Harold Laski

Harold Laski was a British jewish MI6 agent (of Lithuanian descent), a Zionist affiliated with the Frankfurt School and the Fabian Society. He was a professor at the London School of Economics and chairman of the British Labour Party. His brother married the daughter of Moses Gaster and the father of Marghanita Laski (BBC, The Observer), a friend of Stephen Spender and his wife.

His brother Neville Laski was vice-president of the Anglo-Jewish Association.

His cousin was Neville Laski, member of the Order of the British Empire and Order of St Michael and St George.

Moses Gaster was a friend of Winston Churchill, Sigmund Freud, Vladimir Lenin and Zionist Theodor Herzl. The first draft of the Balfour Declaration was made at his home in 1917. With Edmond James Rothschild, Gaster played a role in establishing Zikhron Yakov, a jewish settlement in Israel. He was on the board of trustees of the Yiddish Scientific Institute with Sigmund Freud and Albert Einstein. Moses Gaster's son Theodor Gaster wrote Dead Sea Scriptures about the gnostic Dead Sea Scrolls.

Little Boy Lost of Marghanita Laski was made into a Paramount Pictures film with Bing Crosby. She was a supporter of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament with Bertrand Russell as president. Secretary of the CND was Peggy Duff, who worked for Save Europe Now of Victor Gallianz.

Harold Laski studied eugenics at the University College of London under social Darwinist and atheist Karl Pearson, a member of the Royal Society and a protegé of Darwin's cousin Francis Galton. Afterwards he studied history at New College Oxford and lectured at McGill University in Montreal and Harvard in Massachusetts.

He married Frida Kerry (like John Kerry), also a supporter of eugenics and had a daughter named Diana in 1916. He worked for the Daily Herald, which supported the Labour Party.

In 1921 he wrote a book about Karl Marx. He helped founding The New School of John Dewey, affiliated with the Frankfurt School.

In 1924 Frida Kerry founded the Worker's Birth Control Group with Fabian Dorothy Jewson of Labour Party and Dora Russell, the 2nd wife of Fabian Bertrand Russell.

In 1936 Harold Laski and Victor Gallianz founded the Left Book Club, which published George Orwell, Franz Neumann (LSE, Frankfurt School), Arthur Koestler and André Malraux (CCF), Clement Attlee (LSE), Stephen Spender, Sidney Webb (Fabian Society), JBS Haldane, Leonard Mosley. It published Der Führer Adolf Hitler's Rise to Power by Konrad Heiden.

They were helped by John Strachey of the New Party of Oswald Mosley (friend of Adolf Hitler). John Strachey's daughter married Anthony Blond, the son of Laski's cousin Neville Blond. Anthony Blond was a friend of James Goldsmith, who sons married Rothschilds.

He founded Tribune magazine with George Strauss (Labour Party).

At the London School of Economics, he worked with Kingsley Martin, later writer for The Guardian, editor of Fabian magazine New Statesman. Martin also worked for Bertrand Russell's Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament. At the LSE he trained Fabian Society puppet Jawaharlal Nehru (later president of India), Chinese politician Chu Anping.

He was also the teacher of Joseph Kennedy (son of Knight of Malta Joseph Kennedy Sr, brother of John F Kennedy), jesuit Pierre Trudeau (father of Justin Trudeau), Ralph Miliband (father of Labour politician Ed Miliband) and Bernard Levin (BBC, The Guardian, relationship with Arianna Huffington).

Laski invited Franz Neumann to the Frankfurt School. Neumann wrote books analyzing national-socialism, worked for the Board of Economic Warfare (Henry Wallace), OSS with Herbert Marcuse, made personality analysis for the Nuremberg trial. He was a friend of Soviet spy Paul Massing. His first book was published by the League for Industrial Democracy, founded by Walter Lippmann. At Columbia University he was the teacher of jesuit Jeane Kirkpatrick (CFR, Reagan administration). He was the doctoral advisor of Raoul Hilberg, who became the leading scholar on the Holocaust.

He contributed to The Realist of Gerald Heard and The New Republic of Walter Lippmann. He was a friend of Edmund Wilson, editor of The New Republic and married to Mary McCarthy (American Committee for Cultural Freedom, friend of Zionist Hannah Arendt). He established a British office for the Frankfurt School with Sidney Webb of the Fabian Society.

In 1932 he co-founded Nation Council for Civil Liberties (NCCL) with HG Wells, Kingsley Martin, Clement Attlee (LSE, pm of UK), EM Forster, Rebecca West (friend of Allen Dulles, covered the fake Nuremberg trial).

Ayn Rand based the evil character in The Fountainhead on Laski.

In 1945 he was made chairman of the Labour Party with Fabian Clement Attlee.

Manghanita Laski worked for The Brain Trust of BBC Radio with Bertrand Russell, Julian Huxley, Aldous Huxley, CEM Joad, Violet Bonham Carter (friend of Winston Churchill) and wrote a biography of Rudyard Kipling.

In 1993 Michael Newman wrote Harold Laski: A Political Biography.

Olbracht Laski was visited by John Dee in Poland.

born 6/30/1893.

died 3/24/1950.


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1925 A Grammar of Politics
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