Hearst is a Scottish-Irish family of Scottish Rite masons, that works with other Scottish families Disney, McMahon. William Randolph Hearst, was a Knight of Malta, member of the Bohemian Club, founded Hearst Communications, had actress Marion Davies as mistress. William Hearst invented the modern day sensational tabloid press. Like Disney, they became involved in mind control research.

The character in 'Citizen Kane', directed by Orson Welles (also involved in mind control research and media psyop experiments with Hadley Cantril), was based on William Hearst. Hearst published King features, which created the Popeye character with sodomy symbolism, turned into a movie by Disney. William Hearst had 5 sons: George, William, John, Randolph and David. John married Dorothy Hart (Wizard of Oz), who later married William Paley, founder of CBS (Columbia Roman Emperors Colonna).

Through their newspapers (San Francisco Chronicle) they orchestrated the Black Dahlia media ritual in 1947 as a modern version of the Egyptian and Greek mystery religion (the Eleusinian Mysteries). John Hearst's first wife Christine Mularchuk, later married Stephen Schwarzman (S&B, BlackRock).

Barbara Goldsmith (Columbia University) was an advisor to the Heast Corporation and married Frank Perry, family of Katy Perry. Hearst controls the fashion industry, publishes HarperBazaar, full of mind control symbolism, employed Anna Wintour (Vogue full of mind control symbolism, Order of the British Empire). They turned Jean Rosemary Shrimpton (sister relationship with Mick Jagger) into the first 'supermodel' and Face of the 60's (1967 Rosemary's Baby).

In the 70's Patty Hearst played a role in a media psyop with MK Ultra doctors Joylon West and Martin Orme, where she pretended to be kidnapped by a cult and fell in love with her kidnappers (the Stockholm Syndrome of mind controlled audiences). She played the Crowleyan Babalon archetype, who tried to rob a bank with other cult members. After the media ritual she was pardoned by president Jimmy Carter (Trilateral Commission).

Their media (Times Union) orchestrated the trauma based mind control 911 ritual in 2001. Afterwards their History Channel tried to debunk the 911 'conspiracy theories'.


CEO of Hearst Communications is Bruce Paisner (CFR). ViceMedia worked with artists Snoop Dogg, Asap Rocky and Action Bronson (manager Peter Rosenberg). Hearst pushes the gay-transgender agenda with their company Vice Media (transgender Elliott Page, who played in Christopher Nolan's Inception). Lydia Hearst married jesuit Chris Hadwick. She played in South of Hell with Mena Suvari about exorcism of a demon Abigail and played Abigail Folger in the Haunting of Sharon Tate about the 911 Sharon Tate ritual.

Jesuit Amanda Hearst married Joachim Ronning, director of the Disney movies 'Pirates of the Carribean' with Johnny Depp. John Hearst is involved in 'Save the Children' project, a phrase also used in the false hope Qanon psyop.

They publish Oprah Winfrey's magazine 'Oprah' (child Harpo, the Black Church).


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