Hip Hop

Hip Hop is a cultural marxist and social engineering program of the Saturn death cult that controls the music industry, that employs and exploits mind controlled black artists, promoted in the media industry, and works in unison with the Multiculti and Black Church.

From the 70's it was used as a program to promote violence, crime, murder, selling and use of drugs like cocain, moral relativism, degradation of women, provide negative role models for children (aspirational programming) and normalize sodomy, transgenders, pedophilia and satanism (masonic and Crowleyan symbolism).

The most used actors in Hip Hop programming are: Beastie Boys, Dr Dre, Snoop Dogg, The Notorious BIG, 2Pac, Queen Latifah, Rick Rubin, Nas, Wu Tang Clan, Ice-T, Ice Cube, Common, Ludacris, Eminem, Jay-z, Pharrell Williams, P Diddy, 50 Cent, Kanye West, Cam'ron, Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne, Drake, Rick Ross, T.I., A$ap Rocky, Kendrick Lamar, DJ Khaled, Future, Wiz Khalifa, Tyler The Creator, Frank Ocean, Chris Brown, will.i.am, Mos Def, Macklemore, Action Bronson, Joey Badass, Young Thug, Lil Uzi Vert, Cardi B, Travis Scott, Jay Electronica, Lil Nas X, Lil Pump, Gucci Mane, Jaden Smith, Machine Gun Kelly, Iggy Azalea, Tyga, Lupe Fiasco,..

Like other mind control programs designed to desensitize the majority of the population to masonic mind control symbolism, it uses subliminals and neuro-linguistic programming to deliberately construct specific triggers and keys for base programming of impressionable Monarch children. The Right Wing Church (white, conservative, racist) is used as a reactionary anti-thesis.

- crime: the mafia, the Commission, gang violence promoted with artists like Ice-T, The Notorious BIG, Tupac, Dr Dre, Snoop Dogg, 50 Cent, The Game in LA, D-Block, Nas,... The Vanguard Group is the 2nd largest shareholder of Warner Music Group, 3d largest shareholder of Viacom/Sony is also largest shareholder of prison industry Geo and CCA, who provide cheap labor for companies like Microsoft and IBM (also responsable for nazi forced labor camps)

- murder: Masta Killa, Ghostface Killa, Snoop Dogg, Killer Mike, Tupac, Eminem, 50 Cent, The Game, Lil Wayne, Cheef Keef,..

- degrading of women: 2 Live Crew, Ice-T, Dr Dre, Snoop Dogg, 50 Cent, Lil Kim, Lil Wayne, Ludacris, Nelly, Camron, Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj, Amber Rose, Cardi B, Miley Cyrus,..

- drugs: tha Alholicz, Dr Dre, Nate Dogg, Snoop Dogg, Cypress Hill, Drake, Wiz Khalifa, Mac Miller, Rick Ross, Eminem, Lil Wayne, Frank Ocean, Asap Rocky, Action Bronson, Gucci Mane,...

- Saturnian masonic symbolism: one eye, masonic floor, 33 symbolism of a Master Mason (33=MM), programmed with Mickey Mouse, Marley Marl, Melle Mell, Midnight Merauders, Method Man, Marshall Mathers (MNM) with Marilyn Manson, Music to be Murdered by, Man on the Moon, Maybach Music Group, Macklemore, Mac Miller, Meek Mill, Willy Wonka, Wayne Wonder, ..

- gay-transgender agenda: Tyler the Creator, Young Thug, Frank Ocean, Jaden Smith, Lil Nas X, Kendrick Lamar,..

History of Hip Hop


(the 70's was the era of Neptune in Sagittarius Art mixing black and white, ruled by Jupiter expansion, fortune).

As precessors of the Black Church, the CIA founded cults like Nation of Islam in Detroit, (Elijah Mohammed teacher of Malcolm X). As the continuation of the fake liberation movement Civil Rights movement, Columbia Records releases Muhammad Ali 'I am the greatest' as embodiment of Black Pride. The CIA founds the Black Panther Party in 1966 (animal of Dionysus) and the Fivepercenters in Harlem, all teaching black exceptionalism.

In NY, the Left Wing Church created the program 'modernism' and built seperate ghetto's for black people, like the jewish ghetto's in Warshau, Palestinian ghetto's in Gaza. Their so-called Projects are Saturnian blocks and cubes. in LA young blacks are programmed with satanic gang culture of Bloods and Crips, the divide and conquer strategy creating duality red- blue, red blood of regular humans and royal blue blood like crabs or crips, also used in the blue Left Wing Church and the red Right Wing Church.

Specific freemasonic clubs for blacks like the Boulé (Martin Luther King, pedophile rapist Bill Cosby) are used to target the black community. In mythology of the program Hip Hop, it was invented by pedophile mason Afrika Bambata, of the Zulu Nation Black Spades gang in South Bronx. He played the role of Amun Ra (Jupiter) of hip hop, using the devil horns, Star of David, Ankh and one eye- pyramid symbol.

1973 DJ Kool Herc of South Bronx plays the archetype of the child Horus-Hercules of the Aeon of Horus of Aleister Crowley. Saturn is the coldest planet, represent a coldblooded consciousness, black rappers are portrayed as cool (Kool) or cold.

Bobby Robinson (cousin Spoonie G), assistent of jesuit Ahmed Ertegun of Atlantic Records, founds Enjoy Records.

Members of the Lucchese (Pallavicini) crime family like Matthew Madonna and Colombo (Colonna) family like Joe Gallo, provide raw heroin to the Council, an African American crime syndicate in Harlem, who dilutes and distributes it in Harlem (Nicky Barnes).
1977 (the Chariot) an electricity black-out is orchestrated in New York, combined with the economic crisis, mind controlled serial killer Son of Sam on the loose, it is a death-rebirth ritual of chaos, of arson and looting, destruction to rebuild. According to legend, this chaos (kabbalistic 77 lightning Flash of Creation), gave rise to hip hop, taking the city by storm. Mercury is the God of thieves so according to the fairy tale of how hip hop originated, the looters supposedly took DJ equipment and started the Hip Hop movement.

The masonic concept of the Masters of Ceremonies (the MC) is introduced, whose primary duty is to prepare the candidates of the Saturn cult, prior to each of the three degrees and conduct the candidates during the degree conferrals.
The Orion-Osiris archetype of the holder of the two rotating disks in the sky summer winter becomes the DJ jockey of the disks, when he is in the middle of the sky Medium Coely. The turntable symbolizes the ark.
The ritual of going into trance into the wormhole on the masonic floor, the 'hopboard' of checkers becomes spinning breakdance (get down in the rabbit hole, Alice in Wonderland symbolism, 'check' hip hop slang)
(cypher= Lucifer louis cypher, number of sun 666 cypher worshipped in a circle -beats= beets sugar red blood) Grandmaster refers to freemasonry, Flash to the 777 lighting flash in kabbalism. fff= 666, grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five, Fab Five Freddy, Freddy Foxx, Flavor Flav, Funkmaster Flex,..
The concept of a rapper is the concept of a priest of Amun Ra, a mummy wrapper in ancient Egypt. The whole process was associated with death became a major industry that employed many workers including mourners and even dancers.

Hip Hop culture of blacks is based on the Egyptian priests, who wore dog masks like Anubis, the god of the underworld and Sirius, the dog star. The wrapper of mummies during the 70 days of mummification, used a hook to remove green brain mucus slime through the nostril (get hooked). The priest class was related to medical doctors shamans, covering mummies with grass, genitals with resin juice. Priests who recited the chants and the ritual instructions and the men who washed and cleansed the mummy and the viscera, prepared the natron and resin, and wrapped the body with layers of linen bandages.
The rythm Hip Hop is the same rythm, used in marches in the military religion, HH 8th letter YHWH, HH 88 (as in Heil Hitler, 808 snares). they wear the nazi brands Puma and Adidas with the trinity symbol of Osiris =irish St Patrick. The dancing is the same dancing of king David before the ark, Egyptian trance rituals. the B-boy pose=Osiris and his crossed arms. The initiation rituals where men have to prove their manhood, the battles between their fighting slaves become the battle culture, battle between red blue earth and sky, fire and water.

From the beginning, the media industry sells the fairy tale of how Hip Hop came from nothing, the American dream rags-to-riches story from nothing to something, the idea that in one of the most impoverished neighborhoods of America, young children with no help from outside created a culture, glorifying capitalism and by coincidence rose to the top of the pyramid, created a multimillion dollar empire (the fake image of successfull black entrepreneur of the Black Church). mystery religion, the belief that light came out of darkness (self created Atum Ra who created everything from nothing).

