Harrison Ford

Harrison Ford is a jewish mind controlled actor, used in the Hollywood film industry. His name refers to the god Horus, Diana's son Harry (born 84, 42+42), his son Archie Harrison and Beatle George Harrison.

He married Melissa Mathison (mm=33, screenplay for Steven Spielberg's E.T. and Martin Scorcese's Kundun) and Calista (Alice) Flockhart. He was a member of the BSA.


Astrological chart

born 7/13/1942 (42 nr of rainbow dissociation, rabbit hole Lepus under Orion), date of Roman Emperor Julius Caesar, John Dee, Sydney Blackmer who completed the alchemical marriage in Rosemary's Baby to make an antichrist child, Cameron Crowe, Robert ForsterPatrick Stewart (Stuart bloodline Star Trek), cardinal water sign Cancer the Chariot 3d decan jupiter.

Asc: Libra, MC: Cancer. Cancer (the Chariot), Gemini (the Lovers), Libra (adj)- Mercury (trade, caduceus), Jupiter (Osiris), Moon (Diana).

10, 9, 12. 10 (career): Sun, Moon and Jupiter in Cancer, Pluto in Leo 1: Libra. 9: Mercury, Saturn, Uranus and Venus in Gemini, 11: Mars in Leo, 12: Neptune in Virgo. Venus sextile Mars like Harry.


1967 Luv
1967 A Time For Killing
1970 Gettin Straight
1973 American Graffiti George Lucas  Mackenzie Philips Ron Howard
1973 Indiana Jones (Diana) the Hierophant)
1974 The Conversation
1977 Star Wars: A New Hope Mark Hamill Carrie Fisher David Prowse James Earl Jones Alec Guinness Peter Cushing George Lucas 20th Century Fox
1977 Heroes=Horus Sally Field
1978 Force 10 from Navorone
1979 More American Graffiti Mackenzie Philips (Laurel Canyon) as Carol "Rainbow" (dissociation Wizard of Oz) Morrison Cindy Williams (Happy Days) Candy Clark Ron Howard Rosanna Arquette Universal Pictures characters by George Lucas
1979 Hanover Street Christopher Plummer
1979 Apocalypse Now (up the kundalini river) Francis Ford Coppola Marlon Brando Martin Sheen Laurence Fishburne Dennis Hopper
1980 The Empire Strikes Back written by Leigh Brackett of Robert Heinlein's Manana Society with Ron Hubbard and Jack Parsons
1981 Raiders of the Lost Ark Steven Spielberg vault of the pineal gland Eye of Horus, (ark mythology of Rene Belloq, Robert Bouval and Graham Hancock), museum Boulaq of Crowley's epiphany, staff of Ra kundalini, Karen Allen as Marion Ravenwood (oct 5 Marion Cotillard)
1982 Blade Runner (=sword Orion) Ridley Scott story of Philip K Dick Joe Turkel (The Shining) Daryl Hannah Rutger Hauer scene about Draco-Orion war, year birth William
1983 Return of the Jedi
1984 Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (Thulsa Doom) Philip Stone cult of Kali=Saturn
1985 Witness
1986 Mosquito Coast Helen Mirren (Prospero/Dee in The Tempest) River Phoenix
1988 Frantic (Roman Polanski) in Paris, where Diana would die, blue bird of dissociation (project Bluebird) Emmanuelle Seigner
1988 Working Girl (the Whore of Babylon)
1989 Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade Sean Connery (007 John Dee -Merlin, died 10/31 like River Phoenix) River Phoenix as young Indiana (Diana Holy Grail bloodline of Knights Templar)
1990 Presumed Innocent
1991 Regarding Henry (Art) Anette Benning

1992 Patriot Games as Jack James Earl Jones Thora Birch Sean Bean Richard Harris Samuel Jackson
1993 The Fugitive (Roman Polanski fleeing US) Julianne Moore Tommy Lee Jones Joe Pantoliano
1994 Jimmy Hollywood
1994 Clear and Present Danger Wilem Dafoe Anne Archer James Earl Jones
1997 The Devil's Own (the Devil) Brad Pitt Natascha McElhone as Megan Doherty (Meghan Markle) natas=Satan (Kinski in To the Devil A Daughter) Julia Stiles (mother of Antichrist in The Omen) Nathan Crowley
1997 Air Force One president James Marshall djedd eye of Horus, George Bush at the 911 ritual.
1999 Random Hearts (Queen of Hearts Diana) as William 'dutch' Van Den Broeck Sydney Pollack Kristin Scott Thomas (in Polanski's Bitter Moon) parallels with the Limey and Mulholland Drive
2000 What Lies Beneath Michelle Pfeiffer Robert Zemeckis Miranda Otto (The Tempest)
2002 K-19 (11-19) the Widowmaker
2003 Hollywood Homicide (hh=88 Mercury) Josh Hartnett
2006 Firewall Paul Bettany (grail movie The Da Vinci Code) Virginia Madsen Robert Patrick Alan Arkin Robert Foster
2008 Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull (atom bomb, ship indianapolis)
2009 Bruno Sacha Baron Cohen
2009 Crossing Over Ashley Judd
2010 Morning Glory Diane Keaton Rachel McAdams remake of movie released in 1933 on birthday Roman Polanski, with Katharine Hepburn.
2011 Cowboys and Aliens Olivia Wilde Paul Dano Clancy Brown
2013 42, lepus, nr of rainbow Jackie Anderson (reprised the role of Han Solo over the course of 42 years) Chadwick Boseman jesuit Brian Helgeland
2013 Paranoia Gary Oldman
2013 Ender's Game Ben Kingsley
2013 Anchorman 2
2014 Expendables 3 Sylvester Stallone
2015 Age of Adaline
2015 The Force Awakens (one eye kundalini)
2017 Blade Runner 2049 Ryan Gosling (Disney) Jared Leto
2019 The Secret Life of Pets 2  Nick Kroll Kevin Hart


Mind control