Harry Hay

Harry Hay was a mind controlled CIA provocateur agent, used to push the gay and transgender agenda and the pedophilia agenda (member of NAMBLA), the Luciferian sodomy religion of Aleister Crowley. He was born and raised in the UK. His father worked for Cecil Rhodes (Royal Institute of International Affairs) in South Africa and for the Guggenheim family in Chile. In California he became involved in Marxism and the Ghost Dance movement of Native Americans and attended Stanford University. He had sexual relationships with prince George, Duke of Kent, screenwriter George Oppenheimer and James Broughton (San Francisco Renaissance, precursor to the Beat poets).

He became a friend of John Cage (Velvet Underground with Andy Warhol).

He participated in a Gnostic Mass of the Agape Lodge, the Hollywood branch of the OTO (Thelema religion of Aleister Crowley, led by Jack Parsons).

His partner Will Geer (names William and Harry) was a member of the Communist Party of USA and played in the CBS series The Waltons. They participated in the West Coast waterfront strike of 1934, which led to unionization of all West Coast ports by the American Workers Party. He acted with The Group Theatre of Lee Strasberg (which later became the Actors Studio of Elia Kazan ACCF) and worked for CBS Radio Network. He played in Bonanza (Spahn ranch of the Manson family), Exexutive Action about the JFK ritual, written by Dalton Trumbo (also communist, worked with John Frankenheimer), in Law and Order as Pat Crowley (Aleister Crowley) and The Blue Bird with Elizabeth Taylor, Ava Gardner and Jane Fonda (mind control Project Blulebird). His ex-wife was Herta Ware, who played in 2010: The Year We Make Contact with John Lithgow, Keir Dullea and Candice Bergen. His daughter played in movies with Harrison Ford.

In 1940 he participated in the sex research of Alfred Kinsey (also gay agenda, visited Crowley's Abbey of Thelema with Kenneth Anger). From 1945 he worked for People's Songs with Lee Hays of Greenwich Village folk act the Weavers, Woody Guthrie (influence for Bob Dylan), Pete Seeger (Civil Rights Movement anthem We Shall Overcome, also covered by Joan Baez).

In 1950 he met his partner Rudi Gernreich and started the fraternal order Mattachine Society with James Gruber. Gruber was a friend of Christopher Isherwood, who worked for the Vedanta Society of South California with CIA agent Aldous Huxley.

The Mattachine Society had ties to Henry Gerber's Society for Human in Rights and the Weimar gay scene of Christopher Isherwood, WH Auden, transgender Willi Pape, Erika Mann and Magnus Hirshfeld.

The Mattachine Society published lesbian magazine The Ladder with Helen Sandoz (the Warburg owned company Sandoz that produced LSD), Del Martin and Phyllis Lyon (National Organization for Woman) and Barbara Grier of the Daughters of Bilitis, a lesbian organization that had ties to the American Civil Liberties Union of Felix Frankfurter (Georgetown Set), later sponsored by George Soros' Open Society Foundations. Cal Hall, the president of the Mattachine Society marketed gay erotica, peep shows and circle jerk parties.

The Mattachine Society published Mattachine Review with lightning sodomy symbolism like Heinrich Himmler's SS.

In 1966 Will Geer played in John Frankenheimer's movie Seconds with black and white mind control symbolism.

Gernreich was promoted in Time magazine with mind controlled model Peggy Moffitt (Swinging London scene, start of the masonic black and white checker symbolism in advertising). He invented the monokini trend and designed unisex clothing (transgender agenda) for ITC show Space: 1999 (ITC wich also produced mind control series The Prisoner), broadcast on ITV. His later partner Oreste Pucciani was a UCLA professor and friend of jesuit and communist Jean-Paul Sartre.

Hay organised Albuquerque's first Gay Pride Parade, was promoted by Jonathan Katz (The New School, CCNY) and John D'Emilio (professor of gender studies at University of Illinois).

Hal Call of the Mattachine Society appeared in a CBS Reports episode, called The Homosexuals, praised in The NY Times.

Ashkenazi jew Frank Kameny (teacher at jesuit university Georgetown, Mattachine Society) co-founded the National LGBTQ Task Force.

In 1979 he started the Radical Fairies with a Crowleyan New Age philosophy and Wizard of Oz rainbow symbolism, with influences of paganism and the spiral dances of CIA agent Starhawk (California Institute of Strategic Studies). Hay worked with Jesse Jackson's Rainbow Coalition.

At Gay Pride Parades he pushed the pedophilia agenda of North American Man/Boy Love Association (Jack Parsons was head of the Agape Lodge, Greek for love) with fellow CIA agent Allen Ginsberg and Joan Nestle (Civil Rights Movement).

A documentary about his life, Hope Along the Wind was released in 2001. In 2014 he was honored at the Rainbow Honor Walk in San Francisco.

Astrological chart

born 4/7/1912, date Russell Crowe, Jackie Chan, Billie Holiday, Ravi Shankar, Francis Ford Coppola.

Asc: Taurus, mc: Capricorn. Dom: Taurus (the Hierophant), Sagittarius, Aries - Uranus (androgynous, eccentric), Venus, Saturn.

Houses 12, 11, 10. 12: Saturn in Taurus, Sun and Mercury in Aries, 11: Venus in Pisces, 10: Uranus in Aquarius. 2: Pluto in Gemini, Mars in Cancer, 3: Neptune in Cancer, 7: Jupiter and Moon in Sagittarius.

died 10/24/2002, Melvin Purvis, Bob Kane (Batman), death Rosa Parks.

the Gay and Transgender Church