Saturn is the coldest planet, planet of winter and darkness with rings of ice so to mimic the hybrid reptilian coldblooded elite image is marketed of being cold as ice, Kool and the Gang, Kool Moe D, Kool G Rap, Kool Keith, LL Cool J, Cold Crush, Ice Cube, Vanilla Ice, Ice-T (signed to Saturn records).

Saturn symbols: the chain
The Cohens, the priests of the ark of the reptilians, had to wear golden chain breastplates to shield themselves for the eye of Ra. Aryan nazi's lets the black slaves carry their weight, their monetary value, their chain with pride and let them wear a clock (tin man Wizard of Oz programming, the tin man receives a fake heart clock from his handler),

to be 'cool' like Saturn (father time) or 'fly' like eagle/falcon Horus. The chain is a symbol of mind control, being a slave to Saturn, used in islam and christianity, serving as a rosary a calendar worn by virgins priestesses and nuns to keep track of the cycle of the moon and sun and of their body, indicating the right time to offer their phosphor juices to the reptilian elite. Having a gold watch, a clockwork orange= having reached the 33d degree, being sodomised, mind controlled slave, having sold your soul to the devil for some material gain. (legends of the Anunaki who used blacks as slave race to mine gold). Gold was used in coffins as jewelry or death masks to be recognized in the afterlife as royals. Rappers wear gold teeth, a practice also common in Mayan culture, Saturn eating taking the juice, the life soul energy of the sun. Tv show 'Soul Train'= the DNA ladder, the kundalini energy. golden fleece of greek mythology. Because Venus- Lucifer was born out of a shell, they let the slaves wear shell tops on their feet.

The chain is the chain that keeps humans attached to the rock, the black ball saturn , the chain that keeps us trapped in the threedimensional saturnian matrix of base consciousness, that the Anunaki, the fallen angels have designed for humans.

the Rock prisons like the one in San Francisco at the Golden Gate bridge are called the Rock, build on rocks. Our matrix is a material world where atoms are linked like a chain. The Saturn cult wants humans to celebrate their being trapped, celebrating materialism because they need humans as batteries of negative energy, as vessels.
Cocain (female salt in alchemy) gypsum the rock, primordial stone, moon stone, white powder =fertilizer semen of Saturn the 8ball. White lines blow holy breath the bull, the bel air. white lines on green board, white chalk lines when person dies, white chalk line in circle to summon spirit.

The elite used and traded cocain since ancient Egypt and put it in soda's like Coca Cola but made it illegal to make it more mysterious. The Colonna's promoted the use of cocain through discos like Studio 54 as a trendy celebrity drug. It was marketed as 'blow' (holy breath) that blows the mind (=snow opium in Wizard of Oz for dissociation), with all kinds of cocain-snow related rap names Kurtis Blow (1980) White lines, like ski (sky) Joe Ski Love, Mike-Ski, Starski, Skee lo, Ski beats.

Cocain is also marketed as the rock. The elite sacrificed young children to Saturn- Satan, grinded the ash and bones of the sacrifice to new rock, for new fire and new sacrifice become ash again. After the rock (Jupiter) was worshipped for thousand years in Christianity in the form of st Peter petrus, in islam Petra dome of the rock, in capitalism as the oil of the rock petroleum in Rock 'n' Roll music, in disco's as the shining disco ball (Afrika Bambata Planet Rock 1982).
(reptilian goal to keep humans at lower instincts of the root base chakra, emphasis on drum and the base, hip hop supposedly made in the basement, freebase. Sexual metaphors pushing the rock, pushing the button, busting a rhyme, busting a nut)

1979 (9 the hermit) 'Rappers Delight' Sugar Hill Gang, the sugar hill the zuckerberg. 'the Warriors' movie promoting violent gang culture announced by A Clockwork Orange, intensifying the apocalyptic feeling fear.
Kurtis Blow (Nyack college president Rexford Boda of Quill and Dagger) signed to Mercury Records (cult of Hermes, Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn). Enjoy Records releases Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five 'Superrappin'.


the 80's
1980 (10 wheel fortune) Kurtis Blow 'the Breaks. Blondie 'the Rapture' hip hop is marketed to a white mainstream audience announcing the Rapture, breakdown of the old birth of the new.
Russel Simmons (NYU, CCNY) and Rick Rubin (NYU) promote the group Run DMC on label Def Jam (with Lyor Cohen, Israeli banker of Beverly Hills), they start managing a lot of young rappers like Kurtis Blow, Whodini, Run-DMC, LL Cool J, the Beastie Boys, and Public Enemy Slick Rick, Eric B. & Rakim, EPMD, De La Soul, and A Tribe Called Quest. They create the cartoon archetype of Saturnian bull, big bad boogey man murderous black King Kong but at the same time the trend of black nationalism, the idea of blacks being royalty, equally intimidating for White America.
1981 (11 lust) 'Mtv Yo Raps', Black Entertainment Television, owned by Viacom (Mtv Nickelodeon, Bet), owned by Sumner Rothstein, a jew trained by Georgetown jesuits. Clive Calder and Barry Weiss (Cornell) found Jive records. Tom Silverman Tommy Boy releases Afrika Bambata (Monarch mind control symbolism), Queen Latifa, Digital Underground (Tupac Shakur as dancer), De la Soul, Naughty By Nature (distributed by Warner). First rap video on Mtv, Blondie (Playboy bunny, Alice) the Rapture with Fab Freddy Five (666) on Chrysalis (butterfly) records.
1982 (12 hanged man) year of Michael Jackson's Thriller, birth William, 7/1 (21st birthday of Diana) Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five 'the Message', Mercury the messenger, the 777 lightning flash with pentagram of grandmaster Baphomet (the myth of hip hop being a voice of free expression of blacks, repressed by the police). movies like Wild Style, Style Warz.
Salt n Peppa oversized earrings rings of Saturn.

The rock in freemasonry is the sacrum cross bone, the base metal that needs to be transmuted, metaphor for the mind that has to be worked and perfected into a perfect stone. In a problem-reaction-solution strategy, the elite creates the crack cocain (cc=33) epidemic, nicknamed the rock. Crack cocain is a freebase form of cocain, processed with a base like baking soda, treated with amonia, salt symbolizing Jupiter Amun Ra (petra=the rock). it is smoked instead of snorted in pipes on tin foil, tin the metal of jupiter.

Pluto (dark skin, dark desires, cracking open what's repressed) in Scorpio. They funded right wing terrorist Contra's in Nicaragua (blackwater) who they call freedom fighters, get rich off their cocain trade, promote cocain through disco trend in clubs like Studio 54 and use blacks in Projects to promote and sell drugs. They spread the crack cocain epidemic in black neighborhoods and through their media, an equally intense fear trip, so their slaves demand a solution: the government starts imprisoning black dealers, providing free labour of black slaves in the prison economy, like they put the jews in work camps.

Heroin is imported from Vietnam, shipping the drugs in coffins to sell them in neighborhoods like Harlem (Frank Lucas, glorified in American Gangster with jesuit Denzel Washington). Cocain is shipped in coffins, because it symbolizes the holy salt and holy gold powder used in the mummification process.

The expensive drug cocain the elite uses, is now affordable to poor black people. It is marketed as the rock (ready rock) ready to smoke. Getting addicted is called 'chasing the rock' and blacks are forced to sell it, pushing the rock Saturn, like the myth Sisyphus symbolizing humanity eternally pushing the rock up the hill. New names are invented: Afrika Bambata Planet Rock, Beastie Boy Ad Rock, Pete Rock, T la Rock, Run Dmc king of Rock, tv show Graffiti Rock. Cocain sold in kilos or ki's is marketed as the key, to leave the rock, the prison and get high, get gold at top of pyramid, reach paradise, while of course it destroys them.

Dealers like Freeway Ricky Ross turn the powder into crack rock with baking soda. (Baking soda is salt, composed of sodium ions and bicarbonate ions. Sodium bicarbonate is a white solid that is crystalline but often appears as a fine powder. It has a slightly salty, alkaline taste resembling that of washing soda -sodium carbonate). The natural mineral form is nahcolite. It is a component of the mineral natron and is found dissolved in many mineral springs. Natron is what the egyptians used to preserve their mummies. Ammonia is the salt of Amon Ra, Jupiter Jayhova. The CIA and the media creates mythology of black successfull entrepreneur-drug dealers (Ricky Ross in LA, Frank Lucas in Harlem, later Jay-z in Brooklyn) to make it attractive to young blacks (aspirational programming), who think they can make a lot of money saying 'fuck you' to the system, the American Dream with a vengeance, while in reality the dealers and the police work for the same boss, go to war for the same master.

