Hilary Clinton

Hilary Diane Rodham Clinton is a mind controlled political puppet of the Left Wing Church. She was born in 1947, 7 days after the wedding of John 'Jack' Parsons and Marjorie Cameron (Hilarion). She plays the role of Bill Clinton's wife and played a role in the 'catching of villain Osama' farce (the 911 ritual). She took part in the election ritual before the presidency of Donald Trump. Her running mate was jesuit Tim Kaine (Kain is the child of Lucifer).

Cheryl Mills (NYU, BlackRock) was one of her advisors. She was funded by the Pritzker family. She pushed the gay agenda with David Brock, Human Rights Campaign and Lesbians Who Tech.

In 1999 she, Catherine Meyer and Cherie Blair (LSE, wife of Fabian Tony Blair) launched the International Centre for Missing and Exploited Children (IMCEC), controlled by the UN and World Bank, the culprits behind the Covid19-ritual.

She worked at Yale Child Study Center. Bill Clinton introduced the  Adoption 2002 Initiative. Polaris Project (anti-trafficking) is a member of the Clinton Global Initiative. The Clinton Foundation profited from the Haiti earthquake. The Clintons work with Planned Parenthood (Carribean family Planning Affiliation).

She was used in the Pizzagate psyop of controlled opposition David Seaman and David Wilcock, to condition the masses there is no such thing as satanism and coin the term 'fake news' to increase censorship. Controlled opposition Wikileaks spread stories about her secret e-mails because she has Mercury (writing, communication) in Scorpio (dark secrets).

Through her Vital Voices foundation, she is connected to Diane von Fürstenberg and Barry Diller (Paramount, Coca-Cola, Disney, IAC, Tinder). Her daughter also serves on the board of IAC, which Diller founded.


Astrological chart

born 10/26/1947, 36 days befored death Aleister Ctowley (the Beast 666). Oct 26 is the date Michael J Fox uses to go back to the future and sees Donald Trump has become president.

Asc: Scorpio, mc: Virgo. Dom: Scorpio (Death, betrayal, Levinsky scandal, dark secrets, secret emails), Leo, Sagittarius- Mercury, Pluto, Jupiter.

1: Jupiter in Sagittarius, 2: Lilith in Capricorn, 4: Moon in Pisces, 8: Uranus in Gemini, 9: Mars, Pluto and Saturn in Leo, 11: Neptune in Libra, 12: Mercury, Sun, Venus in Scorpio.

Bill Clinton

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