Heath Ledger

Heath Andrew Ledger was an Australian mind controlled actor, used in the Hollywood film industry to play the Joker, push the gay-agenda, announce the William and Catherine wedding, the James Holmes Phoenix ritual and the Covid-19 ritual. He had a relationship with Heather Graham, Naomi Watts who played Diana Spencer, mother of antichrist William V and Michelle Williams. Their child Mathilda Rose was born 10/28/2005. Like Eminem (Joker archetype) he was addicted to sleeping pills (sleep deprivation used in mind control).

His sister was named Kate like William's wife Catherine/Kate. He was named Heath after the character Heathcliffe in Wuthering Heights. Wuthering Heights is a movie with Merle Oberon, Ledger played character Oberon (Oberon is a moon of Uranus and a character in Shakespeare"s Midsummer Night's Dream). He played in a school production as Peter Pan at age 10 (Disney Peter Pan programming).

His daughter with Michelle Williams, Mathilda Rose was born 10/28/2005 (date Joker Joaquin Phoenix, Bill Gates).

He directed a music video of a cover of David Bowie's Quicksand (Hunky Dory album) and was working on a script of the Queen's Gambit (about a female chess player, he was also a chess player, has initials HAL -chess scene in 2001 ASO).

His most famous role is the Joker in The Dark Knight, a role also played by Conrad Veidt, Jack Nicholson, Jared Leto, Mark Hamill and Joaquin Phoenix.

He died in his Manhattan apartment, near Williamsburg Bridge of an overdose in Five Points NY, on 1/22/2008 (Dionysus-Bacchus archetype age 28, similar to Jim Morrison age 27). He was found by Diana Wolozin (William's mother Diana) who called 911 and Disney slave Mary-Kate Olsen (William's wife Kate, Olsen twins), married to the half-brother of Nicolas Sarkozy, president of France. Paramedics tried to revive him at 3:33 (33 highest degree Scottish rite).

The first actor used in the media, to glorify Heath Ledger was Daniel Day-Lewis who played the Butcher in Five Points in Gangs of New York. The media ritual served as publicity campaign for The Dark Knight, in which Ledger imitates scenes of Brandon Lee's posthumous movie The Crow.

He was Australian (Oz), his death and rebirth in movies like the Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus and as James Holmes at the Dark Knight Rises premiere, symbolised a Wizard of Oz stage trick, rebirth of Horus in the Aeon of Horus.

In 2017 documentary I Am Heath Ledger (Will I Am) was released.

Astrological chart

born 4/4/1979, date d Martin Luther King Jr, Robert Downey Jr, Hugo Weaving, Maya Angelou, Graham Norton, opening of the Twin Towers as start of the 911 Twin Towers ritual (44= nr of Mass of the Phoenix, Hitler assassination attempt in 1944, Obama 44th president in the year of his death), d Faith Domergue (Howard Hughes), in Perth Australia (Oz) Aries.

Asc: Aries, mc: Capricorn (like Morgan Freeman). Dom: Aries (the Emperor), Pisces (the Moon), Cancer (the Chariot)- Sun (Christ, orange, like Adolf Hitler, MLK, Obama, Robert Downey), Moon, Mars.

1, 12, 3. 1: Sun in Aries (roman),3: Moon in Cancer, 5: Lilith in Leo, Saturn in Virgo, 7 (partners): Pluto (shadow) in Libra (era of Manson trial), 8 (shadow): Uranus in Scorpio, 9: Neptune in Sagitt, 11: Venus in Pisces, 12: Mercury (the Fool, the Joker) and Mars in Pisces, moon in Cancer opposite mc Capricorn.

died in Five Points NY, on 1/22/2008 like rosicrucian Francis Bacon (aug 9=221st day, 22 the Fool/Joker card), Joker Conrad Veidt, d Telly Savalas, d Bérenger Saunière, Grigori Rasputin, Sam Cooke, Linda Blair, Karl Germer (OTO), Irving Kristol, wedding Donald Trump, DW Griffith, John Hurt.