Saturn is the coldest planet with rings of ice, crack is called ice cream. Ice cream and lightning also stands for the one eye and sodomy (Gucci Mane has an ice cream and lightning tattood on his eye). Jupiter=dealer the ice cream man, who strikes with lightning, cream, semen/milk but also Saturn and his chariot, coming to collect children to perform sodomy, take their ice cream=anus. The pineal gland is the pinecone, the top of the pyramid=top of the iceberg, cream of the crop of the cornhole (the third eye has rods and cones, cones used in Babylon, the horn of abundance, in Greece the pineal gland was worshiped by followers holding speartops with honey and sugar).

Crack Cocain (cc=33) is packaged in bricks like stones of the pyramid, the completion of the Great Work, fininshing the pyramid so everyone lives in darkness. in NLP programming of the Clipse 'ki's (kilos coke) open doors' (drugs, programming).
(like Santa claus snow says ho-ho, use of 'hoes', to work the earth. esoteric meaning cracking the whip, chastising fighting temptation so the bread can rise (stacking of money), to reach enlightenment, the land of milk and honey.

In Hip Hop cocain is promoted with white bird symbol (holy spirit), soul (bird) leaving body. winter solstice male and female, conception of new sun/son Horus/jesus.
LA gangs begin distributing crack cocain. Coke embodies the devil Saturn-Lucifer, possesing people stealing their life energy, go in a downward spiral, turning them into a prostitute or murderer, demanding more and more sacrifice. cocain=cain, child of lucifer cane (names like Big Daddy Kane, Kanye). In the perception of people who watch the media, crack coming out of the crack, the arse of the devil satan Saturn is associated with blacks, with dark people and they want to eradicate crack like a plague so it becomes the perfect fuel for anti-black hatred and using warfare on them with tanks and other forms of terror. j phallus fertility, source of sugar (cocain also called candy).

1983 (13, death) Pluto (ruler of the underworld) in scorpio (sex, death) 'Scarface' movie with Al Pacino as commercial for a criminal, violent lifestyle in the drug economy (aspirational programming with rags-to-riches American Dream of being on top of the pyramid). Scarring has always been a way to worship and mimic the reptilian elite, scarface is a masonic title (Horus was scarred because he had his eye taken out by Set), Hitler was called Scarface in the army. Scarface wears a red ribbon, follower iniate of isis mystery religion. Michelle Pfeiffer in Club Babylon, the Whore of Babylon, opium and mirror Alice in Wonderland symbolism.
Scarface villa with masonic stairs=having reached the top of the pyramid of masonry.
Rappers imitating the iconic bathtub scene, the alchemical albedo whitening or washing phase, ruled by Venus (Lucifer), born out of the foam of the sea. Sea foam was used in druid rituals, symbolizes the semen of lucifer, white light in the all seeing eye born out of a black sea of nothingness. the elite to perform perverse rituals in swimming pools to worship lucifer, to worship the ego, to become a god. Pharaos ejaculated in the Nile to prove their fertility. The tub is the Seven of Cups (Netsach Venus) the cup of Babalon. Biff Tannen/Donald Trump has the same bathtub in time portal movie 'Back to the Future', sodomy ritual (tub=but) as stargate.

Run DMC 33 like car in Back to the Future. Joseph Simmons in Queens, afrocentric movement Nation of Islam, 5 Percenters. Wild Styles produced by Chris Stein of Blondie. Style Wars about Ed Koch (CCNY) and his war against graffiti, produced by Tony Silver (daughter Mariko Silver worked for OSF of George Soros and Obama administration). Graffiti was promoted at the New Museum of The New School.
1984 (14 art) Neptune in Capricorn ruled by Saturn, dreams of materialism: Rick Rubin (friends with Ian McKaye, military family from Washington) and Russell Simmons found Def Jam Recordings, release music of LL Cool J and Beastie Boys (Lyor Cohen, Paul Rosenberg). Hiphop show in France on TF1, funded by the French government, Dutch documentary Big Fun in the Big Town. movie Beat Street Rae Dawn Chong (HHS, daughter of Tommy Chong) Mary Alice Afrika Bambaataa Jazzy Jay (Zulu Nation) Rock Steady Crew Doug E Fresh Melle Mel Kool Herc produced by Harry Belafonte Stan Lathan Orion Pictures.
1985 (15 the devil) LL Cool J debut album 'Radio', Jive distributed by Columbia (Colonna) produced Jazzy Jay (Zulu Nation). Doug E Fresh, mind controlled with Scientology of Ron Hubbard. Krush Groove Blair Underwood LL Cool J Kurtis Blow Beastie Boys Run-DMC Chris Rock
1986 (16 the tower) blacks who fall in to the trap of propaganda for a criminal lifestyle, are immediately deported to work camps through Ronald Reagan's War on Drugs (jesuit William Bennett), black drug dealers are locked up 5 years for possessing 5 grams. Jail is the belly of the Beast (=Saturn).
Hip Hop rap characters are all based on the Saturnian death/drug dealer archetype, recycling the Scarface- Godfather gangster image (rap game like the crack game) with an angry Malcolm X black pride black panther attitude to intimidate White America. Rappers, like Wall Street yuppies ('greed is good') have the materialistic mindset of satanists.
Rakim ice body rock, Ice-t (wife mind controlled slave Coco Austin CC=33). Beastie Boys Licensed to Ill Rick Rubin Columbia Records.

1987 (17 the star) program gangster rap 8 saturn beast and 7 venus beauty. Ice-T Rhyme Pays (Warner) '6 in the morning' (Saturn the 6). Beastie Boys 'License to ill', 'Fight for your right'. Run DMC 'Raising Hell', 'Walk this Way' (ww=33, the Dao of Crowley's Thelema) Aerosmith (marketing to white audience, the Multiculti agenda). Afrika Bambata 'Planet Rock' (Jupiter).
Jive Records, Kool Moe Dee. Jazzy Jeff and Will Smith (twister Wizard of Oz symbolism)
1988 (18 the moon) 'Yo MTV raps' moon tv (Viacom CBS of Colonna), wall of saturn; june Public Enemy 'It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back'.
uranus (rebellion) in capricorn (saturn the devil)
Priority Records (Capitol RecordsMossad agent Jerry Heller Ruthless Records) promotes the gangster lifestyle, through records like N.W.A. 'Straight Outta Compton' (Compton on the 33d parallel) with rap characters Dr Dre (Dr John Dee), Eazy E and Ice Cube. The cover refers to the Skull and Bones coffin ritual, symbolizing death-rebirth of the green man Osiris.reborn out of the box, the trunk.

The rap characters wear Osiris with crossed arms, Skull and Bones Raider symbol, symbol of Saturn -Satan death.
Through propaganda, social engineers can let blacks do what they want, promote killing each other and using the word nigger. They live in a negative environment, live with pressure to be negative, bombarded with negative thoughts through music and addictive drugs (like PCP, easy access for dark energies). Dr Dre from Yo MTV Raps, Dr Dre= Osiris the doc, lord of the underworld, dr green (mind control symbolism dr Kovorkian). Gangsters are programmed with the psychology of immature children, willfull ignorance, no responsability, no self respect and no respect for others. Eric and Rakim 'Follow the leader'.

1989 (the sun) 2 Live Crew. like Abbey Road cover shows mm 33, highest degree of masonry. music video's in swimming pool, degrading of women. LL Cool J 'Walking with a Panther' the Fool.
programming of getting stoned and trapped, preferring to remain in darkness (path to enlightenment= destoning, removing the keystone to let in the light). Spike Lee 'Do the Right Thing', music by Public Enemy (Flavor Flav tin man heart clock Wizard of Oz). Tommy Boy releases the debut album of Queen Latifah.
Jive Records, distributed by RCA: Fresh Prince, Too $hort, Boogie Down Productions, a Tribe Called Quest. From 1991 BMG Barry Weiss (Cornell) signs R Kelly, Aaliyah, KRS One, Britney Spears and nSync (programmed by Disney).
(Nineties-Golden Age=the New Kingdom of Akhenaten)


1990 (year XX Aeon) Will Smith as the child Horus

(4 the Emperor) 9/10 NBC show (Brandon Tartikov educated at Lawrenceville Yale) Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, the fool=prince william. Hip Hop is marketed to young children with DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince (Will Smith), co-produced by jesuit Quincy Jones.

A cab with masonic black and white print takes Will Smith to Bel Air (following the Yellow Brick road Wizard of Oz) where he is raised by uncle Philip (=horse lover, sodomite, father of prince Charles), the fresh prince character grew up in Phila-delphia (=the city of brotherly love sodomy, with philly meaning a young horse, victim of sodomy).

