgetting its true origin).
A Beautiful Mind: Sophia (Jennifer Connelly as Alicia) is trapped in a mirror ball.
Vanilla Sky: Tom Cruise, the twin gets lost in the reflections of Sophia (Penelope Cruz).
2003 Matrix Reloaded: the Merovingian gnostic (anti)christ bloodline tribe of Dan. Dan Brown refers to the Nag Hammadi library in the Da Vinci Code, as part of creating new religion.
2006 The Illusionist: Sophia, with Rufus Sewell from Dark City. All movies with Matt Damon show the concept of a Daemon, an inseperatable twin (for instance Stuck on you).

2013 Nicole Ehrlich (gay-lesbian agenda, Lady Gaga's Telephone music video) founds VALIS Studios.

Internet celebrity culture, thriving on narcissism, on worship of the image, the idol/eidolon in hyperspace, the artificial part of the 4th dimension. Concepts like Holographic reality, quantum jumps in the double slit experiment are introduced in the public consciousness (Ted talks about humans hallucinate reality). The CIA controlled New Age movement creates the Ayuhuasca trend, provides basic knowledge about DMT and the third eye as preparation for a Luciferian world religion.

publishing of the Gospel of Judas. Jesus calls Judas 'you thirteenth daemon'. it referred specifically to intermediate position between fullfledged gods, delegates of the gods like Apollo, and extraordinary human beings demigods, such as Herakles.
13th sign Ophiuchus is seen as the ‘crossing over’ constellation from Scorpio to galactic center.
(Judas as gnostic, seth race, ' thirteenth daimon', other disciples ignorant) sacrifice of the human being, not the divine saviour.

The half of the procession of equinox (cycle of 13.000 years) represented the galactic plane pointing towards 13th sign Ophiuchus, mankind 'crossing over', back to the Gate of the Gods (higher consciousness).
The Nag Hammadi was published by masons of Harper Collins, translated by Mervin Meyer (linked to the Hearst owned History Channel).

Media celebrities princess Catherine and Meghan Markle as reflections of Diana. A Winters Tale; Jennifer Connelly shows image (eidolon), winter king remembers Sophia.

the Transhumanist Church

To fulfill the prophecy of a gnostic Christ, people are given avatars (a twin, eidolon) to live in a digital simulation world. In the Gospel of Thomas the 'Kingdom' will come when the two are one, when the image is the image. This was referenced by Philip K Dick and was the underlying symbolism of the Twin Towers becoming One (to create union, a 'magical' child George). Through gathering of all personal information and eugenics a digital clone replica, a twin can be created so organic humans and artificial realm can merge, their interpretation of the Uebermensch, the gnostic Christ. The robot Sophia, developed by Hanson robotics is another step in the direction of mimicing recreating the inner God, the Higher Self. Most people will start uploading their thoughts through brain devices, plugged into the Archontic Intelligence, the global hive mind (series like Westworld).