1992 Clowning Around (character Jack, Ledger as orphan clown=Joker)
1997 Blackrock surfer Toby Ackland about murder of Leigh Leigh (=Brandon Lee)
Paws (the Fool dog star Sirius) Oberon talking Jack Russell terrier
1998 The Interview Hugo Weaving, also born 4/4 (empty room interrogation scene in The Matrix) empty room signifies hidden sphere Daath, associated with Pluto and Sirius.
1999 10 Things I Hate About You, Patrick Verona (with Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Julia Stiles who played in the Omen) 3/31 date death Brandon Lee 6 years before
1999 Two Hands Jimmy
1999 Two Hands Rose Byrne bankrobber Jimmy (thief mercury)
2000 The Patriot Gabriel Martin Roland Emmerich Mel Gibson (with Joker Joaquin Phoenix in Signs) Logan Lerman Tom Wilkinson
2001 A Knight's Tale (knight of swords) William Thatcher (William V Knight in the Order of the Garter) 5/11 Rufus Sewell Paul Bettany (pentagram in The Da Vinci Code, Bérenger Saunière 1/22 like Ledger)
2001 Monster's Ball 11/11 Sonny Grotowski widow's son of Billy Bob Thornton (Robert Bobby Kennedy Robert Thorne) Halle Berry Sean Combs Mos Def Lionsgate
2002 The Four Feathers (attribute of Shu) Harry Faversham  Kate Hudson (like William and Kate Middleton), Wes Bentley Djimon Honsou, remake of 1929 silent movie of John Farrow, father of Mia Farrow and movie with Jonathan Scott-Taylor (The Omen)

2003 Ned Kelly Ned Kelly Orlando Bloom (married to Katy Perry) Naomi Watts Geoffrey Rush also movie of Mick Jagger
2003 The Order Alex Bernier (Order of the Golden Dawn)
2005 Lords of Dogtown Skip Engblom (dog star Sirius) skate culture of Venice, on 33d parallel, where James/Jim Morisson formed the Doors, also the Bacchus/Dionysus/Christ archetype and where Curtis Harrington made Night Tide Emile Hirsch
2005 The Brothers Grimm Jacob=Jack Grimm (with Matt Damon, brother of William, perform stage illusions) year 13 Death Lena Hadley Monica Bellucci Jonathan Pryce (Job Price killed Osama) Terry Gilliam
2005 Brokeback Mountain Ennis Del Mar (gay agenda) Jake Gyllenhaal (sagittarius, brother of Rachel Maggie Gyllenhaal) Jack Twist (Jack Parsons, twister Wizard of Oz before sodomy ritual) Michelle Williams Anne Hathaway David Harbour screenplay of Diana Ossana and Larry McMurtry (SRI student with Ken Kesey who wrote One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest with Joker Jack Nicholson as Randall McMurphy)
2005 Casanova (poster with mask) Giacomo Casanova (mask, the Fool bacchus=Christ) in Venice Jeremy Irons (Man in the Iron Mask) Touchstone Disney
2006 Candy Dan Carter (gemini the lovers, heroin addict Bohemian lifestyle= Andy Kaufman) Abbie Cornish Geoffrey Rush
2007 I'm Not There (Nuit infinite possibilities, Joaquin Phoenix in You Were Never Really Here) with Christian Bale (Jack Rollins/Pastor John) and Ledger as Robbie Clark, who plays character Jack Rollins (lost in movie-real). Cate Blanchett different alters of Bob Dylan (who wrote Jokerman, two faced god Iacchus) Richard Gere Charlotte Gainsbourg Julianne Moore Michelle Williams as Coco Rivington Todd Haynes (gay agenda) Kris Kristofferson
2008 The Dark Knight The Joker (masked robbery scene) Posthumous release like Brandon Lee's the Crow mimicing scenes of the Crow (Damien Omen 2 with Lee Grant), nemesis of Christian Bale Gary Oldman Michael Caine Maggie Gyllenhaal Aaron Eckhart Eric Roberts, in prison like Charles Manson (Pluto in Libra)

2009 The Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus as Tony Shepard (trickster with mask), played by Johnny Depp, Jude Law and Colin Farrell Andrew Garfield connected to Emma Stone (Gangster Squad cinema shooting). Christopher Plummer (12/13 like James Holmes) Lily Cole Tom Waits Terry Gilliam

the James Holmes phoenix ritual


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