Aeon of Horus the child, mind control handler symbolism through child language as cribs and daddy (Puff Daddy, Big Daddy Kane), babies on record covers, flashy colors and fish eye lens. Children are programmed to be a bad boy, a player or playboy (positive words like 'dope', for drugs, green glowing plutonium, being 'da bomb', a killer, green snot nose, being sick).
Cartoon characters are created with the big and little, pimp and whore Alice in Wonderland pedophilia theme (Big Poppa and Puff Daddy). The Notorious BIG - Biggie Smalls Alice in Wonderland small world becomes big, with pink clothing pinky ring. Puffy another word for blow, the holy breath, the bel air, the air of the bell, the bull saturn. (friend of mister C transsexual, pushing the gay-transgender agenda). rags-to-riches story (aspirational programing). His name Notorious and his wife Faith is a reference to movie Notorious of RKO Pictures, later owned by Howard Hughes (=Jack Parsons) who had a relationship with Faith Domergue.

Pedophile mason Jermaine Dupri also creates 2 rap characters of young boys calling them a mac, a pimp, a daddy (Kris Kross, the Saturnian X of Skull and Bones, the cross of christ, DMX, Xzibit). Mason Betha later just called Mase with the dollar sign. little is pronounced and written as lil (Lilith). Hip Hop is marketed to white children (Snow 'Informer' snow=opium Wizard of Oz)- fresh prince of bel (ring my bell, rock the bell, the bull, baal, bell Saturn)
mc' s 'spitting fire' like dragons (fireball 8ball =Saturn).

More underground rap artists are mind controlled with Nation of Islam teachings, Nuwabian Nation of Moors, (on 33d parallel) worshipping the pyramid all seeing eye, teaching that they are actually gods because they descend from kings the ancestors of the elite, the new world order Akhenaton bloodline with large skull, also worshipped by Hitler. Gang Starr= the same Babylonian 8 pointed star of Isis or Ishtar, marking the 8 dates of sacrifice to the 8ball Saturn. Rappers like Will Smith wear haircuts to mimic the flat top hairdress of queen Nefertiti.

'Juice'(orange=33=sodomy) The wrappers of ancient Egypt covered the mummies with linnen soaked with resin juice of trees. the elite uses the sodomy ritual to take the soul the life force of their victims (the juice), as energy. juice= electricity, the electrolyte bodyfluids semen blood, vaginal juice, their cartoon characters brag about having the juice. orange 33 sodomy symbolism in Biggie's 'Juicy', Tupac movie 'Juice', Juice Crew, 666 maffia member Juicy J, Snoop Dogg 'Gin and Juice', OJ 'the Juice' Simpson, Wiz Khalifa 'Kush and Orange Juice',... In movies like the Godfather, Pulp (orange juice) fiction, this idea of taking someones life and soul someone's orange juice, through sodomy becomes real obvious. The reason they wear a coogi sweater because they use sweat of the coochie, vaginal juice of people who they consider sheep, in their Cake of Light rituals (cake another synonym for cash).

Pimp image The holy grail chalice symbol of the yoni vagina, becomes the pimp image carrying the chalice, having access to the juice lycurgus cup, pink color and green verdant waters of Venus.
J The J is the phallus of Jupiter j, the yod, crook being crooked (the sickle of the reaper), phallus with the Juice, Jay-z, Jazzy Jeff, LL Cool J, Juicy J, Jam Master Jay. The G of freemasonry stands for gnosis, G-unit, G-funk, Warren G, Nate Dogg, Snoop Dogg. juicy j 666 mafia celebrating being trapped in material world as trap music. The block, the corner=crossroad, the X. shooting semen of Saturn Baal=ballin.

Jimmy Iovine and Ted Field (linked to Rockefeller and Disney) found Interscope Records.
'Boyz n tha Hood' Ice cube (Saturn coldest planet with rings of ice, cube on its northpole) Cuba Gooding Jr Angela Bassett Laurence Fishburne (Apocalypse Now) John Singleton.
The G-funk gangsta rap phenomenon becomes the modern version of the priests/ wrappers of Egypt who wore a dog mask like their god Anubis (lord of the underworld, Sirius the dog star) and performed death and sex rituals (characters like Snoop Doggy Dogg, the Dogg Pound, Tim Dog, Pfife Dawg, Nate Dogg, ODB dirty dog, degrading women as bitches, the bitch= Isis, female goddess of death connected to sirius the dog star, corrupting the feminine energy, conquerng in 3 steps).
dog fighting over a bone (Skull and Bones, Bone Thug, because the priests used to grill victims of sacrifice summer during the dog days, rappers start making barbeque summer anthems. Blacks are depicted as being dirty, the same way they were portrayed in fascist propaganda. Ice cream anthems (glaciers of ice, c.r.e.a.m., ice cream man,..). All magic herbs like opium and hemp are connected to Saturn, father time in greek Kronos, so cannabis becomes the Chronic.
1991 (21 the world) the rap character Tupac Shakur from CIA controlled Black Panther family. His image is based on indian cults who worship Saturn as Kali, kill as a sacrifice to Kali, calling themselves thugs. Death row, the throne of Satan-Saturn, god of death and materialism. 2Pacalypse Now interscope nov 12 like apocalyptic sect leader Charles Manson, Brenda's baby =Rosemary's Baby.

Loud records Steve Rifkind Rich Isaacson (Cornell Quill and Dagger equivalent to S&B, MK Ultra) distributed by RCA.
Clive Davis Arista Bad Boy with Sean Combs.
1992 Kris Kross jump (of the fool), Jermaine Dupri, House of Pain 'Jump Around'. debut album Common.

(0, the Fool) 9/22 Redman Whut Thee album.
W 23 is an important number in Saturn-moon cult (Disney founded in 1923, magazine D23), we have seasons because of the 23 degree tilt of axis of the earth, tropic of cancer and capricorn are 23 degree from the equator so it is the nr of Eris or Lucifer, number of desire and dischord, 2/3=0.666. the 23d letter W , Tupac making W-sign, W of Wu tang. wu tang masonic floor 36 chambers initiation, rituals swords used in islam crossed swords (=osiris Skull and Bones symbol). The sword is used in Islam to chop off heads but also represents the lightning flash of sodomy, the liquid sword (soul leaving neck, protect ya neck). Old Dirty Bastard plays the role of Osiris because he will be sacrificed, brooklyn zoo oz, emerald city, (ODB drunken master, funny crazy character, normalising alcohol addiction). They introduce hooded clothing like the priests in satanic rituals. The violent rap image is marketed to white children to rebel against their parents (identity programming) so parents are scared with the fear of the hip hop virus, socalled black culture affecting their own children (fear programming).
12/15 Dr Dre 'The Chronic' Gemini the twins Dre and Snoop Dogg.

1993 (1, the magician)
Saturn in pisces
Rappers are used to sell malt liquor to blacks because it contains heavy metals like manganese, known to cause violent behavior (increase in violent content in movies and music gangster movies like South Central, Menace II Society, where they rob a liquor store after drinking malt liquor). purple color of crown chakra enlightenment, color of dissociation in mind control (purple pills, purple haze in the sky, purple color of androgynous Venus, mixture of blue red, pink/purple dawn of Lucifer, the morning star). april the month of the fool, purple prince and his purple rain, chopping the year in two (pagan new year), chopped and screwed (screwing sex act), like the hippies were given acid and purple dyed t-shirts.

Saturn= il or El (elite, elected, illuminati), the word 'ill' to express something positive (ill matic, Ill Will, License to ill).
4/23 'Who's the man' Dr Dre and Ed Lover the lovers big face small, first single Biggie on Bad Boy Records of Sean Combs. 4/26 'Menace II Society'. 8/24 the Alkoholics '21 & over', 21 the Universe card. 7/23 (Neptunalia) Robert Jordan father of Michael Jordan nr 23, is killed with license plate 23 (slaying of the Osiris bull during the dog days). Poetic Justice with Janet Jackson, sister of Michael Jackson and Tupac Shakur, poems of Maya Angelou, used in the inauguration of Bill Clinton.
10/23 (scorpio) Snoop Dogg 'Whats My Name' .
11/9 Wu Tang Clan 'Enter the 36 chambers' revelation 911, wtc=World Trade Center, the lovers-horus the enterer, the lovers. 11/23 Snoop Dogg Doggystyle.

SM Entertainment introduces program Hip Hop in Korea.
1994 1/15 (capricorn) gin and juice Snoop Dogg as prince of cups, parody of Home Alone . 1/31 Wu Tang Clan CREAM (alchemical white mercury).

