Hinduism is an Indian Saturn cult (pineal gland worship, worship of the God matrix), the world's third largest religion after Christianity, Islam. Its most important texts are the Veda's, Upanishads, Baghavad Gita and Yoga Sutras, but unlike Christianity and Islam it has no holy book or central authority. Different branches are: Vaishnavism (worship of Vishnu), Shaivism (worship of Shiva), Shaktism (worship of Shakti) and Smartism.

Around 3000 bc the Aryans (Draco-Orion Empire) with blue blood (higher percentage of copper) and reptilian DNA (mythical Naga's) created a caste society with the Aryan Brahmin class on top like in Egypt (one eye pyramid concept of central power), practice of yoga and use of sacred geometry, the Aryan swastika symbol and Ohm symbol.

The celestial pole with Draco on top=Mount Meru. Like the cult of Baal, Hindu's worship God in the form of phallic worship as lingam of Shiva. Brahman represents an ultimate reality (higher dimensions) like the supernal triad in kabbalism and the world of idea's and archetypes in Platonism.

The Veda's (like Latin video, I see) were taught in an oral tradition of mantra's and memory techniques.

Hindu gods

Deva's ('shiny divine beings') corresponding to planets: Brahma, monkey god Hanuman, Indra, Surya (sun), Chandra/Soma (moon), Shani (Saturn), Varuna, Shgukra (Venus), elephant god Ganesha,...

and Asuras (demigods) who fought a war (titamanchy in Greek mythology). Demons are called Rakshasas .

Saturn, goddess of death Isis is worshiped as Kali (California) and Vishnu the Destroyer.
Krishna is seen as an Avatar of Vishna.

The Prambanan temple in Java Indonesia has pinecones that represent the pineal gland.

The Hindu's were prosecuted by Portugese colonists. In the 1600s the Veda's were translated and introduced in Europe by the jesuits.

The British East India Company conquered India through the opium trade (the Russell and Taft families who founded Yale and S&B) and Theosophical Society and Fabian Society during the Great Game.

 Alexander Hamilton (EIC) and Charles Wilkins (Royal Society) worked for The Asiatic Society. Alexander Hamilton taught Sanskrit to Friedrich Schlegel (Out of India theory), whose brother August Schlegel translated the Bhagavad Gita. Arthur Schopenhauer and Max Müller (friend of Felix Mendelssohn) popularized Hinduism.

The Theosophists studied the dissociation techniques of yoga and taught the techniques to actors in Hollywood (Jidda Krishnamurti).

Freemason and Theosophist Swami Vivekananda helped establishing the nationalist movement in India and the Vedanta Society and spreading Hinduism in the west. Indian yogi Swami Prabhavanda founded the Vedanta Society of Southern California and worked with Gerald Heard and Aldous Huxley.

Aleister Crowley incorporated Tantra in his Thelema religion. Kenneth Grant (sex magic cult OTO) was a follower of Ramana Maharshi (influenced by Swami Vivekananda).

Robert Oppenheimer (Manhattan Project) learned Sanskrit from Arthur Ryder (PBK, American Oriental Society) at University of California Berkeley.

William Dwight Whitney (S&B family, APS) studied Sanskrit as president of the American Philological Association.

CERN has a statue of Vishnu the Destroyer (Apollyon of Book of Revelation).

Andrija Puharich worked with a Hindu mystic who claimed to channel an entity called the Nine. Allen Ginsberg promoted the Hare Krishna cult.


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