Hearst is a Scottish-Irish family of Scottish Rite masons, that works with other Scottish families Disney, McMahon, that controls the media industry and fashion industry, and like Disney, became involved in CIA mind control research.

William Randolph Hearst, was a Knight of Malta, member of the Bohemian Club, founded Hearst Communications, had actress Marion Davies as a mistress. With Joseph Pullitzer (Jeckyll Island Club that created the Federal Reserve), William Hearst invented the modern day sensational tabloid press and mass media manipulation tactics (fear, shock, amazement, controversy, division, mind control through language).

Jack London, who worked for San Francisco Examiner of Hearst, was a promotor of eugenics, member of the Bohemian Club and founded the Intercollegiate Socialist Society in 1904 with Upton Sinclair, Walter Lippmann and Clarence Darrow (American Civil Liberties Union). In 1913 Hearst bought fashion magazine Harper's Bazaar.

Walter Lippmann was advisor of Woodrow Wilson. Carl Bryoir and George Creel worked for Hearst and were members of Woodrow Wilson's US war propaganda office Committee on Public Information with Edward Bernays. Bernays worked with actor Richard Bennett, who worked for New York American of Hearst. Franklin Knight Lane of Hearst's San Francisco Chronicle served as Woodrow Wilson's Secretary of the Interior.

Bertie Charles Forbes worked for Hearst and founded Forbes magazine. Charles Edward Russell worked for Cosmopolitan of Hearst and helped founding the NAACP with John Dewey. He played in propaganda films of the CPI, aimed at Russian audiences and joined Elihu Root (CFR) on a visit to Russia.

As a newspaper publisher William Hearst made a contract with music publisher Shapiro Bernstein & Co (Tin Pan Alley network in NY) in 1916 to add songs to his newspapers to increase sales. Johnny Mercer of the Tin Pan Alley Network founded Capitol Records.

Hearst's International published Norman Hapood's articles on Henry Ford's antisemitism in 1922, focused on his jewish lawyer Maurice Leon. Hapgood's wife corresponded with Sergei Syromiatnikov (assistant Natalie de Bogory who promoted the antisemitic Protocols).

In 1933 William Hearst collaborates with Warner Bros for Cosmopolitan Pictures.

In 1937 Hearst merged its newspapers New York American and American Journal into New York Journal-American. Karl von Wiegand of Hearst newspapers was in contact with German minister of propaganda Joseph Goebbels, told Edward Bernays he was using his book.

The character in 'Citizen Kane' (1941), directed by Orson Welles (also involved in mind control research and media psyop experiments with Hadley Cantril), was based on William Hearst. Hearst published King features, which created the Popeye character with sodomy symbolism, turned into a movie by Disney.

William Hearst had 5 sons: George, William, John, Randolph and David. John married Dorothy Hart (Wizard of Oz), who later married William Paley, founder of CBS (Columbia Roman Emperors Colonna), which broadcast Orson Welles media hoax War of the Worlds. Welles started the Mercury Theatre with John Houseman who produced The Blue Dahlia, which announced the Hearst media ritual the Black Dahlia murder in 1947.

Through their newspapers (San Francisco Chronicle) they orchestrated the Black Dahlia media ritual with a story of an aspiring actrice as a modern version of the Egyptian and Greek mystery religion (the Eleusinian Mysteries). John Hearst's first wife Christine Mularchuk, later married Stephen Schwarzman (S&B, Business Roundtable, BlackRock with Peter Peterson).

The 60's

Barbara Goldsmith (Columbia University) was an advisor to the Hearst Corporation and married Frank Perry, family of Katy Perry. Hearst controls the fashion industry, HarperBazaar, full of mind control symbolism, employed Anna Wintour (Greenwich Village, Vogue full of mind control symbolism, Order of the British Empire). They used Sara Nozinisky (wife of Greenwich Village singer Bob Dylan) and turned Jean Rosemary Shrimpton (Swinging London, sister had relationship with Mick Jagger) into the first 'supermodel' and Face of the 60's (1967 Rosemary's Baby).

Their newspapers San Francisco Chronicle promoted the mind controlled musicians of the Haight Ashbury scene (Jefferson Airplane White Rabbit=Alice in Wonderland mind control). Ralph Gleeson of SFC (Columbia, Office of War Information) founded Rolling Stone magazine.

Hearst helped spreading the trend of feminism: Gloria Steinem wrote for Hearst magazines Esquire and Cosmopolitan (interview with John Lennon). Betty Friedan worked for Cosmopolitan and Paul du Feu, husband of feminist Germaine Greer (magazine with Jean Shrimpton), posed nude for Cosmopolitan.

Patty Hearst

In the 70's Patty Hearst played a role in a media psyop with MK Ultra doctors Joylon West and Martin Orme, where she pretended to be kidnapped by a cult named Symbionese Liberation Army and fell in love with her kidnappers (the Stockholm Syndrome of mind controlled audiences). She played the Crowleyan Babalon archetype, who tried to rob a bank with other cult members. After the media ritual she was pardoned by president Jimmy Carter (Trilateral Commission). Apex Novelties, the publisher of the SLA also published Zap Comix of San Francisco counterculture artist Robert Crumb, married to Aline Goldsmith.

In 1984 the A&E Network was launched.

In 1988 Paul Schrader (Taxi Driver, Raging Bull) directed Patty Hearst with Miranda Richardson (Redgrave family, Information Research Department with George Orwell) and a screenplay of Nicolas Kazan (son of Elia Kazan (ACCF).

21st century

Their media (Times Union) orchestrated the trauma based mind control 911 ritual in 2001. Afterwards their History Channel tried to debunk the 911 'conspiracy theories'. Flight 93 was the most watched show on A&E Networks. A&E made a staged reality show with the family of Mark Wahlberg, the Wahlburgers and series Damien, based on Antichrist movies The Omen.


CEO of Hearst Communications is Bruce Paisner (CFR). Hearst Communications is a member of the Business Roundtable. CEO Stephen Swartz later worked for Associated Press. Katharine Viner, trained at Cosmopolitan, became editor of The Guardian.

ViceMedia worked with artists Snoop Dogg, Asap Rocky and Action Bronson (manager Peter Rosenberg).

Hearst pushes the gay-transgender agenda with their company Vice Media (transgender Elliott Page, who played in Christopher Nolan's Inception). Lydia Hearst married jesuit Chris Hadwick. She played in South of Hell with Mena Suvari about exorcism of a demon Abigail and played Abigail Folger in the Haunting of Sharon Tate about the 911 Sharon Tate ritual.

Jesuit Amanda Hearst married Joachim Ronning, director of the Disney movies 'Pirates of the Carribean' with Johnny Depp. John Hearst is involved in 'Save the Children' project, a phrase also used in the false hope psyop Qanon.

They publish Oprah Winfrey's magazine 'Oprah' (child Harpo, the Black Church).

Charles Dance played William Hearst in David Fincher's Mank (2020) with Gary Oldman.

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