(2 the high priestess) 4/19 Colonna-Columbia Records releases Nas 'Illmatic' the child Horus of the Aeon of Horus-Harpocrates (date Jayne Mansfield). Nas nazirius born 23 weeks after opening Twin Towers (played Twin Tower feud wih his twin Jayz); Libra, Aries, Virgo- Mars (war east west), Mercury, Jupiter. born 9/14 like Sam Neill the omen 3. 5/24 debut album Aaliyah.

8/4 Obamas 33d birthay, wedding biggie and jesuit Faith Evans (like Diana and Dodi Fayed). The Notorious BIG 'Juicy' (masonic code orange=33=sodomy) aug 9 swimming pool (pool of Sharon Tate, Cielo Drive Aquarius the Star card) year Diana turns 33y. The swimming pool becomes a Hip Hop cliché on tv shows like the Grind, where Biggie Smalls performs his swimming pool anthem 'Juicy' on the hexagon. grinding against each other, same time Kurt Cobain was sacrificed like Brian Jones. (kabbalistic notariqon notorius means shorthand writer, is a kabalistic technique, word deconstructed in seperate letters, initials of other words, fi B.I.G., the G.O.A.T., N.E.R.D., C.R.E.A.M.,..). gemini brothers Biggie and Puff (Jesus and Diddy=Thomas Didymus, lower incarnate self, shadow and body). Dominants: Gemini, Cancer, Virgo- Mercury, Pluto, Neptune. Earth, Air .
9/13 The Notorious BIG 'Ready to Die' child Harpocrates.
nov 22 Redman 'Dare iz a darkside' isis the moon the tower, mouth of Dis.

Hip hop is now a multi million dollar industry propaganda machine of decadent capitalism (top of the pyramid is capitol hill), indoctrinating the slaves with the Luciferian creed they can possess the world, 'the world is yours', becoming a god, worshipping the ego, the I AM consciousness, the will (one eyed willy penis, considered important by Crowley 'do what thou willt').(hip hop gatherings are also called a jam, Summer Jam, Def Jam, Jam Master Jay).
divide and conquer stratedy to kill more blacks, create a East and West Coast war. media ritual of sacrificing the twins, the 2 symbols of east and west, left and right pillar.

1995 (3 the empress)
Pluto (underworld) in Sagittarius (art)
uranus in Aquarius Junior Maffia introducing mind controlled sex slave Lil (Lilith) Kim (11 Lust)

Montell Jordan (sodomy cult Kappa Alpha Psi) This Is How We Do It.
8/1 Raekwon 'Only Built for Cuban Linx' the Lovers (sign Horus the enterer, nox sign) . pluto lord of underworld, Scarface. 9/17 'ny' Dogg Pound the lovers, the tower. 9/25 ice cream (white mercury). 11/7 GZA 'Liquid Swords' zayin lovers day of Stanley An Dunham Obama. Goodie Mob 'Soul food'.
Damon Dash founds Roc-a-fella Records, educated at school of Julius Sachs of Goldman Sachs (later in reality show of jesuit AMC Networks).
Infamous Mobb Deep Loud records RCA (Cornell S&B death cult, used to promote the Illuminati hoax).
1996 2/13 Tupac Shakur 'All Eyez On Me', (all seeing eye) the devil, (Tupac 2ball cane 007 phallus)
(year 4 the Emperor mars planet of war)
Saturn in Aries (the emperor)
4/16 Master P 'Ice Cream Man' (the Star'. june 25 (20y after the omen) character Jay-z 'Reasonable Doubt' holding the Saturn hat in a 6 hand sign, like Biggie Godfather (cigar =torch of the Devil card). Roc-a-Fella records (referring to sodomy 'rocking' fellas, the Scottish-Irish masonic Rockefeller family) distributed by Priority- 50% stake EMI, later bought by Rockefeller bank Citigroup and sold again to Vivendi- later Capitol records UMG.
Families like Rockefeller worship Saturn as the black rock (companies BlackRock), let their black slaves worship them through characters like Jay-z, rapping about selling rocks roc, Rocawear, making the pyramid sign of the all seeing eye like the reptilian priests in ancient Egypt and Israel. His name jay-hova is the Hebrew god jah, yahweh, 4letter word YHWH that can be represented as a pyramid.
He was born dec 4 69, year of the 911 Sharon Tate murders.
Biggie 'Hypnotise' (hypnotism used in mind control). Biggie's famous picture on cover of the Source between Twin Towers, mercury ruling twin brothers of Gemini. death tupac 9/13, Killuminati christ pose= Osiris slain pose, fueling Illuminati hoax rumors.
10/29 'Iron man' Ghostface Killah (Howard Hughes Horus Mars archetype). 11/12 (Manson) Snoop Dogg 'the Doggfather'.
1997 Wu Tang Clan 'Triumph' (=Trump tower), ODB as the hanged man osiris. saturn hexagon and hive mind like a beehive (honey, yellow substance of the pineal gland) => concept of a swarm of African killer bees that will attack white america, as a subconscious metaphor for violent black people.
Tupac wearing Versace (shot during summer).
death Christopher Wallace (Biggie Smalls), son born on 29 oct lavey, age 24 jupiter (osiris, long distance travel).
(5 the hierophant)
music videos on boat= Scorpio, the Prince of Cups (Anubis at deck of boat of ra, rock, sway the boat through underworld) like princess Diana and Dodi .wearing versace,died the same year, linked to diana funeral with sting. song i'll be missing you dedicated to wallace from no way out album released on diana's birthday, also car accident, walk with a cane lik king arthur/wizard of oz.
6/3 Wu Tang Forever the world. 8/26 Alkoholiks liquidation the fool. Jay-z (adjustment) 'in my lifetime' first single sunshine with Foxy Brown (=anus, the brown x, Tarantino movie Jackie Brown)
12/18 Eminem 'Slim Shady ep' (Saturn, the dark/shady one, planet of death putrefaction, slime mummies) the lovers-mercury the magician creates twin alters. marshall= masonic title of director of ceremonies. mm =masonic nr 33, 33 degree of masonry, Mathers like Samuel Macgregor Mathers, founder of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn with members like Aleister Crowley. born Detroit 42nd parallel (rainbow).
Like Jim Carrey and Andy Kaufman, he plays the archetype of the Fool =the Joker of the Order of Jesters (Urbano Sforza-Colonna). A lot of the mind control symbolism in Jim Carrey's movie 'Man on the Moon' reoccurs in Eminem's music video's. dyed hair yelllow like the sun, slim shady as his shadow alter. yin yang shady and sunny side, his dark shadow side but blonde like the sun, white rapper in socalled black culture, the yang element in yin. Slim Shady LP (rainbow letters dissociation), dumping body in lake full moon at dock. Dido/dodi song about car crash, murder of pregnant woman like Sharon Tate and Diana.
1998 (6, the lovers) 6/2 Master P 'Da Last Don' the magician. Belly with Nas, DMX, Hype Williams. Mos Def and Talib Kweli 'Black star' (Saturn-Sirius). Jay-z Streets is Watching, vol 2 Hard Knock Life. Lyor Cohen president Def Jam, Bronfman MCA Def Jam Island turns into Universal Music Group.
Neptune in Aquarius technology internet cell phones, dreams of being on tv, illusionary dreamworld, omniscience, omnipresent.
1999 (7 the chariot) Lil Wayne launches the term bling bling chain= ice rings of Saturn, god of materialism. snow and ice metaphors wordplay (crack:key to break code, the ass crack).
Miseducation of Lauryn Hill.
2/23 Eminem Slim Shady LP (rainbow letters dissociation Wizard of Oz) daughter Haley like Jack Haley tin man. His dark moon side, slim shady (dark side) in all of us, Pluto, the Shadow in Sagittarius. The shadow, nigredo sacrifice old self, albedo appearance of lunar anima, citrinitas hair dyed yellow yellowing stage, the original light, the real slim shady sun (shemesh).

(Neptune in aquarius) The Neptunes from military families in Virginia, formed in special CIA summer camps for gifted children, Neptune roman counterpart of the egyptian crocodile god Sobek. Pharrell Williams (feminising men gay-transgender agenda)

9/25 Blackout! Method Man and Redman the lovers red king, blackout 65, help! apollyon. Mos Def Black on both sides, the moon koph. Master P Only God can judge me Judgement card. 10/13 (libra- mercury gemini) Still Dre twins Snoop and Dre, 23 nr hanged man (1999 year of the Chariot)
11/16 (scorpio- green putrefaction) Dr Dre 2001.


2000 (Adjustment)
(1/29 -Aquarius Saturn/Uranus, 'Forgot about Dre') Paul Rosenberg (Orsini, rosicrucian family that created modern art) creates more rap characters with a violent alter ego, shadow moon side (mirror alters in mind control) like Eminem, Insane Clown Posse and Cage, rapping about rape and killing but in an entertaining cartoonish way. 5/23 Eminem 'Marshall Mathers' LP, house of Dorothy in brown color (Wizard of Oz mind control symbolism).

9/11 in uk, best album 42nd grammy awards. 'Real Slim Shady', curtains of 4 elements in the York rite, curtain of the handler, clones=mirror alters (based on 'One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest' of CIA agent Ken Kesey MK Ultra with Joker Jack Nicholson). 6/27 Lil Kim notorious big osiris risen, lust, 'How many licks' princess of cups. 7/4 (aphelion osiris) Dr Dre 'Next Episode' feat Snoop Dogg. the Star, beginning of dog days of Sirius.

9/7 virgo, date funeral diana Eminem The Way I Am (Thelema incorporated Daoism, the way, the dao yin yang) with Marilyn Manson (mm=33) of Anton LaVey's the Church of Satan, fall of man in the Tower card (based on movie Hudsucker Proxy of the Coen brothers with Tim Robbins, H octagon symbol). Lil Bow Wow (WW=33, the child Horus of the Aeon). 10/18 Ludacris Back for the First Time.
10/31 (Devils night, scorpio) Jay-z The Dynasty introduction of the famous fire sign (grade of OTO). 'i just wonna love you' Pharell Williams the Neptune sound, Crowley pose. Cam'ron S.D.E.
11/21 (scorpio) Eminem Stan feat Dido, car crash of Dodi Fayed and Diana, christ and satan. (tito word 7th degree provost and judge Libra) played by Devon Sawa 9/7 (the way i am 22nd birthday), Dido born 71 (moon nr, Diana born 7/1). the Star=albedo, washing stage. letter rejected cornerstone. reporter jane like Jayne Mansfield who died in car crash.
alchemical art uniting the two opposites, sacrifice one brother, creating androgynous figure, Baphomet. Outkast 'Stankonia' (=anus, stinking tunnel). Hadit in union with Nuit. nov 28 Xzibit 'X', Osiris risen pose.

The music industry presents black-white duo's, the masonic pillars Boaz and Joachin (Multiculti agenda announcing Obama-Joe Biden): Dr Dre-Eminem, 50 Cent-Eminem, Eve-Gwen Stefani, Redman-Christina Aguilera, Black Eyed Peas-Fergie, Juicy J-Katy Perry, Kanye West-Amber Rose.. where black stands for Saturn, the Beast.

2/14 Destiny's Child 'Survivor' the star. 4/2 Alicia Keys 'Fallin' (Alice in Wonderland mind control symbolism, falling in the rabbit hole).
(9, the hermit) 5/15 Eve 'Blow your mind' (written with EE 33=sodomy, Eve biting Lucifer's apple). the Tower card=Adam and Eve expelled from the garden of Eden, golden gate scorpio. 6/5 (gemini decan venus) D12 'Purple Pills', same day Alicia Keys Songs in A minor (purple= dissociation, Alice in Wonderland mind control symbolism).

6/19 D12 'Devils night' (in Thelema, the night of Pan), Detroit beginning of the Crow with Brandon Lee as the joker. 8/21 Jay-z 'H to the izzo' hova. 8/25 Aaliyah dies in a plane crash after shooting video 'Rock the boat' (the star) with Hype Williams (Alice falling in rabbit hole).
After years of predicitve programming, the 911 ritual based on Crowley's satanic religion, the Twin Towers are blown up, owned by Rockefellers, the same day Roc-a-Fella records with the masonic clothing line Rocawear, release 'the Blueprint' (Jay-z mercury the Magician ruling Gemini) 2 masonic puppets in conflict for title 'the king of NY', Nas - Jay-z like masonic pillars, twin brothers Horus- Set, Tupac- Biggie (famous Twin Towers photo shoot). Card I the Magician, letter beth: blueprint, floor plan.
oct D12 'Fight music', shot at Coney Island (similarities with 'Requiem for a Dream', based on the Warriors). twins of gemini.
Dr Dre plays the role of the Wizard of Oz, green man Osiris, the handler dr Green.
Normalisation of alter ego's (dissociate personality disorder) through Eminem's group D12 with 6 members including their alter egos. god Lucifer the purple prince, with purple pills and purple drank (purple= dissociation, drugs for mind control, Alice in Wonderland symbolism).

8/9 debut album T.I. (alter ego T.I.P.). 11/27 Ludacris Word of Mouf Area Codes feat Nate Dogg. 12/18 Nas Stillmatic.
2002 2/18 R Kelly 'the Worlds Greatest' (21 the World- the lovers). 3/19 Jay-z R Kelly 'Best of both worlds' (the world). (10, wheel of fortune). 5/26 (gemini) Eminem 'The Eminem Show' big brother society=Truman show, born 70 days before death Truman in 72. tv screen moon illusion to watch the Joker Fool archetype, standing in front of the red veil of taurus the hierophant, the wall, references to Jim Carrey's role in 'Man on the Moon' (MNM, spotlight trigger for subconscious alter, screens=alters).
(medium is the message, announced by Marshall McLuhan). 7/16 (birthday of set) Eminem 'Cleaning out my Closet' (CC=33) death scorpio, (8th degree in the Scottish rite, intendant of the building, bare feet like Moses).

Introduction of the character 50 Cent mars the child, with death- rebirth story, glorification of violence and prostitution.

Young girls, mind controlled with beta kitten prorgamming are given plastic surgery and implants to play the archetype of black Venus, the Whore of Babylon. These sex slaves, over sexualized zombies become icons of so called black culture, the Black Church (Left Wing Church media brushing all criticism aside as racism).

Sean Combs promotes brand Ci-roc (Diageo), owned by Javier Ferran (Blackrock), Ivan Menezes (brother of Ivan Menezes Citibank of Rockefeller). 9/14 virgo 'Dirrty' Christina Aguilera as the Whore of the Lust card, black white Babalon and Pan (Saturn).
10/10 libra 'Bonnie and Clyde' Jay-z and Beyoncé as the new Dodi and Diana.
10/28 (scorpio ruled by pluto/mars) Eminem 'Lose Yourself' (ego death scorpio) rags-to-riches story.

11/8 (scorpio) Eminem '8 Mile' movie (the Magician Mercury 88), 8 mile road= 8 fold path Buddhism, the yellow brick road to Oz (Wizard of Oz mind control symbolism). the rags to riches story the archetype of the Fool, B-rabbit (Alice in Wonderland symbolism, follwing the white rabbit to go into wonderland, dissociative state) follows Isis- venus, the lady in red. He is programmed with a monarch butterfly and wins. Proof and Monarch slave Brittany Murphy (murphys law adjustment) are later sacrificed.
nov 12 (scorpio manson) 'Blueprint 2' horns of pan. blue degree blue veil scorpio
12/13 Nas 'God's Son'.
2003 1/21 Snoop Dogg 'Beautiful' the Star aquarius, feat Pharell Williams. 2/6 50 Cent 'Get Rich Or Die Tryin' , the Aen of Horus, the immortal eternal child.2/4 'Excuse me miss' Jay-z blue degrees.
(11, lust) 3/25 the Star Diplomatic immunity. Kelis 'Milkshake' the star, Beyoncé the star 'Crazy in love' tunnel of Diana as phoenix, aeon of horus. reborn through the fire 9/30 Kanye West 'Through the Wire' horus reborn after car crash (born 77 year 7 the chariot). Kanye= Kain, child of Lucifer.
8/12 50 Cent P.I.M.P.(Lust) remix Snoop Dogg. (8/19 Neptunes 'Clones', William and Harry, Star Trak)
11/14 prince Charles birthday (symbolic death of Osiris/Hiram Abiff) (pluto death) Jay-z 'Black album', referring to the Beatles White Album Revelation 911, leading up to the 911 Sharon Tate murders (Revelation 911) feat 99 problems.
2004 Kanye West 'College Dropout' (pedophile bear symbol) 2/10 card 21 the universe ursa minor north star. 3/14 D12 'My Band'.
3/23 NERD, 'Fly or Die' the Lovers.
(12, the hanged man) (april D12 world) the world. Ghostface (the fool the magician). 4/13 Akon the hanged man.

BMG merges with Sony, Big 5 become the Big 4. Morgan Chase who funded the nazis one of the owners of Sony. Def Jam Universal is owned by Bronfman who is connected to mafia and drug trade so glorifies drug dealers.

Jay-z 'Fade to black' documentary, fire sign (alchemical symbolism, citrinitas stage begins with 'yellow death', a dying away of the 'lunar light' to the point of complete darkness, a 'black light', a light so bright we cannot see it, as our inner sight is veiled and it appears as darkness).
may 'Soul plane', Snoop Dogg as Hermanubis, purple phallus (dissociation).
june 'the Carter' Lil Wayne born 9/27 libra adjustment. programmed by his handler Birdman Williams. 8/17 Snoop Dogg Nate Dogg 213 (dog star 23) the Hard Way, adjustment.
Kanye West 'Jesus walks' (year of the Hanged man -Christ).
10/26 Jayz and R Kelly 'Unfinished Business' (the world) erratic behaviour of R Kelly (Crowley married Rose Relly, ended in madness). 11/12 Eminem 'Encore' (fake gun, the Dao, no death or rebirth, but just going on/off stage) date of Manson, blue veil of Scorpio Nuit Aeon. fake gun= the Joker in the 2012 Olympic James Holmes ritual. Camron 'Purple haze' (pink sky of Alice in Wonderland, dissociation).

2005 1/18 The Game The Documentary Hermes- Anubis on the Wheel of Fortune. 97 movie 'Devils advocate' after the Game, cameo of Dr Dre as Wizard of Oz (13 death). Voyeuristic shock websites like World Star Hip Hop (the World, the Star, crown chakra, with the pentagram Sirius death star logo) show violent fights, public sexual acts, public shaming, child shaming, and child abuse, and sexist, materialistic, violent music videos. 5/24 Gucci Mane 'Trap House' (Atlanta 33d parallel Georgia, Osiris holy spirit is trapped in matter).
8/9 date Sharon Tate murders, Proof Searching for Jerry Garcia (Grateful Dead)- Death card. 8/30 Kanye West (3d dom pisces), Diamonds from Sierra Leone (James Bond movie 'Diamonds are forever').
11/9 50 Cent Get Rich Or Die Tryin' movie Aeon. 11/29 debut album Chris Brown.

2006 2/14 Kanye West Touch the Sky the chariot with Pamela Anderson. Sacrifice of Proof on 4/11 (date Anton LaVey) in club ccc (333) age 32 (last album dressed in orange=33). 4/24 Kanye West, Beatles Abbey road cover 'Late orchestration'. 8/8 The myth of the succesful black drug dealer Freeway Ricky Ross becomes the cartoon character Rick Ross,'Port of Miami', King of Pentacles in macroprospos pose (Maybach Music, Meek Mill=mm 33). Lupe Fiasco 'Food and liquor'.
11/21 Jay-z 'Kingdom Come' (=Malkuth), 9th album, Jayz from retirement=Jupiter Osiris resurrected (art). 'Show me what you got' yhvh sign. music video imitating James Bond, racing in Monaco (Grace Kelly), ace of spades/wands. same day Snoop Dogg/Broadus Calvin, 'the Blue Carpet Treatment', the fool 23. 12/6 Eminem 'Curtain call', cc=33, blue veil scorpio (curtain of the Wizard) red rose. =order of the garter, red rose christ. 'When im gone' Baphomet pose (movie Birdman). DJ Khaled Listennn..the Album.

2007 (15, the devil) 3/29 Rihanna (born 2/20 aquarius the star) 'Umbrella' umbrella mind control symbolism. 'Good girl gone bad', feat Jay-zKanye West 'Can't tell me nothing', 'Stronger' (robot programming, Fritz Lang's Metropolis AI agenda), 'Good Life' feat T-Pain, 'Flashing lights' (the devil). MTV show Celebrity Rap Star Kevin Hart DMC Big Boy created by Guillana Rancic (wife of jesuit Bill Rancic who worked with Donald Trump in The Apprentice).

911 two towers Kanye West 'Graduation' (pink sky=dissociation) and 50 Cent 'Curtis', cover with Crowley pose. 9/20 Jay-z 'Blue magic' blue star Sirius 11/6 (date election Obama) blue lightning the magician American Gangster (the devil/hierophant). (mother Kanye dies, breast operation assoc with Cancer) 12/11 Wu Tang Clan 8 Diagrams (wu wei the Dao). 12/18 Lupe Fiasco 'the Cool' the devil, Harpo sign.

2008 Kanye West Homecoming' (the world) Chris Martin. 3/11 Rick Ross (born 1/29 aquarius saturn) Trilla the devil (Michael Jackson's Thriller, reptilian eyes in Rosemary's Baby, curtain of the Wizard, chariot of biggie)(16, the tower).
Pluto (transformation-purge) in capricorn
As a program of the Left Wing Church, hip hop artists (Sean Combs, Kanye West, Jay-z) are used to promote Barack Obama (multiculti agenda) and Michelle Obama (gay-transgender agenda).
Disney produces character Miley Cyrus referring to the mill, the north star near Draco and the star Sirius (born on 23 11, uses the nr 23, nr of desire and dischord, 2 3's nr 33. 23 path of the Hanged man, 1st degree initiation ritual). Jay-z Osiris slain pose on Glastonbury Pyramid stage, sings Wonderwall of George Harrison, announcing birth prince George. Lil Wayne 'Carter 3' before knighting William=lilwayne, Order of the Garter st George osiris. Nerd 'Seeing Sounds' the Devil.
9/18 Kanye West 'Love Lockdown' (announcing the Covid19 ritual) telescopium Sagittarius, the Golden Gate. 11/24 (jupiter) '808 and Heartbreak' (three of swords, Tin Man Wizard of Oz robot programming looking for a heart) Kanye West ascendant is Cancer Queen of Cups-Hearts, (Uranus: break up divorce, technology) dethroning false ego, ursa minor north star, heart of the universe. recorded in Hawaii (Obama, heart chakrah).

Kanye West sacrificed his mother Donda West for fame, selling his heart and soul, for fame and material gain is x-d out, has become a coldblooded monster. receives his fake heart like the Tin Man, is now a genderless mind controlled robot (producer no ID, no identity fake movement Anonymous with robot voice). marketing of Autotune Evo like evol evil, Antares star in Scorpio.

Kid Cudi (scorpio-saturn) 'Man on the Moon' like Jim Carrey and Andy Kaufman (the tower 911 was 88 portal) 11/4 'Heartless', date Obama wins election.
By the year 2008 hip hop has become the official propaganda stream of the World State. Jayz signs to Live Nation (Dana Walden Disney)

2009 (17 the star) imagery of scaly skin, slit eyes and big black eyes. Ghostface Killah Ghostini (Emerald city of Wizard of Oz). 4/21 Rick Ross 'Deeper than Rap' red rose beaty and beast. 6/5 'Death Of Autotune' the Dao, the way. 7/24 'Run this town', announcing violent riots, Kanye West, Jay-z, Rihanna as priests of the Black Church, trinity Lucifer-Satan-Lilith of Superman 2, Obama in White House.
9/8 Jay-z 'Blueprint 3' last of the 3 blue degrees, before the York rite. i ching symbol Hadit. 9/13 Kanye West and Taylor Swift media stunt (Beauty and the Beast) at the Mtv awards. 9/15 Kid Cudi 'Man on the Moon: End of Day'. 10/20 Jay-z Empire State of Mind the star the emperor, Alicia Keys fallin. Snoop Dogg 'Malice in Wonderland' (Alice in Wonderland programming).


2010 (18 the Moon)(april Wiz Khalifa Kush and OJ (orange=33=sodomy, Wizard of Oz symbolism) born 9/8 earth sign virgo decan saturn. character French Montana (Interscope)
masonic floor, pose on masonic stairs, leading to Sirius, the dog star at summer solstice (=Kendrick Lamar's Top Dawg). The dot is the seed ful of potential third eye, the drop of divine semen, the soul, 2 dots in yin yang (K-dot, King of the dot, the world).

Sirius XM (Liberty Media Greg Mafei CFR) DJ Green Lantern Hip Hop Nation and Shade 45.
The all seeing eye pyramid symbol becomes ubiquitous in pop culture, but conditioned to associate it with the illuminati hoax.
4/29 (date wedding william) Eminem 'Not afraid'. 6/18 Eminem 'Recovery' following Yellow Brick Road (Wizard of Oz). aug 9 'Love the way you lie' (=the Dao, 5y after Proof album, the Way I Am with Marilyn Manson)
6/15 Drake Draco pole star 666 hole, heart of universe, more 'heart centered music' love songs. 'Thank Me Later'. 9/28 Gucci Mane 'Georgia most wanted' the Moon. 10/4 (libra Adjustment) Kanye West Runaway phoenix symbolism, announcing the James Holmes Olympic Phoenix ritual. Kanye starts dating Kim Kardashian.

9/10 Rihanna 'Only girl in the world' scarlett woman the star. 10/23 (the Hanged man) Kanye West music video 'Monster' doll and mirror alter symbolism (with Blac Chyna, mind controlled sex slave linked to the Kardashians). 11/2 N.E.R.D. 'Nothing'. 11/12 (manson) Rihanna 'Loud' reddening phase rubedo, Hadit red apple Snow White programming.
11/22 (=33) Kanye West 'My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy' announcing phoenix ritual rebirth of Diana as Catherine (James Holmes Olympic ritual). Pinkprint (=dissociation, Alice in Wonderland doll programming).

2011 1/21 Rihanna 'S&M' Aeon. 2/16 (nr of geburah judgement) Frank Ocean 'Nostalgia (mk) Ultra'. Wiz Khalifa 'Rolling papers' (Wizard of Oz).
(Neptune in Pisces rules compassion as well as sensitivity, more heartbased, new age spirituality)
7/31 Frank Ocean 'Novacane' (green Wizard of Oz programming). 9/13 Lil Wayne 'Mirror' (Alice in Wonderland) ft Bruno mars.
Kanye West Jay-z Watch the Throne- 'Niggas in Paris'. oct Asap Rocky inverted flag like Sharon Tate murders.
10/10 (Libra air Queen of Swords, Christopher Francis Frank Ccean 'Swim Good' prince of swords near drowning as the Hanged Man- ego death. 11/15 Drake single 'Take Care' prince of cups hearts ft Rihanna (blue bird dissociation).
the owl of Cremation of Care ceremony at Bohemian Grove, OVO=ava eve (taking of care, grey eyes Lam in Thelema).
11/16 Asap Rocky (libra venus the star) bathtub 'Peso' Vice Media of Hearst, trend of wearing dresses (gay-transgender agenda).
key (DJ Khaled Major Key, Future 'I Got the Keys') like Vatican, symbol of the keys to heaven, the key to silver and golden gate, key of Solomon, the key to the underworld, is satanic ritual abuse, traumatizing victims with torture, sodomy and mind control to make a Monarch butterfly. rise of drill music trend in Chicago (glorification of crime and murder).

2012 (20 judgement aeon) 4/2 Nicki Minaj 'Roman Reloaded' (reference to Roman Polanski's antichrist movie 'Rosemary's Baby'. Starships the Star oct 22 .

Kendrick Lamar 'Good Kid Maad City'

'Swimming pool' (represents the cup of Babalon, filled with immorality).

Predictive programming of riots, Kanye West and Beyonce on top of a cop car, riding the bar isis blue white red so blue and red, announcing the BLM riots, idea of black white race war already used on victims like Manson.

The archetype of handler who installs the demon the pink slime, who can tell the future from Disney movies, becomes the rap character Future, the one who makes his victims dissociate, used in mass mind control rituals like Tomorrowland with obvious project monarch symbols. J Cole's dreamville =a fantasy place under the rainbow, to escape from trauma.
6/12 (Rosemarys Baby) Joey Badass '1999' (Pro Era, =Opera Saturnian magical square) 7/10 Channel Orange (code 33=orange=sodomy) Frank Ocean (gay-transgender agenda).

7/30 Rick Ross (15 the Devil), 'God Forgives I Don't'
Earth is a prison, a soul trap, the matrix lets its minions celebrate their enslavement through 'Trap music'. 12/23 (winter solstice, Saturnalia) death Capital Steez.
Joey Badass used in Mr Robot (robot programming). debut album of Machine Gun Kelly and Tyga.
2013 1/18 Lil Wayne 'Love me' (monarch butterfly mind control symbolism) the Devil (21 the world). Asap Rocky 'Long live Asap' purple sky=dissociation. 9/24 Drake 'Nothing Was the Same', cover child Harpo, reference to Rosemary's Baby. dec Katy Perry 'Dark Horse' Juicy J from Memphis, cult of black Osiris bull.
Kendrick Lamar 'Damn'=Damian antichrist they need tribe of dan blood/DNA to get out of this prison matrix, beyond the wall.

Macklemore white guilt agenda of BLM (Black Churc), 'Same Love', pushing the gay agenda, marrying 33 gay couples in the Grammy Awards Show with Madonna.
(Saturn materialism, dollar sign ma$e, joey bada$$, ke$ha, cas$h out, travi$ scott, a$asp ferg, a$asp rocky, too $hort) (blood sacrifice Kanye's mother, Alori Joh of Black Hippy, Capital Steez of Pro Era).
Women carrying purple gun (=dissociation) as a phallus symbol of Venus. Chicago Drill scene Lil Durk, Cheef Keef promoting violence, murder and drugs to children.

2 fingers of Baphomet against the temple (suicide programming) alter when the programming breaks down. Most mind control slaves have numerous alters to keep them in line. If a primary alter starts to discover what is happening and attempt to rebel or breakdown, a suicide alter is triggered which will work to keep the primary alter in line and protect exposure. 'Run the jewels' means the family jewels, the genitals the ass. opening stargate satanic ritual summoning demons, like the light of sirius shined in the shaft of the pyramid built like an eye, splitting the light in the colors of our spectre, the secret gate purple door channel orange 33, to become a pink prince princess. Symbol of electric lightning piercing the one eye, ice cream from the ice cream man, a brain filled with pink slime, neon demons, become possessed with big black eyes.

Alice in Wonderland programming: pink purple sky, pink glasses, pink horse, pink elephants (=dissociation), riding a unicorn (male +female in one), used in mind control to go over the rainbow, showing off with their third eye, eye of horus, having different watches, pink slime, purple syrup, pink wigs (sex slave alters), dirty Sprite=evil spirits.

French Montana (Maybach Music Group, MM=33) 'Pop that pussy' like popping cherry raping virgins using them as a product a bottle of juice.
2014 (0, the fool) 10/28 Nicki Minaj 'Only' nazi symbolism. Iggy Azalea The New Classic.
2015 Rae Sremmard twins day before charlie hebdo. Joey Badass 'Before da SS', empire state. 2/13 Drake 'if youre reading this'. 3/15 Kendrick Lamar 'To Pimp A Butterfly' (Monarch butterfly mind control) White House. 3/23 Action Bronson (character created by Hearst, Vice Media) 'Mr Wonderful', 'Baby Blue'. Tyler the Creator cherry bomb Crowley pose, pushing the gay-transgender agenda;

4/17 Young Thug Barter 6 (gay-transgender agenda). 5/26 Asap Rocky At Long Last after death Asap Yams on 1/18 (Art, melting faces purple =dissociation). 7/31 Drake Hotline bling . 8/14 BoB Strange Clouds (art Baphomet lucifer 3 faces). Drake as Obama in 'Energy'.
Travis Scott Rodeo (doll programming, on top of car, Scottish rite). Mac Miller the magician the lovers in '100 grandkids' moonchild. 11/13 Bataclan ritual in Paris, Logic the incredible true story- art of alchemy, black and white in one.
Cheef Keef 300 (333) 300 Entertainment French Montana (linked to Kendall Jenner), drill music and trill og. 12/14 Rick Ross (real name William) 'Black Market' closing the veil. New characters Young MA, Lil Yaughty, Lil Uzi Vert, Jaden Smith and Tyler The Creator to implement the Luciferian rainbow gay-trangender religion.

2016 (2 the high priestess) 4/29 (william and catherine) Drake 'Views', the Fool sitting on ledge tower. 7/4 DJ Khaled 'i Got the Keys' (handler with the key) Future Pluto chiron aphelion 7/29 DJ Khaled 'Major key' the emperor. Ab-Soul Do What Thou Willt Crowley pose.
2017 (3 the empress) 3/17 Rick Ross Rather You Than Me closing of the veil (3 the empress) 4/7 Joey Badass 'All Amerikkan Badass' the Chariot 5/19 (date Harry and Meghan Markle) T-pain art. Lil Uzi Vert 'Luv is rage' Lucifer the morning star. Jaden Smith Syre. Cardi B as the new Nicki Minaj. MMC member Mark Lee is used in Korean tv show High School Rapper.
2018 (4 the emperor) 'Black Panther' album, Jay-z and Beyoncé 6/16 the Carters 'Everything is Love'. 8/3 Mac Miller 'Swimming', 8/31 Eminem 'Kamikazi'. Lil Wayne Carter V. death Mac Miller.
2019 Wu Tang: An American Saga Hulu (Disney) Dave East romanticisation of Wu Tang Clan. Rhytm + Flow (Netflix) Chance the Rapper T.I. Cardi B.

2020 Jay Electronica (Nation of Islam) A Written Testimony.

2021 Lil Nas X Montero Columbia Records.
2022 Kendrick Lamar Mr Morale and the Big Steppers (transgender agenda with Auntie Diaries)


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